Is it dangerous to glow screens phones and tablets

• Is it dangerous to glow phones and tablet screens

Remember how in the school physics class studying different waves and their impact on the environment? At various times became a source of evil radios, microwave ovens, mobile phones ... It is fashionable to sound the alarm about the blue glow of the screens of phones and tablets. Is it worth it? Let's understand!

Is it dangerous to glow screens phones and tablets

Many people are literally glued to gadgets and spend a lot of time with them. It encourages scientists to invest money, time and resources in learning how gadzhetomaniya affects the body and the brain.

Alas, the results of research - not in our favor. It was found that blue light has a negative impact on sleep, vision and memory, and very fresh discovery: it can age the skin.

What is the blue light?

As you probably remember, there is a spectrum of waves of different lengths. On the one hand - high frequency ultraviolet light, on the other - the low-frequency infrared. Blue light also refers to this spectrum.

We are constantly surrounded by them. The sun radiates it and thus regulates the sleep cycle. Smartphones, computers and TV screens emit it too, but in this case no benefit from it.

if it spoils the skin?

Let's start with the fact that this issue is still not fully understood, but scientists continue to study. But if your skin is prone to pigmentation, blue light can cause it or worsen the existing situation. One example - a condition called melasma, which are subject mainly women and is caused by a combination of hormones and stay in the zone of action of ultraviolet rays. In recent years, it was found out that blue light can cause melasma and complicate the process of getting rid of it. In addition, the blue rays penetrate the skin more deeply ultraviolet, and this is not good. Scientists can not predict what specific effect of blue light will have on each person, and now it belongs to those impacts that are difficult to avoid, but their effect may be cumulative.

In this way a reasonable protection against blue light may be an analogue of the paid insurance: you do not know, need it or not, but it might come in handy eventually.

But clinics and beauty salons sell medicinal lamp blue light!

They use a light of a different wavelength, it has a therapeutic effect in contrast to light screens. It stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, it helps to fight acne and other inflammation.

How to protect yourself from harm of blue light?

On the street, you can use sunscreen: many of them are protected from other light waves of the visible spectrum. Furthermore, a balanced diet is important and products with antioxidants with fatty acids. It should pick up the cream and serum with protection. Finally, you can put on smartphone filter blue light.

However, panic ahead of time is not necessary: ​​it is possible in a couple of years, the blue light will be rehabilitated or there is a good reason for concern.