Top 8 most bizarre things mailed

Is it possible to send the snow-mail, how to get the diamond and save his protection, and whom people send manure? About mail, in that hard to believe.

In warmer climes: the chameleon

Top 8 most bizarre things mailed

In December 1954, in one of the post offices of Orlando, Florida, parcel arrived. And with her a letter: "Dear Sir, I am sending you my chameleon, because I live in Fostoria, Ohio, and the climate is cold for the animal. Release it, please at will. Yours sincerely, David ... P. S. Notify me as soon as everything will be fine, I am very worried about him. "

If it does not, the postman opened the parcel, it could decide that it was a joke. The box was empty! But remembering about the chameleon's ability to change color depending on the temperature, light level, and other factors, the man looked closer. At the bottom lay a chameleon does. After a few days of careful owner opened the reply: "Dear David, I got your chameleon yesterday and immediately released him on the lawn near the post. Best Regards, LA Bryant, Jr. postman. "

Instead of protection: diamond

Top 8 most bizarre things mailed

As you know, the best way to hide something - put in a prominent place. Especially if it is a diamond. Especially rather large. For example, Hope diamond mass 45, 52 carat and 25 dimensions, 60 x 21, 78 x 12 mm.

The history of the stone covered with legends. It is believed that it was brought from India, a French merchant, traveler and jeweler Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, to give King Louis XIV. The gift was more than valuable. Prior to the cut stone weighed 115 carats. Hope Diamond was named later, after its first official owner, a British aristocrat Henry Hope. Then who just did not own a diamond, but everyone he would bring misfortune. Merchant gems of New York, Harry Winston, has acquired the stone in 1958, he claimed he did not believe in his evil fate. However, I do not take risks. In the same year, she has decided to transfer the diamond to the Smithsonian Institution. The method chosen unusual - mail. Who would think to open the parcel in a treasure hunt? Winston for postage paid only $ 2, 44, much cheaper protection services. However, all the same parcel insured for $ 1 million. Just in case. Fortunately, the postman delivered it safely.

Diamond, and is now kept at the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution and is the main exhibit. Now it is estimated at $ 100 million.

Van Gogh - 2: Cut ear

Top 8 most bizarre things mailed

Most fans prefer to give idols flowers or stuffed toys. Not every celebrity can boast of such an unusual gift he has received in the mail a musician band 30 Seconds to Mars Jared Leto in March 2013. A fan not only of creativity Jared, but Van Gogh sent musician neatly severed human ear. What meant this gesture, Jared did not understand. Even applied to the present note with the question "Are you listening?" Nothing clarified. Find the sender failed.

brick by brick: bank building

Top 8 most bizarre things mailed

The heaviest order employees postal service Vernal, Utah, received in the 1910s. Local businessman William Koltarp decided that the city needed the bank, built to last. But there was a problem: the closest brick factory located in Salt Lake City, a distance of over 200 km, and the shipping cost was four times higher than the cost of the bricks themselves. And then the man born a genius idea - to take advantage of the recently established postal service. He estimated costs and realized that so really will be cheaper. In order not to exceed the maximal weight of 23 kg, 80 000 bricks laid on the boxes and send prepared batches. On the day the factory was delivered to 40 parcels, and each of them made out in the first post office Vernal. So that soon his workers began to grab his head at the sight of another box. However, the order is executed. But after introduced the rule that prohibited to send to one recipient of more than 91 kg per day.

A building stands to this day. Since 1974, the department is located Zions Bank.

Student tradition urban arrows hours

Top 8 most bizarre things mailed

On the last day of the spring semester of work at the Washington police added: they have to strictly follow the main tower of Healy Hall campus. This is because the students at Georgetown University has a tradition: every two or three years, they steal from the hands of the clock of the tower and sent them to the Pope. Why - is unknown, but the custom is observed strictly. The main thing - do not get caught. But it is not always possible. The last case occurred in 2017, when two students were detained on the basis of fingerprints, which they left in place a "crime".

The tradition goes back many decades. For a while, the university administration to respond to it in silence. But recently I took a tougher stance, began to sentence perpetrators to public works and disciplined.

Concern about the Middle: vibrator

Top 8 most bizarre things mailed

In 2013, in one of the offices of the city of Kirov communication began a stir: from the newly received message suddenly heard suspicious noises. Police were called just in case to evacuate the building and then called to the scene of the sender. Them was a woman. She tried to pick up the box, but the guards asked to see what's inside. It turned out a vibrator. The woman admitted that she forgot to remove the batteries before the sealed package. After clarification of the subject of the intimate yet he traveled to the destination.

Winter home: Snow

Top 8 most bizarre things mailed

Newsline "VKontakte" littered with pictures of snowmen and snow castles, and the window of your home slush? Output two: continue silently envy or go there, where there is a real winter with snow and maybe even blizzards. For example, in the Arctic. But the Americans and the British have another way out - to buy a snow. Yes, there are companies that deliver the winter at home in the US and UK.

Snow packed in boxes of polystyrene, which is a good heat insulator, and sealed. The cost of such a premise depends on the weight. Thus, over 15 kg of snow will have to pay about $ 200. Delivery is carried out within the country, and here is how quickly - depending on the destination, but in any event not longer than 18 hours.

Protests: manure

Top 8 most bizarre things mailed

In this case, the recipients are usually the powers that be. As a sign of dislike. So, in 2003 the New Zealand farmers sent parliamentarians to send a cow and sheep manure. It was clear to the public outcry in the country entered on the tax gases emitted by farm animals. The situation interrupted trade union of postal workers. They say that such parcels postmen threaten health. The police promised to institute criminal proceedings, if it is proven crime. That was all over. And postmen advised to use gloves.

Suspicious parcel for Christmas in 2017 and received US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Sending not inspire confidence in him and he in any case called the cops. Those came accompanied by sappers. But inside lay a pile of horse manure and Christmas. So a psychologist from Los Angeles Robbie Strong "thanked" the minister of the law on tax reform, which was signed shortly before the US president Donald Trump.