Tasteless design errors

Tasteless design errors

rough design errors that make the interior tasteless.

As of today, opportunities to transform your house rife. All sorts of sites, design tips, life hacking, designed to decorate the interior without significant investment ... However, despite all this diversity, many people do not know how to change the house for the better, continuing to live the stereotypes of the past decades. For those who want a little update the look of your interior, but can not understand how, we picked up a few recommendations.

1. Monochrome interior

Tasteless design errors

A boring monochrome interior without vivid details. | Photo: Comfort in the House, Interior Design Ideas For Apartments.

Monochrome interiors have become quite popular. It would seem that could be easier than to arrange a room in one color? However, often we are so caught up selection of furniture and accessories the same color, we forget about th that in the interior should be a note of individuality. In the end, we get boring interior, in which there is no raisins, no individuality. Avoid this error will help your own sense of style and intuition.

When choosing furniture and accessories, listen to yourself, how bright the item you want to see in my apartment? Set of colored pillows, yellow chair, carpet unusual, original painting - these are things that can be diluted and breathe life into the interior.

2. Arch drywall

Tasteless design errors

Arches made of plasterboard and other butoforiya. | Photo: Yandex. Somewhere in 2005, the arch of the drywall were very popular. People who have had the opportunity to immediately embody this idea in life, turning all the doorways in the arch, while others quietly dreamed about it. At about the same time into fashion fake fireplaces and columns of the same drywall. You remember? All these attributes fake luxury has gone out of fashion. And it happened yesterday, and about five years ago. Of course, this does not mean that you need to immediately begin repairs if Plasterboard attributes already have in your home, just accept this fact and plan to change it as soon as possible. But if you are now on the stage of repair, discard drywall and all of the above. Remember, the fashion simple lines and natural materials.

3. Outlets and switches

Tasteless design errors

An unsuccessful status of sockets and switches. | Photo: Repair of apartments with their own hands.

Sockets and switches ... It would seem a trifle, but the wrong location can greatly spoil your life. Just imagine how you will "enjoy" every time you try to turn the appliance into an outlet hidden behind a cupboard, or stumble in the dark at things for the switch. All of these troubles can be avoided by properly scheduling the placement of outlets and switches.

4. Cheap textiles

Tasteless design errors

Poor quality textiles. | Photo: JolyGram.

Curtains, carpets and bedding - not the things that are worth saving. Perhaps you think that all this stuff, but in fact these things - almost the main components of domestic comfort. So if you dream about a certain kind of curtains, but the fabric quality is no money, better give up the idea. Sometimes it is better to spend some time without curtains, you buy something that is banal lack of finance. The same goes for carpet: time, a tunnel, but do not settle for less. With linens difficult, because it is impossible to do without it, so just accept the idea that buying good bedding, you are investing in your home.

5. The size mismatch

Tasteless design errors

Improperly selected furniture. | Photo: Google Plus.

The main principle of a beautiful home - a harmony in everything. First of all, it concerns the furniture. Choosing it is important to follow not only the unique style, but also the size. Low furniture is perfect for decorating small apartments with low ceilings, but will simply be lost in a large room. Naturally, bulky bed will look ridiculous in a small bedroom, even if in addition to it there is no longer anything. Also, try to pick up the furniture of the same size, or the discrepancy proportions will always be evident and ruin a good picture.

6. The multilevel ceiling

Tasteless design errors

The multilevel plasterboard. | Photo: Universal flea market.

Multilevel ceilings made of plasterboard - another popular trend from the past, which is still the city is not too skilled designers. These ceilings are heavier space and look too artificial. Besides, why use trends from the past, if we now have a much more attractive. For example, the ceilings concealing irregularities and perfectly overlap. Moreover, due to the glossy effect, helping to visually enlarge the space.

7. Storage

Tasteless design errors

The lack of systems for storage. | Photo: Real Estate - TUT.by.

The lack of storage systems - a blunder, which subsequently lead to the disorder. Therefore, if you give up a cabinet or shelves, prepare for the fact that a couple of months will be forced to store personal belongings on the floor.

8. Strange accommodation

Tasteless design errors

Strange placement of things in order to save space. | Photo: Real Estate - TUT.by

Some people want by any means to fit in one room all our plans. Often, because of this, they have to go to extremes like those seen in the picture. However, if the first such decisions will entertain, then later you will understand what a fool, hurry, do not take into account the nuances of such a distance that must be maintained between the pieces of furniture and utilities. Ultimately, this will lead to only one inconvenience.

9. Palace luxury

Tasteless design errors

pomp and luxury of the palace. | Photo: realty.tut.by.

Golden tapestries, crystal chandeliers and marble look good in palaces and museums, but totally unsuitable for living quarters. Moreover the desire to demonstrate their financial capacity so that only talk about spiritual poverty and bad taste. Well, the implementation of such ideas within a small apartment looks ridiculous.

10. Ill Details

Tasteless design errors

| Photo: Yandex.

This item refers to more people who can be called "the designer himself." Often, they light up certain ideas and even see well the desired image, but does not take into account the nuances, such as the minimum distance honey pieces of furniture, the amount of pull-out systems, and so on. In the end, they still get to re-create the desired image. But not everything is as soon as things start to be used for its intended purpose, emerge pitfalls. For example, it is impossible to open the door cabinets due to decomposition of the couch, which abuts, cabinet doors can not be opened before the end due to the close proximity of the other furniture, and so on. Remember, the design of their own homes - this is a big responsibility, and it is necessary to calculate every detail, carefully measure and calculate all the nuances.

Sometimes, when you come to someone for a visit, a feeling some untidiness in the home, though like and things in their places spread, and there is no mess.