Celebrities who claim to have seen aliens

Mankind has long been concerned with the question of whether there is life on other planets or are we alone in the universe. Many scholars are inclined to believe that other civilizations exist and sooner or later people will be faced with them face to face. Celebrities from our collections claim that the future has arrived, and the aliens living among us quietly. We tell which of the stars said to have seen a UFO.

Katya Lel

Celebrities who claim to have seen aliens

After the statement Katya Lel that many years ago, she came into contact with the aliens began to make fun of fellow singer. However, of the actress seems to have no time for jokes. She still believes that she saw an alien entity and is ready to defend its position.

"This is a human form. I've heard that they can acquire any image of the energy body in biochemical. I see high boots. Man, judging by his voice, very pleasant voice, age 30. And when I saw him, he was wearing a light brown leather jacket. Blond with blue eyes are very good looking. The man took my hand and said calmly: "Well, Kate, are you ready?". I was not allowed to raise their heads for some reason, I asked, what is ready. In response I heard: "Are we prepared you enough?" And then I knew. I did not cry, I just begged him: "I beg you, do not take me, I need so much more to do here," - told in an interview with Katya.

Fortunately, the man listened to her pleas. Since Lel made certain conclusions and completely changed attitude towards life.

Kendrick Lamar

Celebrities who claim to have seen aliens

One of the most renowned contemporary rapper Kendrick Lamar also claims that aliens exist. On a sensational recognition of the musician he decided to only a few years later after a meeting with the intruder. "I probably should not say this, but I am ready to answer for his words. No I did not believe it, and no one believes today. It's hard to describe it, because it sounds like: "Well, I've actually seen overflying the dart." But it is absolutely senseless, "- Lamar said in a conversation with journalists. In contrast to the statements of Katya Lel his statement did not cause such a wave of discussions. Apparently, the credibility of it are much higher.

Robbie Williams

Celebrities who claim to have seen aliens

"I've seen what I can not explain. Flying saucer hovering over my head. If I was in the hands of a tennis ball, I could dokinut it. And yes, I was absolutely sober, "- enthusiastically talked about his experiences with other civilizations Robbie Williams. Musician still believe that he was just lucky enough to be at the right time in the right place.

Ridley Scott

Celebrities who claim to have seen aliens

Ridley Scott has over 40 years of shooting a film about the various types of extraterrestrial entities. In this case, the director sincerely believe that aliens do exist. Moreover, in his words, not all aliens come for the earth with good intentions.

"The researchers decided to calculate how much can be of various kinds. So they say that around 100-200 entities may now be on the same stage of evolution with us "- Ridley shared with the media.

Lyme Vajkule

Celebrities who claim to have seen aliens

Lyme Vajkule sure aliens interfere in people's lives only in extreme cases where their help is really needed. According to the singer, once she has gone through a meeting with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Once, during a speech in Jurmala Vajkule I saw in the sky a strange glowing object. Members of her team were quick to capture the event. Later examination has confirmed that the photo depicts a UFO.


Celebrities who claim to have seen aliens

The singer Shura was an inveterate skeptic and did not believe in the existence of other civilizations ... not yet witnessed a strange scene.

"At first I thought that I had something wrong with his eyes, - admitted Shura in an interview. - I'm just back from a tour and was very tired. Then he flashed a thought: maybe a meteorite falls. And then it dawned on me - it was a UFO. Previously, I've heard about aliens only on TV and not really believed in their existence. But when he saw firsthand the plate, I realized that they exist. "

Alex Glyzin

Celebrities who claim to have seen aliens

"I have seen a UFO. It happened in the Urals in 1990. Flying plate composed of two hemispheres, inside its light proceeded. The diameter of it was fifty meters, I guess. At some time it hung in the sky, and then disappeared somewhere. All this took place before dawn. By the way, I saw this dish is not one I, and everyone who was with me then next, "- he said in an interview with Alexey Glyzin. Musician sincerely believes what happened to him is a miracle and is not afraid to talk openly about what he saw.