Brothels in Russia in the days of the kings

• Public Housing in Russia in the days of the kings of

Brothels in Russia in the days of the kings

The public house in Tsarist Russia was a major institution. I acted ban on all signs, and its distance from churches, schools and colleges had to be "big enough." Inside the brothel was allowed to have a piano and play it. All other games have been banned, especially wary mentioned here Chess. It was also forbidden to decorate the house with portraits of royalty ...

It is known that the first public house appeared in Russia in the late XVII century. Peter I brothels could not stand on the spirit. The king forbade the brothel, Vel authorities on the ground to deal with this disgraceful phenomenon. But the real offensive on brothels arranged Empress Elizabeth, who ordered to expel from the country housewives brothels.

Founder of one of the first public buildings in St. Petersburg became a German Anna Felker nicknamed Drezdensha. The young 22-year-old woman she had come to Russia. She wrote to him, Major Byron, to force Anna to cohabit. Then she married an army officer who left the service, leaving his wife a penny. Then she took up pimping. When the officer returned, he accused his wife of infidelity, and gave her a divorce.

Anna Felker being in the money went to Germany, where he hired several girls. Returning to St. Petersburg, she took off a decent house on Ascension term. And work has begun to boil.

Brothels in Russia in the days of the kings

In addition to the traditional services provided by the inmates of the house Drezdenshi wishing to provide other. For example, in this house you can rent a room for the night unwed. But some officers hired maidens in the service for a few days, taking to itself. Worked for Drezdenshi mostly foreigners, who were considered more hygienic. Soderzhatelnitsa brothel regularly paid bribes and gave expensive gifts to the St. Petersburg officials. But it did not save her from the wrath of the Empress. Hannah Felker incarcerated in the Peter and Paul Fortress.

At first, she unlocked, assuring that earns quite legal ways - trade ladies' clothes and manicures. But when Drezdenshu flogged, the German handed over all.

For three days the police to catch prostitutes, have suffered and some high-ranking clients. Maidens expelled from the country, Russian prostitutes were exiled to Siberia. Interestingly, in St. Petersburg opened new public houses within two years.

Shared brothels in three categories: higher pay to 12 rubles (less than 7 people per day), the average of up to 7 rubles (up to 12 people), lower to 50 kopecks. (Up to 20 pers. Per day). Non-executable requirements of prostitutes taken into custody in the "Kalinkin house."

Since prostitution is considered an official profession, the public houses were taxed. Negotiated and payment for services: 3/4 relied hostess 1/4 - girl. these rules are likely to observed when both.

Brothels in Russia in the days of the kings

of the rights soderzhatelnitsam brothels, approved by the Minister of Internal Affairs May 29, 1844:

1. Brothels open only with the permission of the police.

2. Permission to open a brothel could only get a woman between 30 and 60 years old, trustworthy.

8. The number of women in brothels did not take at least 16 years ...

10. Debt claims on the public soderzhatelnitsy women should not serve as an obstacle to the abandonment of the last brothel ...

15. The beds must be separated or light baffles, or, failing this to circumstances screens ... 20. Soderzhatelnitsa is also subject to strict liability would bring living at her girls to extreme exhaustion immoderate use ...

22. soderzhatelnitsam prohibited on Sundays and public holidays, to receive visitors until the end of the Mass, as well as in Holy Week.

23. Men of minors, as well education of pupils in any case not to allow brothels.

Brothels in Russia in the days of the kings Brothels in Russia in the days of the kings

Ticket instructed to visit the bath, do not shy away from a medical examination, and in any case not to use cosmetics.

Authorities were to him loyal: in offices for inspection allowed to come under the veil, and the document in 1888, reprinted in 1910, the instructions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the rank of detective offices said: c. 18 "... every rank of detective police in the execution ... should be with female persons polite, serious and reserved in particular. "

Prostitutes are not just "victims of social temperament ', they constitute a special category of society - the so-called" discharge women. "

Want to do the first oldest profession - health, but be gracious to register with the police to hand over the passport, but instead get the famous "yellow card" - official evidence that the woman is no longer belongs to the "decent", rolled down the category socially excluded, and that the police not only can, but even obliged to organize regular medical examinations.

