Interesting facts about the mayonnaise

• Interesting facts about mayonnaise

Interesting facts about the mayonnaise

On the eve of one of the most popular in Ukraine holidays - Easter, housewives question arises: how to choose the mayonnaise to dishes on the holiday table were not only delicious but also good quality and safe.

When choosing mayonnaise should pay attention to its composition and the reputation of the manufacturer. For example, one of the famous brands Torchin® we will look at what you should pay attention to, and how it affects the quality of the prepared dishes.

Assortment mayonnaise Torchyn represented by three lines: European (72% fat), Home (50% fat) and Delicious (28% fat). Different types of fat give you a choice, depending on what kind of food you are cooking.

Here we dwell on one of the most popular among Ukrainians mayonnaise - it Torchin® European. What makes it so popular? First of all, it is the taste, which depends on high-quality ingredients, safety and freshness, it is the quality control standards and the organization of production, technology and the correct storage conditions.

What is the quality of its ingredients? Mayonnaise Torchin® contains natural grain of mustard, which are ground before production. Thus, it retained its flavor, zest and freshness. A combination of two kinds of white mustard and Sarepta - to achieve balance and taste acuity ingredient. The dishes is very important. For example, due to natural mustard in the composition of mayonnaise, meat during roasting retains its juiciness and salads have more spicy and bright pronounced taste. The basis of all is the quality of mayonnaise Torchin® sunflower oil. Torchin ensures that production fell to only fresh oil so that it did not have foreign odors, stale aftertaste and bitterness. Oil is delivered to the plant on a daily basis and after checks on the quality of care in production.

Furthermore, in the production of mayonnaise Torchin® European, sunflower oil and stirring the dry egg yolk is such that the thick consistency is achieved without the addition of starch.

Such a dense texture allows mayonnaise hold well in dishes. He does not drain well and binds products in salads, great for marinating meat and smearing when baking.

Creamy texture Torchin European imparts a delicate flavor salads, and sandwiches are well soaks the bread, making them juicy.

The choice of mayonnaise directly affect the result of cooking with its use.

Interesting facts

• in portions 14 g of mayonnaise contains a daily dose of omega 6.

• To fill the salad with mayonnaise vysokozhirnym Torchin® European not only delicious, but also useful. It promotes better assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins from vegetables and other ingredients. • Thanks to the gentle drying technology to dry yolks preserved benefits of liquid egg yolks.

• Only freshly-ground mustard contains valuable useful mustard oil, because it is so important to life in the mayonnaise added mustard.

• Fat mayonnaise depends on the amount of sunflower oil in the composition of the product: the more oil, the fatter mayonnaise.

• The 1 st. a spoonful of mayonnaise calories less than 1 tbsp. spoon vegetable oil, so salads, mayonnaise, less caloric than dressed with oil.

Choosing mayonnaise Torchin®, the consumer can be assured not only in product quality but also in its taste, which will add zest to any holiday meal.