How does the travel nurse

• How does the travel nurse

32-year-old Australian travels four times a year, stops at five-star hotels, and all expenses, including airfare, pay for it. Cool, is not it? One would think that Sarah - a businessman, a top manager of a large corporation or a cool blogger, but no. Sarah runs the tourist nanny.

How does the travel nurse

Sarah Kinghorn start babysitting career at 19 years old. Since then, she has visited 20 countries. She spent the spring in France, to celebrate Christmas in Switzerland, a few weeks rest (or rather, worked) in Mauritius. And everywhere she stayed in luxurious hotels or expensive villas. Sarah was the first trip to the ski resort of Aspen, where, by the way, love to ride celebrities such as Elton John and Kim Kardashian. But until now, most indelible impressions on it made a trip to Mexico.

"We stayed in a fabulous mansion, which had nine bedrooms and a gorgeous view of the ocean."

On average, Sarah travels four times a year. All expenses, including flights, accommodation and meals are borne by employers.

"Standard babysitter offer a separate bedroom, but if I have to live with the child, then pay processing."

Sarah receives for his work about $ 35 per hour. However, it can sometimes work 24 hours a day, six days a week.

"In my spare time I do what I want. I can go out and explore the sights or simply stay in and take advantage of its services. " Of course, the opportunity to travel - that's fine, but in such work, there are certain difficulties, in contrast to the usual babysitting. First, Sarah should monitor their children during long flights, and sometimes they are very picky. In addition, she is responsible for the safety of baggage.

Generally, travel nurse - it is not uncommon. Even when the family is going to rest for grandparents, parents use the services of babysitter (just in this case, the nurse more free time). According site, one in three Australian family hired a nanny for the trip.

"We are seeing a growing desire to have the support of families in travel, both domestically and abroad. This assistance to parents in the road, and the free time in the journey. Some of the duties of nurses related to the organization of leisure activities for children. One of the nurses in our database even was responsible for planning the celebration of the birth of the child in two different cities, because their parents were not exactly sure where they want to go, "- says Daria Yelchich, founder of The Nanny Collective.

"Many families need the nanny 24 hours 6 days a week, and sometimes more. She works long hours and sometimes do not even know what awaits her next destination. And all this time she was responsible for the child. "