What happens if you refuse to caffeine

What happens if you refuse to caffeine

I do not know about you, but we weakly imagine the morning without coffee - preferably double. Sometimes, however, you should try to give up their addiction weakness to see the amazing metamorphosis that will happen to the body when it stops receiving caffeine.

By the way, caffeine - is not just espresso and latte, it is also a tea, cola and other drinks such as power engineering. Yes, it will be difficult. But back to the consequences of failure, which our British colleagues told wellness coach Alison Stockton

Giving up caffeine, you:

You can become less restless and disturbing, but not immediately

Caffeine stimulates the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, so its abandonment can make you more balanced and relaxed ... but not immediately. The fact that coffee addiction or habit at the beginning will cause a panic, "How do I wake up without coffee?", It's the usual morning ritual. A week later, you will be treated to its "austerity" is much easier.

You can feel the headache

The blame for this withdrawal, but it occurs not always, but usually in people who consumed 500 or more milligrams of caffeine a day (about 5 servings of espresso). To prevent this, drink plenty of pure water and herbal tea with mint.

Note that the skin became better

Coffee and caffeine in particular as a whole - a diuretic, which leads to dehydration, and when you stop using them, it is very helpful to the skin. The girls who have gone to the eyeballs with coffee, noticed that his face was less peeling and skin tone has become more smooth and fresh.

You can lose weight

If you saw, for example, three cups of coffee, and not the US, and a latte or cappuccino, the abandonment of this habit will help reduce your calorie intake, which you can not even guess. About sugar and various syrups to coffee, it seems you can not even explain, but in three of sugary coffee drinks can contain from 600 to 1150 calories. That pіdrahuy!

You start harder to sleep

Even those who normally goes to sleep after drinking coffee after lunch, tend to be more sensitive to sleep and wake up more often at night - this is the data obtained in the course of medical research. Depriving your body stimulant, caffeine, you will help him adjust the natural rhythms of rest and activity, so that'll be sleeping better and feel fresh, even if slept less than usual.

Note that the teeth become whiter

apart from the pigment, coffee acidity bad effect on enamel, causing the appearance of dark specks and spots. If we give up coffee, and more closely follow the diet, the teeth will be whiter than a month without any additional steps.