Sbiten: drink our ancestors

You want to impress your guests at the New Year? Prepare this forgotten drink of our ancestors, who previously cooked in every home. Hot, sweet, warming, fragrant ... Especially because to cook it is not difficult ...

Sbiten: drink our ancestors Sbiten: drink our ancestors

For a long time now undeservedly forgotten sbiten was in Russia a national favorite winter drink and, of course, the traditional drink for Christmas.

Sbiten: drink our ancestors

It was first mentioned in chronicles in 1128, only called there to digest, stewed fruit. Later this drink became known sbiten. Perhaps due to the fact that for its preparation was mixed (knocked down) the contents of two containers.

Slavic tea predecessor

Sbiten: drink our ancestors

For a long time in Russia, well they do without tea, did not even know about it. And instead of tea drinking gorgeous, very useful drink - sbiten, which is good at any time of the year. Cold winter hot sbiten helped warm, rescued from colds and other ailments.

Sbiten: drink our ancestors

In summer, chilled, perfectly quenches thirst, not yielding to the traditional kvass.

Sbiten: drink our ancestors

Classic sbiten prepared on the basis of three components - honey, water and seasonings (sage, ginger, bay leaves, capsicum pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, peppermint, clove - in different combinations). To enhance the flavor, as well as prophylactic and therapeutic purposes, added to the drink still and herbs.

Sbiten: drink our ancestors

Sbiten could be a simple (non-alcoholic), or custard. For the custard was brought down at the beginning of honey mash prepared with different spices. As a result, a short fermentation process receives a low-alcohol sbiten.

Here is one, however, is not very distinct, ancient recipe hop was brought down from the culinary section "patriarchal despotism":

Sbiten: drink our ancestors

In the XIX century on the city streets, fairs and markets, it could often be found street vendors selling sbiten. they are usually traded only soft sbiten.

Sbiten: drink our ancestors

Sbitenschik can be easily recognized by their typical vestments - belt as a bandolier were tied special cups with twisted edges for hot drinks in their hands they held a special copper kettle.

Sbiten: drink our ancestors

Inside this teapot was roaster-pipe with hot coals, which did not give the contents of the kettle to cool down. In this pipe Sbitenschik occasionally slipped coals from a special bag that hung from his belt. On the shoulder of the trader also wore a bunch of bagels.

Sbiten: drink our ancestors

Sbitenschik with jokes and rhymes extolled their goods, some even in verse:

Ai da sbiten, sbitenek!

Eat girls, boy, eat and drink, do not spare money.

Sbiten sweet honey, honey Come lining!

And how will a boil, everyone will praise Him

The cold weather did not rebound from customers, it is very well warmed by a drink.

Sbiten: drink our ancestors

On the busiest places for trade sbiten established special "Sbiten smoking", in which you can slowly enjoy the wonderful drink.

Sbiten: drink our ancestors

Or drink bottled chilled citizens of a large copper samovar standing right on the window sill.

Visiting foreigners with more enthusiastic about the hot Sbitnev, they called it "Russian mulled wine."

Chinese tea instead brought down

Once in Russia were imported Chinese tea, brought down began to drink less and less.

In addition, because of the total deforestation began to decline beekeeping, honey fewer. And already, no one recalled after the revolution brought down on - not before it.

Yet at the end of the last century in some places we tried to revive sbiten, tracked down old recipes. If you want to try this wonderful drink, go to Vladimir and Suzdal.

Here you can not only taste the real sbiten, but also enjoy the beauty of these ancient cities.

Sbiten: drink our ancestors

Finally - a couple of recipes Suzdal brought down:

Cbiten Suzdal soft (for 4)

Water 1 liter

4 tablespoons honey

Cinnamon 15g

15 Cloves g

Cardamom 15 g

Ginger 15 g

Bay leaf 15 g

Take boiled water and add the honey. The mixture was brought to boiling and boil for 20 minutes, then add spices and boil for another 5 minutes. Drink drain and pour into cups.

Sbiten Suzdal fruit and berry

water - 1 liter

Honey - 100 g

rose hips (dry) - 2 tbsp. l. and fruits rowan - 1 tsp..

berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries ...) Dried - 1 tbsp. l.

cinnamon - 1 stick

Cardamom - 10 capsules

star anise - 1/2 stars

Carnation - 4-5 buds

Optionally, you can also add raisins, dates, apricots.

To prepare spices: cardamom reveal boxes, crushed cinnamon and star anise. In boiling water folded spices, berries, dried and boil for 10-15 minutes under cover at a low heat for storing fragrances. Slightly chilled drink drain and add the honey.