7 mysteriously disappeared ships

Everyone has heard the legend of the "Flying Dutchman", which sailors feared like the plague. On maritime legends ghost ships, or phantom foreshadowed trouble. There are many stories about the missing ships and crew. Most of them are just fiction, but some seem plausible and is still shrouded in mystery.

1. "Mary Celeste"

7 mysteriously disappeared ships

Maria Celeste.

The second most popular after the ghost ship "Flying Dutchman" is considered to be a sailboat "Mary Celeste". But unlike the "Dutchman", "Celeste" - is really existing ship. From the very first sailing sailboat pursued a series of setbacks: during the flight the captain was killed, the ship was sinking several stranded and lost weight. Brigantine several times changed names and owners, but all in vain - the ship seemed to be cursed.

In 1872, a sailboat off in the next voyage from America to Europe. A month later, "Mary Celeste" we found floating aimlessly toward the Strait of Gibraltar. The vessel was without any damage to the load remained intact. That is only on board was not a single soul - all members of the crew and several dozen passengers disappeared. Their mysterious disappearance still remains a mystery.

2. "Carol A. Deering"

7 mysteriously disappeared ships

Carol A. Deering.

No less mysterious is the story of the disappearance of the crew of the schooner pyatimachtovoy "Carol A. Deering." The ship was built in 1919 by "J. J.. Deering. " The owner of the company called the sailboat after his son. Giant cargo schooner successfully went to swim for two years, but in 1921 off the coast of North Carolina found the ship without a crew. About "Carol A. Deering," wrote a lot of papers, several investigations have been conducted, but all in vain. Someone thinks that the sailboat crew kidnapped by pirates, and someone thinks that the blame for the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in which the schooner came shortly before.

3. "Copenhagen"

7 mysteriously disappeared ships


"Copenhagen" was one of the most modern and large sailing ships of its time. Pyatimachtovy barque built at the Danish shipyard in 1921. the hull was made of stainless steel, and on board there were electric winches to raise the sails and the latest navigation equipment. "Copenhagen" was a training vessel, which flies regularly and regattas. Surprisingly, however, December 21, 1928 communication with the ship was lost.

Danish barque last night came on the radio and then disappeared without a trace along with 61 crew members, among whom were students of the Naval Academy. In search of the ship sent several expeditions, but all to no avail. The official conclusion of the investigation indicated that the ship was killed in an irresistible sea elements.

4. The schooner "Jenny"

7 mysteriously disappeared ships

The schooner Jenny.

In 1822, a new schooner "Jenny" left the port on the Isle of Wight as a part of the Antarctic regatta. A year later, the regatta has reached the Drake Passage, where the sailboat disappeared. Long seventeen years the ship had been missing. Everyone thought that "Jenny" crashed in a strait, which is known for severe storms.

However, in 1840 off the coast of the Antarctic whaling ship found the sailboat, which, apparently, the wind blew in the direction of the icy continent, where he was stuck in the ice. All the bodies of the crew members and seven passengers are well preserved at low temperatures. In Chert-poberi.ru found that the last entry in the log reads: "May 4, 1823: No food is already 71 days. Besides me there alive. " It left the captain, who was found frozen with pen in hand.

5. "Jian Seng"

7 mysteriously disappeared ships

Jian Seng.

Ghost ships were not only in the past. In 2006, the Coast Guard near Australia found drifting vessel. It appeared to be 80-meter tanker. On board there was no crew, no cargo or even the documents confirming the ownership and home port. It also remains a mystery, when the ship was built and how long it is drifting without a team. There is no reason to assume that the tanker was smuggling or poaching. Despite the fact that the name of the ship was painted over, using his expertise was able to find out - "Jian Seng". Perhaps the tanker crew and all the documents were stolen by pirates, at least, is not other explanation.

6. "Orang Medan"

7 mysteriously disappeared ships

Orang Medan.

The Dutch merchant ship "Orang Medan" was a "ghost" in 1947. Two ships in the Malacca Strait got an SOS signal from him. According to statements of the radio operators signal was transmitted member of the crew, which was something very scared. His last words were that all on board are dead, and he was alone on the ship. After that relationship ended. A few days later, "Orang Medan" was found drifting off the coast of the Indian in the area.

All crew members were dead, all of the body frozen in strange poses, as though from something defensively. And no injuries or damage were found. It is still a mystery the true cause of the death of seafarers. According to some statements made by the ship it was carrying sulfuric acid, which was not packed properly. Probably, the crew died due to the toxic fumes of sulfur.

7. "Baychimo"

7 mysteriously disappeared ships

Baychimo. Merchant ship "Baychimo" was built in 1911 in Sweden by the order of the German company. After the First World War, the ship moved to the UK and the following fourteen years used to transport furs. During the last voyage in 1931, the weather deteriorated sharply, and the ship is stuck in ice off the coast of Alaska. Nevertheless, a week later cleared up and "Baychimo" again to continue the path, but after a couple of weeks again been trapped in the ice. The crew had to abandon ship, and a month to live on the shores of Alaska, waiting until they are found. Fortunately, the rescuers arrived, they took the sailors and valuable cargo, but the ship and so left to drift in the ice.

But the story "Baychimo" has not ended. Later the ship several times seen drifting off the coast of Canada and the Arctic. Due to the poor condition of the body no one dared to come on board the ghost ship, because at any moment it could sink. Last time "Baychimo" seen in 1969. At that time, the frozen vessel became part of the ice massif. Subsequently, the Alaska government made several attempts to find the ship, but it was all in vain.