Myths about sausages

Experts debunk popular misconceptions

Myths about sausages

Sausages - magic wand for housewives, spend days employed in the society. I bought them on the way home from work, cook the potatoes, chopped salad - and the family is happy. However, with sausages linked to many myths.

The first myth. "Soy" and "paper"

The myth that instead of meat in sausages or even put soy pulp, dispelled more testing "Roskachestvom" sausages "Dairy" 40 manufacturers. Soybeans found only in three samples, and cellulose was not.

"To see this, it is necessary to read the composition on the label, - adds Irina Borisova, chief technology officer (who, at the conclusion of" Roskachestva ", and according to a study Romir," Milk "sausage - some of the best). - The first main ingredient is given, that is, one that the product contains the most, because all the ingredients indicated on the labeling on the principle: from highest to lowest. "

By the way, according to Irina, the manufacturer is important to make the composition of the product on the label, because some ingredients (mainly spices) can be allergens. People with allergies should see this and to choose a safe product for themselves.

The second myth. Expensive are the same in quality as cheap

This can doubt - from my own experience - any hostess. But the reasoned opinion pro - R & D technology Elena Klochkova company:

"The price of sausages have to be correlated with the price of meat - their main ingredient. If the meat now costs an average of 300 rubles. per kilogram, the quality sausage can not cost 100 rubles. ".

In a pack weighing 500g sausage contained about 350 grams of meat, a is not less than 200-250 rubles kilo of finished product. So think on several occasions, whether to buy hot dogs for $ 100 a kilogram.

The third myth. Meat is often confused with fat

Fat does contain, but not a substitute for meat - for his guest to "milk" sausages are allowed up to 28%. Fat is necessary because if you remove the fat from the sausages, they will no longer be so juicy and tasty, because fat, experts say, reveals the taste of the product.

Myths about sausages

Myth fourth. Quality depends on the shell

As is known, sausages produced in a natural casing, cellophane and polyamide. Someone thinks that the natural casing is placed better content, while others prefer to cellophane, which can be easily removed.

"Content is exactly the same, - confirms the leading Specialist of Quality Control Department of" Smokes "Natalia Marshalkin. - But the natural casing differently reveals the taste, so many people choose the products in it. In addition, after cooking sausages in a shell with a distinctive crunch biting occurs, which many people like. Here, actually, and all unlike sausages wrapped in cellophane. "

And here at the sausages in polyamide casing, there is another significant feature. The fact that dogs are exposed to short-term natural smoked. It has a bactericidal effect on the product and at the same time improves the organoleptic properties. Sausages from it acquire a golden color and slightly compacted nice crust on the surface. But polyamide casing does not pass the smoke, so in a shell are sold products that have not been smoking. They differ in color, which is a natural soft pink and do not contain notes of smoke - especially for those who did not love him.

The fifth myth. GOST - it guarantees. TU - fraud

Those who believe that products made according to technical specifications (TU), and not by state standards, quality can not be, experts "Dimov" cite as an example the results of the international competition of products of the food industry "quality assurance". This year the company was awarded a gold medal for his "smoked turkey", which is precisely manufactured according to TU.

"The products according to TU - author, - says Irina Borisova. Technical specifications give the producer, on the one hand, the possibility of creativity. On the other - can produce some products to the tastes of different groups of buyers: some, for example, loves posolonee someone prefers sweet taste. "

The Myth of the sixth. If there was a technical failure, track game, in which "something is reported," it is impossible to

It is even possible. Every self-respecting companies for this tweaked its control chain. To learn how to work in a chain "Dimov", says Elena Klochkova:

"At first, on a number of indicators checked raw materials, then - samples of the finished product, too, according to various indicators. All these data are recorded for each batch. They entered into the electronic control system that our company has developed one of the first in the industry. If, for example, a man called the hotline and reported what kind of products, in which the store and when he bought it, we can track everything - not just bookmark the ingredients, but also a raw material used, as well as some more stores this party sent " .

Myths about sausages

By the way

Regularly buying your favorite "Milk" sausages, we can only guess why they are so called. It turns out that everything is simple: because the stuffing consisting of beef and pork, milk is added. It gives the product juiciness, tenderness and additional flavors.

Tips buyer

How to choose a sausage? A few tips Natalia Marshalkin.

- The first thing you need to understand that shopping online is very vigilantly check every batch of products supplied by them, that is to bear the responsibility for the quality of not only manufacturers, but also sellers... So buying in the supermarkets network - has a certain guarantee of quality.

Well, already in the store, you must first evaluate the external packaging type - whether it is damaged. Then study the markings: the composition of products and the availability of guidance on compliance with the technical regulations TR CU 022/2011. Followed evaluate the appearance of sausages themselves - whether there is excess moisture in the packages (the presence of condensation allowed) or change in color frankfurters surfaces themselves. If the packaging is not damaged, marking corresponds, in packs of sausages is not "milk" the white liquid to the same manufacturer you know, you can buy.

And in the house will evaluate bought sausages organoleptic quality, that is, in taste and consistency (it should be tender, but the extent of elastic) and color (uniform pale pink or slightly golden).

It is normal that different manufacturers of sausages, produced will differ in taste for the guests - as well as any other products. The fact that Standard allows adjustment of the formulation: for example, pepper (black or white), nutmeg or cardamom. In addition, as at various mistresses at the same meal will have different tastes and different manufacturers.

