Difficult fate of legendary beauties

"Not Born Beautiful ..." - bitter proverb comes to mind when I think of the tragedy of these famous beauties. Them went crazy, they were jealous, they dictated the fashion and became legends. But despite the fame, wealth and recognition, happiness slipping away from their beautiful hands.

Jean Harlow


Difficult fate of legendary beauties

It was the first actress who created himself a reputation as an explosive. In 1933 there was a film of Victor Fleming's "Bomb" (Bombshell) with Jean in the lead role, and after picture of "Platinum Blonde" with blond Jin became popular in the United States this term. The young actress was indeed the "golden girl". During his 26 years, she has managed to become a sex symbol, a superstar with a record fee, played three weddings - and died in the prime of Fame. At Harlow after suffering flu kidney failure. Uremia attack happened to 26-year-old actress on the set of the film "Saratoga." At the hospital, Gina lived another 7 days, but never got out. "Saratoga" picture was released posthumously.

The fate of Jean Harlow Hollywood inspired to create a film about her. Gin intended to play Marilyn Monroe, but did not have time - due to the sudden death. A film about the most Harlow yet been removed: instead it played Monroe Carroll Baker.

Marilyn Monroe


Difficult fate of legendary beauties

Marilyn went down in history as a sex symbol, whose best friends are diamonds. But under the guise of a smiling and cheerful coquette hiding unhappy woman with severe destiny and monstrous childhood.

Her mother, Gladys Pearl of their first child (daughter and son) dropped, and then announced that they had died. Almost the same fate awaited and newly born Norma Jean Mortenson - she was only two weeks, when the girl was sent to a foster home. In 1953, Monroe openly admitted that at age 9 she was raped by a grown man (Marilyn called the rapist of his adoptive father, the guest house). Monroe said she stammered after the incident, but the public revelation was greeted with skepticism: the society was not ready to accept such a fact in the biography of cheerful blond girl. Marilyn accused of vagueness parts, and many did a story called the fruit of the imagination of the actress. Monroe's acting career is going well. She began to work Centerfolds and social statistics at the studio, "Twentieth Century Fox", is gradually moving forward. Even scandal with erotic photo shoot of Monroe, which she accepted as a youth because of the money, not shaken its position in Hollywood.

But the personal life of beauty was full of disappointments. The actress suffered a lot of abortions and miscarriages, separation followed by one by one, and feelings to the main man of her life - President Kennedy - Marilyn was obliged to hide.

Her first husband was James Dougherty. Marilyn was only 16 years old and married, not to live in an orphanage.

In 1954, Monroe married baseball player Jody Maggio, who wanted to Marilyn left a career for him, and even beat actress.

In 1956, Marilyn played a wedding with the playwright Arthur Miller, but did not complete the honeymoon couples, as a writer, confessed in a personal diary that he hated his wife, who behaves like a small child. And one day I saw this post ... Marilyn

Marilyn's body with a telephone receiver in the hand was found in the night of 4 to 5 August 1962 at her home in Los Angeles. The actress was poisoned by barbiturates. In the 60's enthusiasm for this sedative peaked and often leads to addiction and death, including among celebrities.

Monroe's death gave rise to many rumors. One of the most popular theories about the death of the actress was the version of the murder on the order of John and Robert Kennedy brothers. In favor of the violent death of the actress told the position of her body: the actress was lying face in the pillow, his legs outstretched and arms at your sides, while the drugs poisoning accompanied by vomiting and convulsions. Matter of the fact, someone called actress on the verge of death (various familiar star after her death was assured that it was talking with them, Marilyn in the last minutes of life).

Judy Garland


Difficult fate of legendary beauties

In 1966, the novelist Jacqueline Susann released novel "Valley of the Dolls" on the Hollywood fashion for barbiturates. Almost immediately filmmakers started the film adaptation of the book, and one of the main roles of Judy Garland was approved, but was later removed from the actress filming because of drunkenness. The irony Garland died two years later due to an overdose of barbiturates.

Frances Ethel Gumm - real name of the actress - born in a family of wandering actors and performed together with his two sisters. However, girls' mother did not want their daughters of their own destiny and actively drove them audition. So at the time of the filming of "The Wizard of Oz," which brought Judy first "Oscar", Garland was already an experienced actress. Along with "Oscar" and began adulthood. The first novel (a jazz musician Artie Shaw), first broken heart, first marriage. Judy walked down the aisle in 19 years, becoming the wife of 31-year-old musician David Rose. Soon after the wedding, Garland became pregnant, but get rid of the child under pressure, it seemed all around: for an abortion performed by her mother, husband and MGM studio, in front of which Judy had obligations. Abortion has destroyed the first marriage Judy Garland, and three years after the divorce, in 1947, Judy had his first nervous breakdown and attempted suicide. At that time, Judy has raised the little girl Lisa from her second husband, director Vincent Minnelli.

