The development of the BMW «sevens» legendary series

• The development of the BMW "sevens" the legendary series of

The BMW seventh series - a Bavarian company's flagship sedan, which has found its special place in the market. Let the famous "seven" could not become as popular as the Mercedes S-Class, she could still win the driver's love. One of the most important features of the model range has always been that the Bavarians are equally cared for and about the driver and passenger. Let's look at the most notable models.

The development of the BMW «sevens» legendary series

1. BMW E3

The development of the BMW «sevens» legendary series

How it all began. | Photo:

The first attempts to create a representation sedan "Bavarians" have made even after the Second World War. True, at first they were not very successful. Changed is the famous BMW E3. The machine is designed in just 3 years. On the assembly line model lasted from 1968 to 1977. It completed with several kinds of engines.

2. BMW E23

The development of the BMW «sevens» legendary series

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The beginning of the evolution of "sevens" design. The first car came to light in 1977. The most important point is that the car has received a solid package of useful gadgets and accessories. These include ABS, PC with a scanner malfunction, and climate control. After some time, also added airbag in a car.

Design patterns also vary slightly in subsequent years. Moreover, the car was a wide range of engines in volume from 2.5 to 3.4 liters.

3. BMW E32

The development of the BMW «sevens» legendary series

The popular model. | Photo:

The second generation of "sevens" was signified significant external changes. Design came up with the times. In the car there were even integrated bumper. A set of accessories and gadgets useful also continued to grow. It appeared traction control, and Xenon headlights. I had the opportunity to install a fridge and bar, as well as many others on the customer's request. Palette six-cylinder engine model supplemented 8 and 12-kami-kami. Machines with the latest advanced easily recognizable by "nostrils" BMW.

4. BMW E38

The development of the BMW «sevens» legendary series

The last classic car. | Photo:

This car was released in 1994. Many motorists believe it is the last E38 "canonical" model "seven". The car came out successful design, which even today attracts a large number of people. In 1998, the car has gone through yet another restyling, which updated the body in accordance with the latest trends.

By the way, this generation of "sevens" in the car began to equip turbodiesel engines. The variety of the other motors (especially the "eights") has also grown.

5. BMW E65-68

The development of the BMW «sevens» legendary series

Strange design. | Photo:

The design of the "Group of Seven" a stone was thrown even just lazy. However, this does not rejects the fact that the whole car came out very successful. It proves the fact that many design and technical solutions implemented in this car, used by BMW today. However, "swim" muzzle looks as awful.

6. BMW F01-04

The development of the BMW «sevens» legendary series

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Apotheosis filling "Seven" useful (and not) features. Most importantly, what is remarkable is the generation, so the fact that this is where it happened the return of petrol turbo engine, which in the line of cars not seen since the E23. We showed the car in 2008. One of the most interesting features was the introduction of the integral steering with podrulivam enviable axis. No less interesting to look radar cruise control and night vision system.

7. BMW G11-12

What a handsome man. |Foto:

The first machine "Bavarians", which uses CLAR platform. And yet this is the first "seven", which is available with a 2-liter V4 engine. Start on the market of this model took place in 2015. The current model of the series will definitely be remembered for a long time, let some motorists and criticized the car for a low-key design evolution.