Men who are not worth wasting time

Stay away from these men, and no one gets hurt.

Men who are not worth wasting time

My men may be the more experience. Possibility of online dating has opened for women a totally different world, where they can meet absolutely any man, including a lot of guys with whom they would never have crossed into real life.

Taking into account all these features, the best thing we can advise women - under any circumstances save time on the pursuit of men, that you just do not fit.

To avoid this, you need to know what signs indicate that any relationship with this particular man is guaranteed to nothing lead, and may even be toxic to you.

If your goal - to get to know a good man, build healthy relationships, get married and have children, that is, the guys, which is not permissible to spend their time.

With this in mind, and when faced with one of these three types of men, consider all the signs pointing to the toxicity of your relationship.

Immature males

Intrigue is that such men are usually pretty charismatic. They are funny and often very pretty.

The problem is that they like to live day by day and they do not tolerate pressure on myself. They are guided by the principle of "wait and see". In other words, they do not build any plans for the future.

These men spend time female. They always have excuses for his behavior, and they are always so close and distant at the same time. If a guy seems too good or too charming to be true, then most likely it is. A lack of planning for the future - it is a sign that the relationship with them will not lead to anything serious.


Of course, it would be desirable that the man was a hard-working, but sometimes he is so focused on their careers and making money, that any serious relationship just did not fit into his worldview.

Such a conclusion can be made about a person if he is constantly busy, except when he calls you or writes for the night pleasures.

There are many very busy with his career men. They have very little free time, but they find it, if you are really interested in a woman.

The problem is that climbers simply do not understand how all this matter until it's too late. And perhaps the saddest thing is that even the decision and married, they often do not find time even for their own children, and that no one brings joy.


Of course, the person will not be called so without cause.

Women are constantly told that they never will meet with a playboy. But, sadly, in real life, everything happens differently.

The reason is that the playboys never say that they are playboys. They are experts in what the woman wants to hear. However, if you listen carefully, you will be able to grasp the general trend in the conversation with these guys. They have no plans for you, and there are no plans for the future. And that's all good news for you, because now you know what to look for.

If you want to be close to a worthy man, the main thing - listen to what he says.

You will learn that a man ready for a serious healthy relationship with you, if you walk into his plans for the future.

For example, he says something like: "I want to see you on Friday. Maybe, we go to the sushi restaurant of hours to eight. What do you think?"

Or he suddenly said: "I earn money to start a family and children," or "I'm going to get married and have children in the next three years."

So it will only talk matured man.

An immature man can become a big problem for women, because they are always very good. Maybe they are good in pastels, but they do not have any plans for the future.

Careerists may seem too good catch, because they are trying to make money, but they often lack the spirit of a serious relationship or marriage. They like to treat as a game of dating and women for them - for the purpose of conquest.

With Playboy women are often associated by chance. Relationships with them can begin with a random night spent together after the party.

That's okay, we all sometimes need to have fun.

But if you really want the best (and who does not?), With the men of these three types do not have to start a relationship, you're just wasting your time.