What is the oldest globe in the world

• What is the oldest globe in the world

A rare ancient times - the world's oldest globe dates from the year 1492

What is the oldest globe in the world

Globes have long been used as a visual image of our planet. They are considered an integral part of any geography lesson or in many cases, highly prized accessory training rooms and children's bedrooms.

Regardless of whether they were labeled as scientific, historical or decorative globes began to progress our human civilization since their invention.

What is the oldest globe in the world

Martin Behaim with his Erdaffelem

Preserved early versions globes that seem strange, but charming, the oldest extant, known as "Erdaffel".

What is the oldest globe in the world

The projection Erdaffelya, 1492.

Erdaffel - attractive artefact that has beauty, but not stand up to criticism from the point of view of modern science.

Creating Erdaffelya dates back to 1492 year. Its inventor was a polymath Martin Behan - a popular German geographer, explorer, merchant and philosopher, who was also in the service of the king of Portugal.

After Behan completed his journey by visiting Portugal and the west coast of Africa, he returned to his hometown of Nuremberg.

What is the oldest globe in the world

Behaim "s Erdapfel

Between 1491 and 1493 years, in collaboration with the painter Georg Albrecht Glokendonom he created the Globe, who called Erdaffelem.

As reported, the project embodied the idea of ​​the world, which was previously assumed Pope Sixtus IV in 1475. Martin Behaim perfected the idea of ​​the pope, improving the meridians and the equatorial line.

What is the oldest globe in the world

"Erdaffel" Martin Behaim - the oldest surviving globes. North and South America are not yet included. 1491-1493. German National Museum, Nuremberg.

Erdaffel consists of two thin halves connected around a wooden frame. The halves are made of nonwoven strips wrapped around the ball clay.

Although Behan is considered the father of this outstanding project, he had many assistants.

Hundreds great detail miniature globe is coated with the image flags, holy, rulers, a variety of animals, as well as boats and imaginary creatures.

What is the oldest globe in the world

Martin Behaim, the eastern hemisphere of the globe, made in Nuremberg in 1492. Illustration from the book Friedrich Vilhema Gillani 1853, "Geschichte des Seefahrers Ritter Martin Behaim".

Erdaffel had a number of geographical errors, such as an image of West Africa, the situation of the archipelago of Cape Verde, as well as many non-existent islands, which were invented for ideological purposes of the medieval Christian world.

What is the oldest globe in the world

Globe ( "Erdaffel") in the Mercato.

Moreover, in many places, the error is up to 16 degrees, and on modern maps scarcely more than 1 degree. The reason for this was the lack of accurate data on longitude.

Erdaffelya feature - it was created on the eve of the "discovery" of America by Christopher Columbus.

What is the oldest globe in the world

Globe Behaima - Erdaffel

Behan handed the globe to the city council of Nuremberg, who held it until the 16th century. Globe was returned to the family of Martin Behaim, who kept it until the 19th century.

Until recently, the Globe was kept at the German National Museum in Nuremberg, the heart of the German Renaissance, on the same floor with the gallery Albrecht Dürer. Currently, he moved to Vienna in the framework of the project Behaim Digital Globe.

Despite the mistakes, Erdapfel - a very considerable amount of work in 1492, which contributed to the development of science.