How to avoid burnout at work

• How to avoid burnout at work

Many people experience stress associated with the job. Experts believe that in most cases you can avoid problems and burnout, if the time to take care of themselves. Here are some current recommendations.

How to avoid burnout at work

How to identify the problem

To understand what was going on, ask yourself a few questions.

1. As you dine in the office?

If frequent snacking with anything or reheat cook dinner and eat right in the workplace, it is a sign of stress, which must be addressed.

2. How much do you sleep?

It's not even that is not enough. If you interfere with sleep just thinking about work, even though you are tired and ready to sleep, it's bad.

3. How is the Sunday evening?

It is known that Monday - the day heavy. But if you do not start to worry because of work on Sunday?

How do I get rid of stress

1. prioritize

Write out on a sheet of paper or in an application for taking notes all your tasks and projects, put them in the right order and in which only those that are most important. Determine when it is best to work, and the hardest thing to do in these hours. 2. Talk with the boss

No need to hide the fact that the work is not a pleasure. Try to work together to find a solution to your life was less stressful.

3. Put on the table

Yes, sometimes the little things work wonders! Throw too much, add up all exactly, set on the edge of the table a small potted plant.

4. Take care of yourself

Exercise, yoga, deep breathing (and sometimes just a distraction from social networks) to help cope with stress and regain the joy of life.

5. Do not work around the clock

Modern technologies allow to stay connected 24/7, but is it really necessary? Start with the fact that stop responding to reports over the weekend.