Things that clutter the kitchen

Things that clutter the kitchen

Many housewives think your kitchen the heart of the house. There is often full complement of family gathers during thorough lunches and light snacks, sit drinking tea friends, lovers are inspired to experiment with recipes, as well as talk and share news. And the more time we spend there, the more terrible can become a mess. Accumulate a bunch of stuff, gadgets, and other random items. When the mess in the kitchen gradually begins to turn into a disaster, it's time to try new drastic measures: a 9 creative tips will help to bring them to life.

1. The shelves need to be more roomy

Things that clutter the kitchen

The shelves in the cabinets need to be adjusted to the maximum depth. / Photo:

Most cabinets have shelves that can be adjusted. If the kitchen came the crisis of space, this secret trick is better to use to their advantage. It is necessary to check all the lockers, they may not fully put forward. Maybe you can further rearrange the dishes more compact and save space. In fact hide a lot of things is not so difficult, the main thing to keep them effectively.

2. Kitchen utensils - on the shelf

Things that clutter the kitchen

If you need them, we'll know where to find them. / Photo:

No need to constantly look at the dishes that you once upon a time bought. If not in use, remove the far locker. Sure is nice when everything you need is always at hand and are within walking distance, but you need to really weigh the pros and cons, why spoil the appearance and clog the kitchen for cooking with some kitchen appliances only a few times a week.

3. Kitchen charity

Things that clutter the kitchen

Get rid of things that I never use. / Photo:

Some things we cling with all my heart. They, of course, sorry to leave. But here's another category of things that are just lying around and gathering dust, or in the most distant and dark corners of the cabinet, are simply doomed to travel. We must have the courage to send them to where they will be better and brighter - a new home. Donate useful for someone, but it is absolutely useless things for you - it is not only good business, but also help yourself.

4. The devices must not stand in the kitchen around

Things that clutter the kitchen

The kitchen will look much more spacious, if both should clean up in it. / Photo:

Cleaning of all things takes a few minutes, and the contemplation of the ideal order can rejoice forever. The kitchen is the active housewives, many of the units are on the table or windowsill, even when not in use. But things such as coffee grinders, Multivarki, electric kettles and even toasters (as soon as they are cool) can be put in a large cupboard or pantry, then they will not spoil the overall impression of the kitchen and liberate extra space for relaxation.

5. No - mess inside and outside the refrigerator

Things that clutter the kitchen

No magnet will be better. / Photo:

Perhaps your fridge - it's a place of gathering of children's artistic creations and magnets from all over the world. If you love it, then okay, but if it's just become a habit - you need to get rid of. Think, it is necessary to really leave a permanent reminder that your cousin 4 years ago, a child was born or what you bought is not particularly beautiful magnet during his last leave in a hurry braked at a stall with souvenirs. Removing it is all far away, you may suddenly realize that clean the refrigerator door gives you more positive emotions and tranquility on your favorite kitchen.

6. Debriefing

Things that clutter the kitchen

When it finally stopped? / Photo:

Almost every one of us has a special secret drawer in which they live all sorts of not very often used things and funny things, piled in a heap. Clothing, pens, pins, nail files, checks, batteries, discount coupons, and much more ... Now is the day when all of this is necessary to understand and to put all useful on the shelves in the literal sense of the word. Free up some space for the things that you really need. Perhaps many do not even have to throw away, but simply bringing order to make the pile less than a nightmare. No one should waste precious moments of your life, delving into the mountains of street of things, just to find my old sunglasses.

7. Reduce the number of kitchen appliances

Things that clutter the kitchen

From time to time in the kitchen you need to perform the audit of useful things. / Photo:

Gadgets can make cooking a lot easier. However, many of them are just fun trinkets that we never did not begin to use it. Getting rid of the extraneous gadgets make room for the storage of really useful things that are popular for practicality and efficiency, not just for the beautiful cover.

8. The fight against spam

Things that clutter the kitchen

Just take a half hour to get through this ordeal with her head held high. / Photo:

Whether there is an entire area on your countertop, defined for different pieces of paper, magazines and funny print? The pile can not just throw it away, but in fact no one even looks at. Is it any so-clutter your space? No, it is better to pass this test with dignity and make out of paper. Let's face it, if you have not read the magazine for several months, it is deemed important enough later.

9. Storage products in sealed containers

With plastic containers in your kitchen will not be confusion. / Photo:

The cabinet is kept a bunch of bags with the remains of cereals, flour, and sugar? This disorder can be easily stop using the compact and convenient plastic containers. Of course, when the content ends, it can take a little bit more space compared with the packages, but they are much easier to fold, and they look much neater. This allows you to keep them even on visible places.