Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

As a rule, old bridges, covered with moss and thrown over the deep gorges and mountain streams are not only the perfect addition to any spectacular scenery, but also excite the imagination of others, drawing incredible stories of their creation. After looking at some of the creations, it seems that participated in its construction not only human hands, but also a higher power. Therefore, before you travel, try to include in your list of visits and the mysterious structures that you certainly will be able to intrigue and surprise.

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

1. Devil's Bridge in the mountains

Rhodope Mountains (Bulgaria)

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

Devil's Bridge over the river in Rhodope Mountains (Bulgaria)

This fabulous bridge was built in the Rhodope Mountains in Southern Bulgaria, in the XVI century, instead of destroying the ancient Roman bridge. Spread it over the rough mountain river at an altitude of 400 meters, a length of 56 m Given its design and the complexity of the landscape, people doubt that its creator has not helped or higher impure forces. (Hence the name - the Devil's Bridge). Naturally, this amazing building has acquired the most incredible stories.

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

The incredible complexity of the design and its wonderful reflection in the water, were the reason for the emergence of mystical legends.

The most fantastic of them tells the story of the young creator of the bridge asked for help in the construction of the devil, and he helped him, but as usual, with certain conditions. So unclean wished that on the bridge has been applied its image, which must be visible and not visible at the same time. A young man came up with an interesting trick to satisfy all the requirements, he carved on the bottom half of the arch of the bridge of the image of the devil, and the second reflecting in the water, and the right picture is only at noon.

2. The bridge on the waterfall Låtefossen (Norway)

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

The bridge leading over the waterfall flows Låtefossen (Norway). | Photo:

Near the Norwegian town of Odda, high in the mountains is the most famous and beautiful double waterfall in Norway - Låtefossen (Låtefossen). Its powerful streams rushing down with a bang, literally dive under the amazing stone bridge, which passes automobile line. Looking at this creation, just amazed how it could build, because the turbulent waters Låtefossen with 165 meters high cascade down every second, and with great speed rushing over the rocks on which it is located.

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

Bridge over Waterfall Låtefossen always enveloped by water spray (Norway).

The rapid flow of water creates a real thick haze of spray coating so the bridge is always wet, even in the sunny weather. And take pictures on it is very difficult because of the clouds of mist, so Novate.Ru experts recommend to take a raincoat, so as not to get wet in a matter of seconds to the skin, making a souvenir photo.

3. Bridge Rakottsbryuke (Germany)

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

One of the most beautiful and mysterious Saxony bridges (Rakottsbryuke, Germany).

Bridge Rakottsbryuke (Rakotzbrücke), which is also called the Devil's Bridge, located in the Saxon lands. Although it was created back in 1860, but until now its design is striking in its accuracy and unreality. Because of its arches reflecting in the water, from any viewpoint form a perfect circle.

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

Many believe bridge Rakottsbryuke portal to other worlds, to help uncover hidden opportunities (Germany). Such a masterpiece could not grow a many legends and traditions, which are still hovering in the neighborhood. Locals vying to recount fantastic stories, ranging from the participation of the devil and ending with the assurance that it is the real portal to other worlds.

4. The Bridge Immortals Mountain Huangshan, Anhui (China) Province

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

The Bridge Immortals Mountain Huangshan is located at an altitude of 1320 meters between the two columnar rocks (China). | Photo:

This extraordinary bridge, located high in the mountains of Huangshan (Huangshan), considered to be the most amazing and unique in the world and is the world's cultural and natural heritage. Although he built recently, but the process of its construction remains the most secretive and disturbing mystery.

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

To bridge the Immortals are dangerous winding trails over a precipice (Huangshan, China).

This is truly a fantastic bridge is located at an altitude of 1320 meters above sea level and connects the 2 short tunnel, which had been hollowed out of the columnar rock. To get to it, you need not only the desire but also the courage and endurance, because will have to overcome a long and dangerous road high in the mountains along the winding stairs and paths, hanging directly over the precipice.

5. Moon bridge in Taipei (Taiwan)

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

Moon bridge, designed in traditional Chinese style in a city park, it has become the main decoration (Dahu Park, Taiwan).

