Russian has told about the things that infuriated her in Spain

Ania Lockey is a video blog on YouTube, which tells the story of a warm and sunny Spain. Girl with her husband for 12 years, lives in a European country, and periodically share with subscribers the experience of living abroad. In one of the videos shared Anna, what she has not been able to get used to for so many years in Spain.

Russian has told about the things that infuriated her in Spain

Summer heat

The main and the main problem for Anna remains hot. "With a clear conscience I can say that in the south of Spain in the summer heat is simply unimaginable. And it is quite frustrating. That is, if the heat to 28-33 degrees Celsius - hot, warm, good, good, the heat in the sun and 41-46 degrees to 50 degrees - it is very unpleasant.

In fact, summer is the impression that we all soon will burn that end of the world just around the corner, and this is no exaggeration. At night we slept very little. For example, I have exhausted, because I just 3-4 hours sleep at night. Unable to play sports, your body is constantly in a state if you have a high fever.

You can not eat normally, because you want something cool. Cooking is also impossible. You're very sweat, pores become clogged. For many, there are many problems with acne and so on, because the pores are constantly polluted. I take a shower in the summer to 6 times a day, and even at night I specifically get up to go to the shower. It is very dry skin. In general, in all aspects of life such heat brings a very great deal of discomfort. "

In the winter is very cold

What an unpleasant surprise Russian woman, so it is what winter in Spain: "But it's cold outside, and indoors. Spanish winter really like warm. That is, the street is not very cold, but we used to go to down jackets and hats, even in the south of Spain. But in the house of a terrible cold. That's serious! I go to the house in winter uggah, dressed only in a closet when sent over vetrodue - the only way I can change, otherwise it is simply unrealistic.

Well, you will wonder normal question: Is it so difficult to turn the air conditioner? Then cool in the summer will be, and warm in winter. Heavy. Because there is a third less in Spain. "

It is very expensive electricity

"People who have a normal salary, about 900-1200 euros per month (from 63 to 85 thousand rubles), can not afford to live with permanently switched on air conditioning. Monthly bill for the always-on conditioner can be more than 200 euros (14 thousand rubles). But many visitors are paying more for rent and apartments, and it is 500-600 euros per month (35-42 thousand), plus gas, plus the Internet. It obtained the golden mountains. Therefore, almost all are trying to save much on electricity. "

Russian has told about the things that infuriated her in Spain

Ania Lockey


But it is quite surprising fact about Spain by Ania Lockey: "Perhaps you did not expect to hear about this red. In Spain, there is a hefty cockroaches. In Russia there are none, I do not see. And worst of all, they fly. And fly to your house. These cockroaches are usually in the spring and summer. Living on the street, terribly greasy, terribly dirty, they carry all sorts of germs and disease.

If they did not fly and crawl, it would be a lot less scary. But as they fly and can jump anywhere - on you or on the bed, it's disgusting. "

And about insects

"And this minus you, too, will likely be surprised. The fact that in Spain there is a big problem with lice. In Russia, I have never in my life did not have lice. Even at school. And if I heard that some baby lice, it almost did not cut nalyso, and it was so horrible. In Spain, children, lice - this is perfectly normal. Here lice outbreaks are 5-7 times a year. All the people who have children, usually cling lice. I have 25 years did not have lice ever. But here, in Spain, they brought my daughter home from school. I was faced with the world of lice and realized that it is perfectly normal in Spain. Here in pharmacies sold lots and lots of products from these insects - and for the treatment and prevention. Such is the Spanish horror film. "

Russian has told about the things that infuriated her in Spain


"Poor quality of internet. Even those who supermegaklassny internet is quite expensive and in comparison with Russia is very, very slow. "


"I Zadolbali Spanish holidays. In Spain there are national holidays, there are local holidays, there is a strike. There are such things which in Russian means "bridge". That is, for example, if you had some kind of a public holiday and then two days later a local holiday, it is usually in schools and government offices make this a "bridge" - that is, instead of one day holiday there are three or four.

In fact, if I worked for the state, I would be terribly glad that I have so many days off, but since we are visiting, we are very annoying. Because as soon as we need to stick their noses in some civil service, bank or go to the library - all these institutions will be closed. "

Russian has told about the things that infuriated her in Spain


"In Spain, a good medicine, if you die straight. If you are seriously ill, here you will have a first-class care, it will all be free and of the highest quality.

But if you have a normal cough, colds, some dermatitis, allergies or something like that - all these diseases in Spain are regarded as some kind of garbage. You come to the hospital, and you say: "Ah, well, it's cold. Paracetamol". Here, everywhere and all are treated with paracetamol and ibuprofen. Nika disease prevention, no delivery of analyzes, well, anything else that comes to support health and small sores - a complete pipets. As the ambulance. "

Russian has told about the things that infuriated her in Spain


"On Sundays everything is closed. You have no idea how it really is inconvenient. And it's pointless. All people on Sunday rest, and everyone wants to spend the money to its output. It's just very stupid.

Earlier still had discounts 2 times a year - in summer and winter. Now stores can make the sale, when they want. And this is very good. But all the same on Sunday, everything is closed. "


"For some, this may be less controversial, but it is important to me.

The fact that Spain is not the kind of friendship, as in Russia. Here, such a culture - every man for himself. Naturally, there are friends and companies with whom you communicate, have good people open, but there's this notion of friendship that you always help out, rejoice with you, listen, help. Friendship is often short. It's like a friendship at the university - together to hang out, then you are emailing once a year.

This friendship is not the same as in Russia. Just have a good attitude towards each other, that's all. But otherwise it all goes according to the principle of "none of my business. '"