Brothels in Russia in the days of the kings

Being a victim of this order can be very easy - it is enough to get caught at least once with a client during a police raid or simply denounced by landlord - and all the way back to ordinary people was cut off. Having the yellow ticket, a woman had the right to earn a living is only one way - with his body. Return your passport back was quite difficult, and there is no need - who needed the former "whore."

So, as a rule, caught in this trap female profession did not change until its end, and often he was advancing fairly quickly.

Brothels in Russia in the days of the kings

But in the total mass of prostitutes can be divided into two categories - street and lived in brothels. As a rule, women were street or novices, not master his new life, or, on the contrary, experienced professionalka often already sick, spent his brothels, and gradually, with the loss of attractiveness and youth rolling down lower and lower. Street fish was considered the bottom, below which the drop is no longer possible.

Much more lucky were those who managed to get into the legal brothels, who also shared the ranks - from expensive and luxurious, which can meet a wide variety of whims and fancies of visitors to the nasty filthy dens, frequented mainly by representatives of the criminal world.

Brothels in Russia in the days of the kings

The main source of replenishment of inmates brothels were still lower classes - their troops, as a rule, were peasant and petty bourgeois, - the uneducated who can not and do not know anything other than his main profession, women.

Very rarely, there were also representatives of the nobility, or simply intelligent, educated women, but they were exceptions. That is why the price of the possession of "an intellectual prostitute" reached thousands of rubles - an exquisite delicacy for the amateur and cost, respectively. How can a woman caught in the brothels? Usually, the most banal to time by - a gentleman seduced maid, seduced a worker in a factory foreman, then learned about it - and women are on the street. And then they waited for caring "mistress" of middle age, which is required such necessarily cute "maids".

Brothels in Russia in the days of the kings

Girls to start a bit fed up, they promised a generous salary, and only then explains the essence of the future work. Most, I am tired out on the streets, meekly agreed, afraid of losing a roof over his head.

Sometimes soderzhatelnitsy brothels recruited girls from the brand-new, just started working on the street and did not lose another appeal, and thus directly translates them into a higher rank for a walk.

And sometimes the girl fell into the clutches of "Madame" is literally right out of the house, just arrived from the countryside or another city in search of work. Next was a tried and tested scheme - and the work was - only, however, a little one on which the poor man had hoped for.

However, the majority and did not complain, and even considered themselves lucky - because they do not have to work more from morning to night, afraid of losing a piece of bread and to live from hand to mouth.

Brothels in Russia in the days of the kings

class brothel depended on the level of service: the number of the ladies "in juice" (from 18 to 22 years), the presence of "exotic" ( "Georgian princesses", "Marquis of Louis the XIV," "Turkish women", etc...) and sexual delights.

Of course, different, and furniture, and women's clothes, wine and snacks. In the brothels of the first category of the room drowned in the silks, and the women who work in the sparkling rings and bracelets, in brothels third category on the bed was a straw mattress, a pillow and a hard faded quilt. According to Dr. Ilya Konkarovicha held in the XIX century, the study of prostitution in expensive houses prostitute their mistresses forced to the most refined and unnatural debauchery, for which purpose in the most luxurious of these houses special adaptations are even constructed, expensive to stand, but nevertheless always finding a buyer.

There are houses, cultivating at any one kind of perverted debauchery and acquired the specialty itself widely known. These brothels were intended for a small number of wealthy regulars.

Brothels in Russia in the days of the kings

On one of the ploys expensive brothels have the opportunity to tell us more. We are talking about the rooms, decorated with mirrors. There was going to a few couples who lit the alcohol lamp, and began drinking.

After some time, the courtesan taken dance and undress ... in the end, everything ended in an orgy, multiple reflections in the mirrors at the flickering light of spirit lamps. They say, "attraction" was popular.

"Archives of Forensic Medicine and Public Health" notes that "public women religious only in the everyday sense of the word ... they are trying not to take guests for Easter, sometimes ask if they have the cross ...".