The most popular ski resorts in Russia

The most popular ski resorts in Russia

What the Russian resorts can compete with the Alps and where to find the ideal route lovers freeride

Lovers of winter extreme skiing and more often prefer to rest at home. During the New Year holidays in 2018 Russian ski resorts visited by about 1, 3 million tourists, and "Turstat" according to the analytical agency, annual growth in the number of winter sports fans in Russia is more than 15%. The more they are attracted by Russia's track?

The most popular ski resorts in Russia

Year-round resort "Rosa Khutor"

Ski resort "Rosa Khutor" - is 102 kilometers of trails of various levels of difficulty, 29 lifts and the largest area of ​​alpine skiing in Russia. The capacity of the lifts is large, but at peak times the number of those wishing to ride seriously increases. Hotels are located along the waterfront Mzymty, and apres-ski offers many solutions: parties, concerts, workshops and excursions.

The resort continues to progress, and for the new season in 2019 plans to launch another line of new generation of ropeways D-Line, the construction of which took up the Austrian company Doppelmayr.


- a range of hotels;

- developed entertainment infrastructure;

- excellent conditions for winter sports professionals;

- European level of service.


- the queue for the lift in the high season.

The cost of ski pass: 1750 - 3000 rubles per day.

The most popular ski resorts in Russia

Ski resorts "Laura" and "Alpika"

Ski resorts "Laura" and "Alpika" in the mining and tourist center of "Gazprom" is considered one of the best equipped resorts in the country and the level of service here is close to the European one. They are located near the "Krasnaya Polyana". Resorts perfectly complement each other, in addition to them it is a single ski pass. Ski season lasts from December to mid-March. At the foot of the resorts located center "Galaxy", which has everything for a family vacation: ice rink, bowling alley, water park, movie theater, and next to it - a park of evergreen plants. Benefits:

- there are rarely queues on the rise, as each lift "Laura" gives a certain height direct, and the "Alpika" ride mostly professionals;

- there is night skiing;

- a single ski pass for two skiing areas;

- between the resorts shuttle runs several times a day.


- on the "Laura" no special zones for lovers of freeriding

The cost of ski pass: from 1,200 rubles a day.

The most popular ski resorts in Russia


The main feature of the resort is the nature of Dombay. Clean fresh air, the temperature rarely drops below 5 ° C, fir forests, rushing rivers, and submits the beauty of the mountain scenery. Ski season lasts long enough - from December to May - but the queue for the cable car is a common phenomenon.

The resort is equipped with five bursts chair lifts, allowing up to a height of 3168 meters above sea level, and 10 trails of varying degrees of slope, speed and complexity. Thrill can try friraydnye descents and heli-skiing.


- the development of hotel infrastructure is a different price category;

- many affordable restaurants and cafes;

- compact resort - no matter where you left off, the cable car is within walking distance.


- there is no single ski pass, as the lifts are owned by different owners;

- the absence of a direct route to Dombai. From Mineralnye Vody Airport to the resort can be reached by taxi or by public transport, but the road will take at least three hours.

The cost of ski pass: 1700 rubles per day on a new set of cable cars.

The most popular ski resorts in Russia

Ski "Holdomi"

The resort is located 40 kilometers from the Komsomolsk-on-Amur, 5, 5 km from the village Sunny. The usual duration of the season - five months, but snow years you can ride all eight: from October to May. Since Harabov famous severe winters (from -25 ° C and below), the season 2018/19 power promised to build the first Russian ski lift heated.


- for hotel guests GLA "Holdomi" free lift every day of the week;

- Ski season begins in October.


- a few restaurants and shops, not developed apres-ski.

The cost of ski pass: from 1100 rubles a day.

The most popular ski resorts in Russia

"Manzherok" Four Seasons Resort

The resort is located on the famous Manzherskogo lake at the foot of the Altai cyanosis. Four Seasons Resort "Manzherok" - is a hotel complex consisting of six mini-hotels that are in close proximity to the chairlift. Look at the beauty of the Altai from the top of the mountain you can Sinyuha, rising on the longest ropeway in Siberia, whose length - 2389 meters.

In the ski complex has a sauna, attractions for children, a skating rink, and on the lower and upper lift station organized fast food outlets.


- discounts on ski passes for those living in the hotel complex;

- an opportunity to see one of the most beautiful places in Russia.


- inaccessibility. From Gorno-Altaisk to Manzherka can be reached by bus or taxi. The resort is located near the federal highway M-52 ( "Chuiski"), on the way from Novosibirsk which takes about six hours.

The cost of ski pass: from 900 rubles per day.

The most popular ski resorts in Russia


Dynamically developing Russian ski resort with many hotels and hotels. Elbrus is situated in Kabardino-Balkaria, 150 km from Nalchik and 200 km from Mineral Waters, and became a popular skiing and leisure due to the peculiarities of mountain relief and interesting routes. The ski season at the resort Elbrus lasts from October to late May. Benefits:

- high areas on Elbrus you can go a whole year;

- relatively low-cost housing and the flight.


- a strong possibility of avalanches and landslides;

- insufficient amount runs short and their level of training;

- the resort is far from the airports and train stations.

The cost of ski pass: from 1900 rubles a day.

The most popular ski resorts in Russia


Trails Sheregesh considered the best in Western Siberia and successfully compete with the major ski resorts in the country. Sheregesh have really a lot of advantages: interesting challenging slopes, avalanche danger is low, a long season, a lot of snow, no queues at the lifts, and the infrastructure is constantly improving. But most of all Sheregesh appreciated for soft snow and adrenaline ride on the virgin snow in the trees - that's where the freedom for those who crave extreme.


- the resort more than 50 hotels and guest houses of different levels;

- developed infrastructure.


- there is no single ski pass;

- does not provide night skiing;

- difficult to get to the slopes of the nearby towns (only a taxi).

The cost of ski pass: 1200 rubles per day.