This fabulously beautiful bridge was constructed in traditional Chinese style in park complex Dahu (Dahu Park), established in 1979 in Taiwan's capital, Taipei. Thanks to the arch structure, which connected the shores of picturesque Lake Egret, on the surface of the water has created an incredible world of illusions, especially it looks fabulous in the predawn haze.

6. The bridge Puente Nuevo (Ronda, Spain)

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

Puente Nuevo bridge will connect two parts of the ancient town of Ronda (Spain).

The name of the magnificent Puente Nuevo Bridge (Puente Nuevo) in the translation sounds like "New Bridge", although it was created in the 1759-1793 years. This is truly a grand structure, which connected the two parts of the city of Ronda, it looks more like a fortress, carved out of the rocks, rather than a bridge. Jose Martin Aldehuela - the architect who planned this ambitious project, which is organically entered in the natural landscape and the architecture of the beautiful city.

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

The arches of the central arch of the bridge are powerful legs, leaving a 300 meter gorge depth (Puente Nuevo, Spain).

For those times this was the peak of construction engineering, because the depth of the gorge on which it was erected without any technical means, ranging from 120 to 300 meters. At its creation has gone more than 30 years, but in the end turned out a magnificent three-arch bridge whose height is 98 meters, and the vaults of each arch, stretching back to the depth of the gorge, are the main support structure.

7. The Adolphe Bridge in Luxembourg

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

Adolphe Bridge in Luxembourg.

This elegant arched bridge stretches over the picturesque valley of the river Petrus, in Luxembourg. Its construction began in 1900, and in just three years, 153 meters fabric bridge construction at a height of 42 meters have been put into operation. At that time, he was the longest arch bridge of the world, later becoming an iconic and recognizable site of one of the smallest countries in Europe.

8. Craig Goch dam in Wales (United Kingdom)

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

The most beautiful and high dam UK (Craig Goch, Wales). Craig Goch dam (Craig Goch) is the tallest (317 meters), the construction of all dams in England and has a 2 km long. Is this piece of engineering in the valley between two rivers Elan Kronfa Ddur and Craig Goch that in Wales. Due to its construction, local authorities have killed two birds with one stone: organized a huge reservoir, thereby to provide water to the residents of Birmingham, and an opportunity to quickly and safely move from one bank to another river.

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

A view of the dam from the Allan Valley (Craig Goch, United Kingdom).

Moreover, it has become the main attraction of the country as an architectural structure, as for its construction have chosen almost black rock stone, which merged harmoniously with the surrounding landscape and fantastic contrast to the foam water flows.

9. Bastaysky bridge in Saxon Switzerland (Germany)

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

Bastaysky bridge - a historic landmark and an architectural monument of Saxony (Germany).

Bastaysky Bridge (Basteibrücke) for more than 100 years, is the main attraction of the national park "Saxon Switzerland", located on the right bank of the river Elbe in eastern Germany.

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

From the observation deck offers a great view of the whole of Saxony (Germany).

Initially, in 1824, he was elevated from a tree, but later (in 1851) was replaced by sandstone structure. Its length is 76, 5 meters and its arches 7-meter spans 40 Mardertelle valley depth of 195 meters. Due to such a height, with its observation deck offers an unusually scenic view of the unique landscapes of Saxony.

10. Viaduct Glenfinnan (Scotland)

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

The bridge arch construction became the main decoration of the village of Glenfinnan (Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland).

Glenfinnan Viaduct (Glenfinnan Viaduct) unique bridge construction became known to the whole world, not only as an achievement of engineering, but also due to filming it the most famous films. Glenfinnan Viaduct was built in the late XIX century for railway communication and at the time was one of the largest buildings in the world such a purpose. Its concrete structure consists of 21 arches, which reach heights of thirty meters, and length - 380.

Fantastically beautiful arched bridges of the world

Glenfinnan Viaduct has become a favorite place for shooting films (Fragments of the film "Harry Potter.")

Beautiful countryside, the unique landscape itself Glenfinnan viaduct due to tremendous size and elegance of architectural forms have become an ideal platform for shooting films. Perhaps the most recognizable is the construction was among the audience of millions of viewers in the Harry Potter films.

In our world there are such structures, which looked even hard to imagine that they were built by and for people.