Health problems that may arise due to strict diets

• Health problems that may arise due to strict diets

Strict diet, implying the rejection of any products or their groups usually help quickly enough to lose weight. But whether it is useful for your health? Doctors believe that there is, and here's why.

Health problems that may arise due to strict diets

The strict diets, including keto and paleo, belong to the so-called yo-yo diet: in fact it is jumping from greater weight to smaller and vice versa. These "swing" the body is not only useful but also harmful. In addition, when losing weight, we lose both muscle and fat, and back then mostly fat.

Why do so many after the diet gain the weight back, and even more than it was? The reason is simple: giving up your favorite foods brings back to them later, but bad eating habits have not gone away and come back in the same volume.

But the main thing - these races are harmful to health, read a few answers, for whatever reason.

1. Reduced sugar

This is true for almost all diets because most of them require a reduction is carbohydrates in the diet. As a result, sugar falls to a minimum, which makes people want more sweet and is one of the factors causing the development of type II diabetes. Alas, this is proven by studies.

2. There may be a problem with the heart

For the "motor" dangerous everything: themselves racing weight and forgone nutrients (eg, exclusion removes from sweet fruit diet rich in potassium and bananas), and the food ban for some time, it is bad for the body. Most at risk are those who have the heart and so does not work in the best way.

3. It is becoming less energy

Waiver of any products or fasting is equally bad for blood iron levels, which can lead to anemia. In this state, the organism produces fewer red blood cells, which transport oxygen from the lungs to the cells, and you feel constant fatigue.

4. You're worse sleep

Fasting, the desire to eat something in particular or anything affect sleep more than you think. If this is combined also with lack of sleep, shaken health.

5. The worst working intestine

When strange scheme meal receipts, as well as in case of failure of some products, changing the intestinal flora, and not for the better. This results in problems including indigestion and bloating.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, experts recommend not to get involved strict diets and starvation, but to work for the formation of mineral dietary habits. Then the experience would be nothing, and weight control easier.