The story of "Haitian Poles"

Poles - one of the most dispersed peoples on earth. Their communities can be found literally on every continent (except Antarctica, of course) and, moreover - in the most unexpected places. For example, one of the most famous Polish diaspora for two hundred years, lives in Haiti. The very island where, according to legend, killed all the white and forbade them ever to settle again.

The story of

Most Haitian Revolution and the eternal rebels from Poland

The future of Haiti, and then - part of the island of Santo Domingo under the control of France, was one of the most profitable of the French colonies. It is known she was still another circumstance: the slaves on Santo Domingo does not heal. Constantly had to deliver new ones. The average length of life of a slave after he found himself on the plantation, was two to four years.

However, most of the Haitian Revolution did not happen so. She organized a mulatto, and that the case was not until the black slaves. They are encouraged by the French Revolution, demanded a fully equalize their rights with the white population, including the right to wear a sword. Suddenly, the suppression of the uprising turned into mulatto general revolt of slaves, and France literally lost island.

The story of

In the beginning of the insurgent slaves and free mulattos in Haiti killed only representatives of the authorities.

The suppression of the rebellion, Napoleon, not wanting to be left without such a valuable source of income, threw some strength, and among them - the 5200 Polish legionnaires. The fact that a large number of poles to the side of Napoleon after Poland was partitioned between Prussia, Austria and Russia, Hungary; Napoleon pinned hopes for the restoration of the country's integrity, even under the rule of the French. So Bonaparte side fought many Poles. Ironically, the founder of the Polish Legions, Jan Dombrowski, after long years of struggle, has agreed to take the oath to the Russian crown and take office in the Kingdom of Poland, a part of Poland that has got to Russia. Meanwhile, thousands of Poles, which he led until after themselves, or were killed in the battles for the alien emperor, or just happen to be without a home, and even more so without toplenkoy position with good pay in Russian rubles.

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Jan Henryk Dabrowski, unlike many of the Polish legionaries survived.

white Cut

Poles in Haiti actually used as cannon fodder. Not less than half very quickly died from tropical diseases and heavy, unusually hot climate. Many have fallen into the hands of black rebels, and, like other Europeans of the Napoleonic troops, brutally tortured: cut off the ears, tongue, skin peeled alive. By screams in the night the Europeans froze the blood in his veins.

It was over the fact that Europe has returned only about three hundred Poles. But not all who did not return were killed in Haiti. About two hundred Poles voluntarily defected to the rebels, saying that they are - friends of all freedom.

This was not made to remember when told about the results of the revolution. According to the common legend, won the Haitians killed all the Europeans on the island. Former slaves actually staged a genocide, a huge massacre - is a massacre, because in the same manor killed the French without a single bullet to another did not hear the shots and ran. However, this massacre was not touched Americans, Germans and Poles sided with the rebels. They left alive as several popular priests and doctors.

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But the French did not spare neither children, nor women, nor old men, "all you have nurtured with our blood." After the massacre of Haitian self-proclaimed emperor demanded to "cut out the white flag," and because of reasons of hatred towards the white French. The scene where the rest of the French flag red and blue strip of staples into the new banner black Haitian, even depicted on one of the Haitian banknotes.

Immediately we adopted laws that no white could not hold the Haiti earth, except the Germans and the Poles - the island was a large German community, which has never used slave labor, and its inhabitants Haitians recognized enough, "their", and Poles have earned in common with African-American rights by participating in the struggle for independence.

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Jacques-Jacques Dessalines, the first Haitian emperor, limited the white rights in Haiti. Apart from the Poles and the Germans.

Kids black-Dame

Poles initially took wives from among the mulatto, but later is still mostly married within their community - perhaps because of the prejudice of black Haitians to the Europeans that, despite the fact that Poles declared "niggers of Europe", was for a long time. Since the language in the family usually keeps a woman, even the first-born generation of Poles spoke in Creole.

Interestingly, the part of Haitians sympathy secured icon worn with newcomers from Poland: Our Lady of Czestochowa. She is known for being on this image Holy Mary painted black and wounded, with scars on one cheek. Skin color and drama of an image is very bribed Haitians, and over time, "Uterus Boska Czestochowa" entered the pantheon of local goddesses named Erzulie Dantor.

The story of

Erzulie Dantor.

Erzulie Dantor protects women, including protecting them from abuse and all violence, children and LGBT people. Do scars new story appeared on her face - she got them in a fight with his sister, who repulsed the husband of the goddess.

Polish community exists to this day. Although in the eyes of Europeans, its representatives often look as "more black" Haitians are confident Poles call their "white" and consider them to be very eye-catching appearance. Same thing with the Haitian German community. A little later, Haiti was formed Arab community, and at the end of the nineteenth century tried to live and Jews - but the Arabs together with black Haitians made a great massacre, and the Jews had to flee.

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A girl from the Polish community of Haiti.