How to shoot the film "Seventeen Moments of Spring"

In August 1973 for 12 nights in a row in the Soviet Union, strange things are happening: dramatically increased power consumption, while reducing the water flow, and even street crime was virtually at zero - this fact is recorded in police statistics. Vast country for the first time watching the film Lioznova Tatiana "Seventeen Moments of Spring".

How to shoot the film

How it all began

It is believed that an unofficial "godfather" of the painting became the chairman of the KGB, Yuri Andropov. Allegedly, in conversation with Julian Semyonov he praised the political detectives, who created the writer for the past few years, and offered to film the novel about Isaev. As a concrete means of even allowed the author to spend some time in the archives of the KGB - this possibility Semenov really captures the spirit, because until now not so lucky even to any writer. By the way, advised the film first deputy chairman of the KGB, Colonel-General Semyon Kuzmich Tsvigun, however, it appears in the credits under an assumed name.

How to shoot the film

Julian Semenov, author of the novel "Seventeen Moments of Spring" and the author of the screenplay

Working on the script for the film, Julian Semenov began simultaneously with the creation of the book. As a result, he has even been completed a year earlier than in the light appeared the printed edition of the novel - in 1968, and in 1970 at the Gorky Film Studio started shooting the picture, which will be destined for many decades to become a favorite blockbusters million viewers. Tatiana Lioznova not immediately able to prove that a woman is able to become the director of such a large project, for that she had to "move" a few male applicants, but it failed her.

The actors and the role of

"Seventeen Moments of Spring" became the leader of the Soviet cinema in the number of People's actors. However, the cast, as often happens, was formed immediately. It now seems that the role Stirlitz nobody but Vyacheslav Tikhonov could not play, in fact, even shortly before the shooting Tatiana Lioznova seriously considering candidacy of Innocent Smoktunovsky, Oleg Strizhenova, Yuri Solomin and even gaydaevskogo Ostap Bender Archil Gomiashvili (according to rumors, it at that time was just with him a novel). Fortunately, unlike all these actors, Tikhonov just happened to be looser, and the choice has stopped on it.

How to shoot the film

radio operator Kat could also play another famous actress. If not for a business trip abroad, in this role, we could see Irina Alferov. Image Frau Zaur wrote under the Faina Ranevskaya, who simply abandoned the cameo, "which has nothing to play." But Leonid Kuravlev almost was cast ... Hitler. He, by the way, looked very convincing in their makeup and even began to rehearse, but, according to him, he refused:

"I did have a sample on Hitler. Rehearsed, I make up for Hitler ... But I do not mastered the Antichrist, was against my nature "

As a result, "Antichrist" has played a German actor Fritz Diez, who by that time had almost become a "full-time Hitler" international cinema.

How to shoot the film

Lenid Kuravlev Hitler makeup and Iceman for the film "17 Moments of Spring"

When given the opportunity, in choosing the actors tried to adhere to historical accuracy. For example, with Schellenberg appearance by Oleg Tabakov incredibly managed to get "the bull's eye." According to the memoirs of Julia Vizbora, after the film's release Tabakov received a very unexpected message. He wrote from Germany niece of Schellenberg, which is very Russian actor thanked for the way he has played this role. The woman admitted that several times amended the picture to look at "Uncle Walter."

How to shoot the film

Real Friedrich Walter Schellenberg and Oleg Tabakov in this role

But with the way Henry Muller came bobble. In the director group had no photos of the real historical person, and Leonid armor took on this role is not for the resemblance. Then it turned out that the real Muller was a tall, thin hook-nosed brunette. However, the image of a "good-natured" was the Gestapo chief, as a result, one of the highlights of the film. Bronevoy himself argued that if at that time knew how to look historic Muller, then, most likely, would have turned down the role.

As close as possible to the life of

The film, in spite of the enormous internal tension and military espionage theme, in the course of the story is not true fighters. There is very little traffic and active scenes. In contrast, Tatiana Lioznova all the forces trying to "revive" the characters. In order to better show the inner world of the protagonist, it is, for example, she finished writing the script and come up with images of Frau Zaur and Gaby. Their conversations were created literally on the set, almost offhand, but such liberties deeply contradicted her directorial approach.

How to shoot the film

In general, in terms of acting, Shtirlitsa role is considered very difficult. According to Lev Durov, it "except for the analysis and comparison of nothing - no opportunity to somehow reveal the character of the hero." So they had to create some life stuff around it. For example, a dog that Stirlitz put his head in his hands. This episode came quite by accident - it is not known whose dog just wandered onto the set and she went to the actor.

How to shoot the film

For the rest of the characters the director invented a special human "highlight" as Lioznova called them, "oddity". For example, the characteristic movement Muller when he pulls on the neck collar of close, was born by accident during the filming - armor really bothered suit, and he inadvertently did so several times:

"- Why did you stop to pull the neck? - once I asked the actor on the set of Lioznova.

- And what, you have to pull? - Bronevoy surprised.

- Yes, so very good. "

Obersturmbahnfuehrer Eismann, who played as a result of Leonid Kuravlev except Aryan nose aquiline got another black eye-patch. The actor did not given the role of an employee of the Gestapo, and so, according to Lioznova, "once there was life." We were shooting the film, and other complexities. For example, an infant, which had to be removed. Children are always made it difficult on the set, so the first thought to use a doll, but then abandoned this idea - a tense scene, when a newborn strip at the open window, of course, would have failed without this child. By the way, I want to reassure all at once - in fact, the pavilion was so warm that even the sound engineer had a problem with the recording crying, then had to specifically go to the children's hospital to build upon it. The youngest actor at the time of the shooting heartbreaking episode peacefully snoring. Another unexpected question had to be addressed when it was revealed that children grow up too fast (as we know, only someone else, of course). Since the shooting lasted for three years, the role of the "real heroes" had to shoot six different babies.