After psychiatric treatment in Garland formed dependence on morphine, which helped her sleep and get rid of headaches. To secure the effect of the tablets, the actress drink their liquor ...

Garland became a nightmare for Hollywood producers: Ripped shooting, idle days, the search for the replacement of actresses ... Shortly before his divorce from actress Minnelli even held electroshock therapy in the hope to get rid of depression - she was not yet 30 years old. Gradually condition Judy returned to normal, she began to eat normally and go to sleep, return to work, which immediately demanded from the actress to lose gained during treatment weight. And once again come to the aid of pills ... One day at a time Judy cause yourself pain, hurting his neck by shrapnel, and then the newspapers trumpeted the news that Garland again tried to commit suicide, "cutting his throat." Producers and directors becoming less agreed to work with the star, she was on the verge of bankruptcy. A third marriage and new pregnancy revived Judy. Married to a manager Sid Luft, she gave birth to a son and daughter went on a tour with his musical show, for which was awarded the prize "Tony" started filming the movie "A Star is Born." But while working on the movie again were opened old wounds stars. She was lost, went into hysterics, but for his role was nominated for "Oscar". And in 1959, Garland was hospitalized with hepatitis. Doctors gave the actress five years of life - and wrong. It lasted 10 years. She divorced Luft, who beat her for drunkenness, arranged for yet another tour - not so successful, married again and firmly hooked on barbiturates, helped her forget. To feel good, it needed more pills, and one 47-year-old Judy lost count of tablets ...

Gia Carangi


Difficult fate of legendary beauties

In order to fashion the 80 name Gia Karanja also meant that Kate Moss in the 90s. It is thanks to Karanja Cindy Crawford appeared on the wave of success: it was called "little Gia".

At age 18, Gia moved from Philadelphia to New York. Her career began with a provocation: photographer Chris von Wangenheim took a few pictures of nude Gia behind the net, netting, after which the model appeared on the covers of Vogue and Cosmopolitan. In this case, Jia remained alone ...

She made no secret of interest to girls, but her enthusiasm never develops into something serious. First, the model sought refuge in cocaine, and after the death of her close friend, Wilhelmina Cooper model, Jia began using heroin.

Emotions, tantrums, depression, moods and fatigue - all ruined her modeling career and, of course, Karanja health. She used heroin even on the set, and it turned a blind eye. Her antics have suffered, she was a star. However, magazines are increasingly refusing to work with GIA: the last straw was the pictures for Vogue US November 1980, where the hands of the model could be seen traces of injections. Ironically, the best cover Karanja became her last cover for Cosmopolitan in 1982, taken during a brief ties, but the following year career ended with Karanja.

The model went home, where she worked as a salesman in a clothing store, and later trying to make money on drugs, turned to prostitution. In 1986, Jie was diagnosed with AIDS, and 18 November Jia died in hospital, becoming the first celebrity-woman in the US who died from AIDS.

Margarita Nazarova


Difficult fate of legendary beauties

We remember "the queen tigers" as an incredibly beautiful woman with a steel character. And few people know how tragic was the fate of the famous tamer.

Margarita Nazarova born in Tsarskoye Selo near St. Petersburg. Father of the future star of the circus worked as a forester, so Margarita from childhood accustomed to communicate with animals. Once she even had a chance to raise the cub, remaining without a mother, and then the bear has been transferred to the zoo. But at that moment a future star and did not think to associate life with the circus. Margarita involved in dance and dreamed about the stage.

Margaret was 15 years old when the war began. The girl's father went to the front, she herself was evacuated with his family in Pavlovsk, where she was captured. Margaret knew German well, so she was sent to Germany to serve in a rich house, and when she grew up a bit, it staged a dancer in a cabaret. Once in the room burst into places of Soviet soldiers, and Nazarov shouted: "Guys, I - Russian!" In the summer of 1945 Margaret returned home. After the war, Margaret came up with an acrobatic dance number and got in the team, "Circus on the stage." Soon she began to go into the arena with horses and dogs, and after 8 years to master stunts on a motorcycle.

