He died a well-known journalist Sergei Dorenko

May 9 in Moscow died journalist, chief editor of the radio station "Moscow speaking" Sergei Dorenko. He was 59 years old.

He died a well-known journalist Sergei Dorenko

Sergei Dorenko at a rally against censorship in the media "For Freedom of Speech" in 2006

May 9 in Moscow died journalist, chief editor of the radio station "Moscow speaking" Sergei Dorenko. He was 59 years old. A significant portion of his career, he worked in television. His sharp and uncompromising program "Author program Sergei Dorenko" and aggressive critic Yuri Luzhkov and Evgeny Primakov (were potential opponents of Vladimir Putin in the presidential election) provided him with the nickname "telekiller".

The last years of his life Dorenko worked on the radio (he said that as a data transmission method for it is far better to TV) - first on "Echo of Moscow", and later - chief editor of the "Russian news service", and the last five years - the head of the radio station, "says Moscow". Esquire has collected the memories of politicians, journalists and other public figures about Sergei Dorenko.

Serey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow

Sergei Dorenko died. A talented journalist, restless, indifferent person. Sergei loved our city. He died as he lived - on a steep bend. Honestly - terribly sorry. As if there's something missing. Irretrievably.

Yuri Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow

"Dorenko - it's the evil genius who was also given the opportunity to communicate with a huge number of people. He had no principles, was anger, which was sent to the line, if it is paid for, and this is not limited to violence over Primakov me "(commentary RBC)

Tatyana Tolstaya, the writer, publicist

It is a pity Sergei Dorenko. When he arrived at the "School for Scandal", I had some prejudice against him, but he broke his - his charm, talent and artistry.

Tonya Samsonov, journalist

Dorenko came to the morning air at 5 am, it was all a lark, getting up at 4, put on some sort of rocker T-shirt and was driving to work on an empty Moscow to five parked on Novy Arbat and at 5:15 was getting ready for the airwaves. I initially came later. He taught me to get up early to work before dark.

You have to start as long as Moscow is still asleep. We sat down - each in their own corner of the room, he was reading something and figure out how to tell it in the air. I trained. When all started the morning show, it was already the middle of the day for him. Cheerful, he twisted the remote radio studio up. It seemed to me that he was preparing the aircraft for take-off and picks up the microphone lever upwards. He, too, so it seemed: he started roaring motor: DDDooobbrrrrrrroooeeee utrrrroooo is RRRRRazvorot. Then there were Govorrrit Moscow and other words - but it is always morning.

Leading generally divided into morning and evening people. Dorenko was a man in the morning. Man of the Ascension. He set up a working day, pumped with anger, vigor, intelligence, courage, cynicism. Hated stupid, hated bugs, inaccuracies hated.

He said something strange muttering, while thinking about how to hold the air, but live causes the release of adrenaline. The brain makes it clear he had time to think three steps ahead, respond instantly, ran all the talk and hypnotized by a radio wave. All giant speeds. It seems to me, if he was asked to select any day on the calendar to which you want to die - he would have chosen on May 9th.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the politician

Sergei Dorenko died. I treated him differently. But he - another symbol of the era. Now deceased. Land him down.

Dmitry Kiselev, TV

Sergey - is the brightest person in the history of Russian journalism. It was difficult way was kinked 90 mi years. Like a moth to a flame, he flew all the temptations of television popularity. It spreads its wings, when the information on our television journalism could feel its power. no angels, and I would caution anyone else from being able to blame Sergei. Talented, strong, full of life-affirming energy, he did a lot with a great love for Russia, in journalism, it is long-lived in the profession, his courage and strength has always been contagious. He will remain in the history of Russian journalism as absolutely outstanding personality. (Comment RIA Novosti)

Alexander Gordon, journalist

It's hard to say, but it is necessary. Sergei and I were not familiar, but he was absolutely desperate man in all its manifestations. I remember how I long ernichat at him when he's on some kind of a pensioner drove a motorcycle in Sokolniki. Who could have known that it was on a motorcycle it from us and leave ... Without a doubt, he was a very talented man. And no one was paying attention. God rest his soul. (Comment TV channel 360)

Peter Tolstoy, State Duma Vice-Speaker of the

It's hard to find words, because it is simply very difficult to imagine that someone like Sergei, can not be that it can not become. And any words in this situation may sound phony. And I think he would have appreciated this, he does not like hypocrisy. He was a man who loved all present. Probably sounds corny, he loved the truth that a finding. (Comment RIA Novosti).

Tina Kandelaki, chief producer of TV channel "Match-TV"

Serge was my friend. We worked together on RTVi, there and became friends. With him it was easy to make friends, as it was easy to fight. I was lucky that we have a relationship immediately, because they do not fall in love with his tongue, the reaction, the wording and figures of speech to me it was impossible. Wide guy embraces many of which have not been able to do.

Sergei grew two centuries. The first of us. He was the best presenter of the program "Time" in the twentieth century, it became the best in the telegram of the XXI century. He - the last of the profession really obsessive propagandist who believed and made others believe his word. He passed away on May 9th. On Victory Day, having to look for a peaceful sky and once again warned about the fragility of the world. I do not believe, Serge, that you now do not laugh at us. A city that was orphaned without you instantly. Let the earth you rest in peace.

Tatiana Felgenhauer, deputy chief editor of "Echo of Moscow"

I just do not understand how this is possible. Sergey Leonidovich - the same lump. And boulder with incredible vitality. It is impossible to believe.

Oleg Morozov, Sen.

Very talented. Madly. I remember his story about me in 1999. So bright and evil, which is not even hurt. Not afraid to make enemies. I was able to say things that others did not dare to speak. (Comment RIA Novosti)

Sergei Parkhomenko, journalist

Horror easy. Of course, he was an incredibly talented man, and, moreover, skillful. Although feisty, all around I hated. But even he hated talent and skill.

At times it was terrible to be close to him in many ways. Sometimes terribly interesting, fun sometimes scary, sometimes terrible pity, sometimes terribly hot. Sometimes, that nasty and scary. Sometimes it is simply terrible.

Since I was destined to cease his life right now, in the end, well, he was killed on a motorcycle, and not just died of old age and loneliness, like others, may be, to be. Since the right thing - in his own ideas about life and death, I think.