Myths about sausages

7 major mistakes in the preparation of sausages

Sausage - is far from being the cheapest product, buy a kilo of chicken breast is much cheaper than a decent, not the most expensive sausages. However, fried and boiled hot dogs are one of the most popular dishes. Just because they are easier to prepare. At least, so say many. This is - the truth, but there are nuances. In the matter of the preparation of sausages, even a small mistake can turn into a juicy product tasteless rag. Tell, what not to do when you cook sausages.

The error number 1. Buy the wrong

Selection of sausages - it is responsible. It is important to buy the ones that are suitable for the chosen dishes you. There are sausages intended for frying on the grill, they are terrible, if you try to cook them. And in the pan will turn out juicy and shkvorchaschimi.

I also would not recommend buying sausage in vacuum packs. Of course, if you buy goods from a specific manufacturer, and know him well - advice does not apply to you. The fact is that the vacuum is usually hard to see yourself sausages, so you can get to the not too quality product. In general, you need to carefully look at the appearance of the sausages. They should be elastic, pleasant, not bright, pinkish-gray color (brighter than sausage, the more dye has been added to it). Shell in any case should not wince - it means that the product is stale. Of course, dogs should not be sticky and smelling bad.

The error number 2. prepare

is too long

Sausage - a product of a ready-to-eat. You simply warmed up when the cook or fry in a skillet. That is, you need to bring water along with sausages to boil, to hold a minute, turn off and remove the sausages. If frying in a pan, then you just need to fry the sausage for 2-3 minutes - and serve.

sausages shell will not stand too long heating and burst. A sausage in tatters, not tasty and juicy.

Error № 3. Throwing in boiling water

If the sausage from the fridge to throw into boiling water, the temperature of the shock it breaks the shell. And the juice will flow into the water, and the sausage will remain dry. So it is better to put in hot dogs, but not brought to boiling water.

Error number 4. Fry on a hot frying pan

Sausage as in paragraph 3, provided with thermal shock. In addition, it will burn, the shell will stick to the pan and tear.

The error number 5. Fry and cook unnatural shell

Cellophane wrapper is better to remove before cooking, because when heated polyethylene allocates carcinogens, and you eat them afterwards. When the sausage or sausage shell artificial, it is also better to take off, it will not grow as well as the stuffing inside it breaks. And shoot it still have, and after cooking you're likely to damage the sausage-sausage inside the shell.

The error number 6. remove the plug

She is very easy to damage the skin sausages. So it is better to use a skimmer.

Error number 7. Fry in the whole natural casing

When frying minced inside envelope expands rapidly. Therefore, in a natural casing frankfurters recommend making holes in several places, so that through them depart pairs, and the shell is not torn. When cooking such holes I do not, because through them too quickly leaves juice, besides if you do not give the sausage for a long time to boil, the shell will not burst.

Sausages in batter

Myths about sausages

2 sausages

1 egg

30 ml of beer

1 tbsp. l. flour

Salt and pepper

Butter and vegetable oil for frying

Step 1: Beat eggs with salt and pepper, add the beer, flour and whisk still time.

Step 2: dip the sausages in batter.

Step 3. Fry on a hot pan at a mixture of cream and vegetable oil until golden brown.

Lazy pigs in blankets

4 dogs

Sheet Armenian Lavash

50 g cheese

Melted butter

Step 1. Lavash cut thick strips (6-8 cm wide). Cheese - thin strips, about the width of the sausage.

Step 2. Each sausage with two sides and top to impose a cheese roll up pita bread.

Step 3. Sauté everything in ghee.

A hot dog with white sausage

Myths about sausages

2 Munich sausages

2 corn muffins

1 small cucumber

1-2 tbsp. l. Dijon mustard

Step 1: Sausages fried on a grill or frying pan. Cucumber cut into circles.

Step 2: Heat the buns, cut in half.

Step 3. Put the biscuits into hot dogs, add the mustard, then lay out part of the cucumber rings.

in the Moscow Soljanka

Myths about sausages

1 kg sauerkraut

500 g of smoked meat

250 g of sausages

1/2 pack butter

1 tbsp. l. flour

1 onion

2 pickles

1 cup pickled mushrooms

a handful of olives, pitted

1 cup broth

Step 1. Chop onion and fry in butter. When it becomes soft and golden, add the cabbage and cook until it becomes soft.

Step 2: Flour fry in 2 tablespoons of butter. Fill her cabbage. Step 3. Meat and sausage cut into strips and fry in butter. Cucumbers cut into small pieces, olives cut into rings, chop the mushrooms.

Step 4. baking dish greased with oil and put it in the cabbage, then a layer of meat, then cucumbers, mushrooms and olives. Pour broth.

Step 5. Simmer in the oven under a lid for 45 minutes. When submitting decorate hats whole mushrooms and herbs.


4 thick sausage (better to take the German sausages)

1 cup ketchup

1/2 cup water

3 tbsp. l. Worchester sauce

1 onion

1 h. L. paprika

1 h. L. red pepper

4 h. L. red curry

1 h. L. cumin


2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil

Step 1. Sausages fry on the grill.

Step 2. Fry the onion in vegetable oil.

Step 3: When it becomes a golden put paprika, red pepper, cumin. All fry.

Step 4. Add the water, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, curry. A little put out.

Step 5: Put the sausage in the sauce, simmer all together for 2 minutes.