Maybe Margarita Nazarova would be a great motogonschitsey instead tamer, if one day her colleague Constantine Constantine did not offer her a job actress-tamer in a duet with him. At this point, the life of Marguerite changed dramatically. She met her lover and found his life's work.

In 1954, on the set of "Tiger Tamer" Nazarov replaced Lyudmila Kasatkin, who refused to enter the cell with the Tigers. The film crew did not hide the name of the understudy and Nazarov became a star.

It was a happy time all-union fame, strong family (Nazarov and the Constantine was born the son of Alex), touring and recording.

In 1970, Nazarov was widowed. According to one version, Constantine Constantine, died after being struck by his tiger paw on the head: an inflammation, and the doctors were not able to stop this process. According to another version, the actor claimed the life of a brain tumor. After her husband's death Margarita Nazarova was treated in a psychiatric hospital and was able to return to work only a year and a half later, but things went smoothly in the arena.

Once the tiger jumped over the head of the artist, and in this moment shaken cabinet. The claws of a predator is practically removed from the scalp of Margarita. To hide the scars, the actress had to change her hairstyle and wear a bow performance. And the bow once did not like the tiger. One stroke of his paw - rupture of the temporal artery. After this injury Margarita long treated all his life suffered from headaches.

In this connection, near the arenas are always on duty psychiatrist: Nazarova could be broken at any time. She acted as if on autopilot, and outside the arena, according to his colleagues, was behaving strangely. Point in his career tamer put another death. During the rehearsal room, where a tiger and actress swung under the big top, something went wrong in the swing mechanism. The tiger jumped and crashed. After that Nazarov was not in a cage with a predator. "Striped flight" arrived at the final station.

After a career Margarita Nazarova went to Nizhny Novgorod. Adult son became a trainer and went to Europe. Margarita Petrovna lived in retirement and was starving. Special decree of President Yeltsin raised her pension was granted, but the proud artist abandoned the "handouts." Almost 20 years Margarita Nazarova held within the walls of his flat, almost going out anywhere and to anyone not letting yourself. Her mental health was upset completely, and she could not let into the house, even a son.

Margarita Nazarova, died October 25, 2005, she was 79 years old. The fact that the "Queen of the tigers," has died, learned only after 3 days: the neighbors called the police, noting the suspicious silence of the apartment.

Natalia Kustinskaya


Difficult fate of legendary beauties

The dream of the Soviet men Natalia Kustinskaya and remained cheerful beautiful off-screen, alas, that private life, was formed not the best way. Husbands changed first beauty of the USSR! However, in debt does not remain, and it is: often new love is stronger and Kustinskaya left itself. Twice actress remained a widow - the fourth and fifth marriage.

Just behind the actress 6 marriages, numerous changes and tragic accidents. The only child of actress, son Dmitry, born in her second marriage with the officer Oleg Volkov, died in 2002. Dmitri had a son who died of cancer.

After the death of his son in Kustinskaya no longer had the strength to enjoy life. She swallowed depression and illness, Kustinskaya tormented by joint pain and sciatica, and in 2012 she was hospitalized unconscious with pneumonia. In a coma actress she suffered a stroke and never regained consciousness and died. Natalia Kustinskaya buried at Kuntsevo Cemetery next to her son.

Tatiana Samoilova


Difficult fate of legendary beauties

Tatiana Samoilova woke up famous in 22 years after the war drama "The Cranes Are Flying". Then the actress and said that because of the suffering of tuberculosis, she could not have children. But 15 years later, a miracle happened - Tatiana gave birth to a son, Dmitri. But ... and with his son, and with the cinema relations in beauty did not exist. Yes, Veronica's role in the "crane" Tatiana brought worldwide fame, but to repeat the success it failed. Samoilov was not allowed to appear in Hollywood, and from domestic producers could not find decent roles for talented actress with a weary look. In addition to the two Soviet hits ( "The Cranes Are Flying" and "Anna Karenina"), the major work, the actress was not, and in general there were few suggestions.

Son of Tatiana left for the US. Dmitri himself claims that he regularly called up to the mother and the couple of times a year, flew to Moscow. That's just the only granddaughter Samoilova seen only once - a three-year baby.

They say that the actress apparently life was not so bad: furnished apartment presidential pension. Only she lived alone and could sit for hours in what was once the legendary restaurant and forgetting to order.

A few years before his death, the actress began seriously ill several times left the house and got lost in the city, getting to the hospital. Tatiana Samoilova passed away on his birthday - she turned 80 years old.