Time management in the system of Peter Bregman

• Time management of Peter Bregman system

Surely you happened that you are included on the computer begins to respond to the letter, then looked into the social network ... and have passed two hours of work - no end, and much time is gone, it is not clear. time management experts offer many different time management options, and one of the most elegant designed American Peter Bregman. His system is simple and takes only 18 minutes a day.

Time management in the system of Peter Bregman

1. First step (5 minutes)

Plan your day. Before you turn on your computer, sit down and make a plan of what you need to get done today. What matters are important and which can be left for later? Of course, you can add to the list and that does not apply to the work, the system is easy to customize yourself. Bring everything you need in the calendar, and if there is no more room, change priorities. Now just do not want to lose two o'clock!

2. Second step (1 minute)

More precisely, eight times in minutes (or as much as you see fit, taking into account the order of the day). Put a timer on your phone or computer, so that it squeaked every hour. As soon as you hear, distracted from the affairs, take a deep breath and ask yourself, how did this hour. Think about what you need to keep up with the next. Manage your time hour by hour, do not let it control you.

This, of course, does not mean that all the 59 minutes you have, without a break, to make the world better! Breaks, meals, travel, walking - lead a normal life. But do not forget to think about how time passes.

3. Third step (5 minutes)

Turn off the gadgets and evaluate their day: it was possible that not what is left for tomorrow. This little ritual of its good predictability. You every day to stop and think about what you devote life. So, you learn to focus on the important and getting more out of life!