Why is the opinion of the Russian love of foreigners suffer

Russian elevated suffering to an art form. Their ability to focus on the dark side of life - an integral part of national reputation. But really they are too lazy to get rid of this quality? Or is there a deeper reason why they love suffer.

Why is the opinion of the Russian love of foreigners suffer

If you try to describe Russia as short as possible, we can say it is a country of sad and thoughtful people. Her story is an infinitely harsh winters and the constant invasion of foreign enemies, combined with the often more inhuman reforms of their own rulers, such kakIvan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Joseph Stalin, and many others. All this contributed to the fact that the Russian people are almost always on the verge of survival. Prohibitive levels of stress did not meet a healthy and optimistic lifestyle.

However, despite everything, the Russian has always managed to miraculously "break" to survive. However, it's probably imposed upon them the imprint of sorrow. Newcomers always notice how little smile in Russia. However, how do they survive?

Studies American psychologists have shed light on secret Russian weapons against all stress - the love of suffering. It turns out that the habit of longing, complaining about the destructive level of introspection and love for the tragic fiction - it all works together, saving them from "real" pain and depression.

sullenly as a national idea

In 2010, Igor Grossman and Ethan Cross of the University of Michigan have found a very important thing that distinguishes Russians from the Americans: their attitude towards introspection. As part of the experiment, a group of Russian and American participants in a few brief texts were given, "which describes the main character, which analyzes or analyzes his feelings when he is upset." After that, the researchers asked respondents to choose the main character, with which it is easier to associate themselves. And you know, while the sympathy of Americans are almost equally split between the two types of characters, the overwhelming majority of Russians (68 of 83) to choose the character that deeply analyzes the darkest moments of life. Thus, the researchers concluded that the Russian inclined to such a soul-searching much more than Americans.

There is a scientific term used to describe this approach: rumination, deep thinking about the past. The term comes from the Latin word originally meaning chewing gum in animals. We are talking about what is peculiar to Russian experience a negative experience again and again. "It is true: we are fixated on the events, which tend to cause negative emotions", - he told RussiaBeyond Evgeny Osin, deputy head of the International Laboratory for positive psychology of personality and motivation.

The protective mechanism of

At first glance, it's just terrible: a great people, staying in constant, endless grief. Some authors, including Daniel Rancor-Laferer, Russian professor at the University of California describe the Russian national character as a masochistic "Masochism became a fact of everyday life in Russia." Perhaps this is true only to a certain extent, but scientists have proved that sometimes Russian ability to concentrate, even to dwell on the dark side of life is very helpful to them.

In the second phase of the experiment Grossman and cross the researchers found that the Russian "ruminatory" when asked about the propensity to experience again a negative experience, commonly referred to, that they are able to distance themselves from the events in the past, rethinking them from the point of view of another person. At the same time, Americans have shown a tendency to simply reinterpret scenes from the past with his own point of view. Scientists believe that the Russian approach, oddly enough, is more healthy, "This has resulted in significantly lower levels of emotional stress among Russian participants." This way of thinking is not really provoking and prevents depression, as it helps to lift themselves out of a negative situation and move on in life.

"We, Russian, have their own ways to cope with negative feelings: when confronted with them, we do not find ourselves is broken and does not plunge into despair. On the contrary, we perceive it as a natural condition: well, well, the whole of life - sucks, and to hell with it, let's move on ", - says Evgeny Osin. According to him, such an approach - to dive headlong into sadness and pity, rather than to try to block them - shows that Russian culture closer to the east, where the pain is considered to be an inevitable part of life. After all, in the end, all of us have no choice but to move on.