How to live in a communal

• How to live in a communal

How to live in a communal

A communal apartment was conceived as a temporary measure to improve housing conditions. Communal existed before the revolution, but it was in the USSR, their number has increased considerably. For some unwritten rules of the Soviet communal living and why these rules were forbidden to break? Below - a most uncomfortable, but at the same time, uniting, form of living ...

The first Soviet communal filled former small capitalists whose private property has become public. Then they were joined by people who could not or would not afford a separate apartment. By the middle of the XX century in communal assembled motley audience.

Living in a communal: "no man" space

In a communal space was divided into two categories: private and "no man". The first occupants of the room concerned. Space without the owner - hallway, bathroom or shower room, kitchen, toilet. That is to say, the common areas.

How to live in a communal

The first unwritten rule communal - for "no man's" space no one answers. For this reason, part of the corridor and the kitchen looked depressing. If something breaks in a neutral territory, we repaired for years. Repairs in the "no man's" rooms also never performed.

How to live in a communal

Neutral territory clutter things tenants. The corridors, e.g., hung clothes and stored bicycles. Places lacked. Touch someone else's property is not recommended. The hosts started the conflict easily.

Gen communal: WC

Other problem areas - the toilet and bathroom. In Soviet times, the wall hang toilet toilet circles: one for the family.

Toilet paper was also its signed. Use other people's circles and steal paper prohibited. In the communal can not hide anything, sooner or later the owner

"Treasures" found out about the offender.

How to live in a communal

The bath in the communal did not take. Unhygienic. We used the shower and one by one. Residents usually set "Vanny" Regulation: how many who come to bathe and how much time is spent in the shower. Long-term water treatment interrupted by the insistent knocking neighbors.

a communal kitchen in the USSR

Rules of behavior in the kitchen depend on floor space. At the very tiny kitchen there were two or three plates and one table. Then the plate was divided in half (each tenant - two burners).

How to live in a communal

Sometimes the white metal surface plate held covert boundary of mud: the left neighbors cleanly washed appliance adheres well to the right thick fat.

Dining tables used by turns. In the kitchen, hung schedule. Some communal dinner and lunch together, we cooked together, too. Before that, collectively worked out the menu.

How to live in a communal

Refrigerators are often absent because pricey and the place occupied much. Food stored in the windows of shopping bags. Communal and recognize the street - by clusters of bright colored avosek fabric.

Code of communal apartment

own unwritten set of rules, which limited only by the imagination of residents in each communal act. Remember, as one of the heroes of the "Golden Calf" Vasisualy Lokhankin neighbors flogged because he did not turn out the light?

Before birches in the Soviet communal affair, of course, it never came. But run into trouble due to non-compliance with the rules was easy.

How to live in a communal

Residents set, when and by what means to wash the bathroom. The General Council determined the hours of silence in a communal apartment. By the way, the rules are sometimes set against the state law.

For example, in a communal apartment to make noise it was impossible to have 19 hours, though due in 23 hours of quiet time law. With tenants that they are right sure will not argue. Beginners quickly put into place.