Secrets that hide the man

Many women would like to know what, in fact, men think, and what they do in their absence.

Users known social network decided to answer the question: "What kind of secret men would not want women to know?". The male half decided to answer this question quite frankly. About half of the men talked about how they view other women, and would like to spin almost every woman they meet. The other half spoke of the unequal attitude and the fact that they can not share their emotions.

Here are the things that men never admit women.

1. They never get compliments

Secrets that hide the man

"Men almost never get compliments. The only person who is constantly telling us compliments, this is our mother, and we can not take my mother compliments at face value. It is upsetting, because we have to behave as if we do not complexes. "

Of course, women receive compliments more often than men. Perhaps women do not do this, because I do not even think about the fact that men are concerned about the lack of compliments.

2. They look at all

Secrets that hide the man

"We see. Everyone."

If you are ever accused the half of what he saw other women, then perhaps it was not unreasonable. Many users admitted that considered sisters and mothers of his girlfriend and even find them attractive. It is unlikely that someone was in awe of such a confession.

But is it worth to worry about? If you do not care who he looks as he comes home, then this is no problem.

3. They are always trying to spy

Secrets that hide the man

"If you wear a blouse with a plunging neckline and sit, the guy standing next to you, trying to peek. If this short skirt, the guy on the other hand also tries to peep. Even if you are dressed very modestly, we will still try to peek. "

Perhaps this is not such a big secret, but maybe you should not think about it.

4. They remember dates to get away

Secrets that hide the man

"I remember dates, not because they are important, and because of the possible problems that would follow if I forget."

Forgetful men on important dates and anniversaries are often a source of friction in the relationship. According to one study 40% of couples quarrel over the fact that the man did not remember important details. In addition, 12% of men could not remember the birthday of their partner, while 10% do not know what half of them works.

5. They often pretend that everything is okay

Secrets that hide the man

"When you need to provide for the family, we used to pretend that everything is all right, but secretly we are very afraid of what we do is not enough."

Many men feel the pressure because they need to fulfill a role in society. According to a survey conducted in the UK, about 87% of men would like to spend more time with their children and to remove the burden of the family breadwinner.

6. They have no psychological support to

Secrets that hide the man

"In men, there is virtually no psychological support. We too need emotional support. Even if it seems that everything is in order, a lot, actually, emotionally broken and coerced by."

This is due to the fact that men with early age brought up not to express openly the emotions, as this is considered a sign of weakness. Men do not cry, and if they do so, it is unlikely to admit it. In fact, men also have emotions, but they are rarely shown.

7. They do not just want to be friends with

Secrets that hide the man

"The guy who is your friend, almost certainly would have taken sex with you, if there was such an opportunity."

Many believe that men and women can not be friends. It is difficult to say whether they are possible to be in bed with his female friends are waiting, or this is the case when they are not required to pursue such a goal, but not be refused if possible.

8. They think about the stupid

Secrets that hide the man

"When the woman asks the man:" What do you think ", and he replies:" About what, "perhaps he is thinking of something quite insignificant, ridiculous, such as who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman. "

Women are often annoying, that men do not share with them your thoughts and feelings. As it turned out, all is not a secret, but the fact that they think of something stupid that would be interesting woman.

9. They do not care about the little things

Secrets that hide the man

"I use decorative towels, in the end, there are towels and sheets."

Many women are proud to be taking care of the house, but men rarely notice their efforts. This is due to the fact that men rarely pay attention to the little things and not interested in the nuances of home decor.

10. They do not always want to be head of the family

Secrets that hide the man

"I would prefer not to be a typical head of the family. Broken washing machine? Sorry, I probably would have been in the other room playing video games."

This is another case where a man abandons the traditional role. This situation could further change in the future, as modern children are less likely to learn something tinker with their fathers, and increasingly build an imaginary world with the help of prefixes.

11. They would like to idleness they got away with

Secrets that hide the man

"I'm sorry, honey, but you will have the most to change the diaper"

Another thing, which is not recognized by any man - is that he is trying all possible ways to avoid household chores. Some even admitted that, if from a friend asks them to do something, they are specifically doing is bad, so that she will not ask for them.

12. They enjoy time alone

Secrets that hide the man

"Sometimes we sincerely enjoy time alone and silent, not because we are frustrated or do not like you.

Usually a lot going on during the day, and silence - this is a way to get out of stress, and I'm looking for him at every opportunity. Sitting on the toilet, in the car, long shower. I assure you, it's not you. "

Just because he wants to spend time alone, does not mean that he does not want to spend time with you. Everyone needs rest time, including your partner.

13. They sloppy

Secrets that hide the man

"The purity of my apartment is directly proportional to the probability of occurrence in her women '.

It has long been known that women are much neater men. But perhaps there was a time when you went into the apartment looking for a Man, and were surprised at how clean it. In fact, it does so mainly for you. Perhaps in the familiar surroundings of his belongings strewn on the floor, and the food is anywhere, but he does not want to scare you with their habits.