Rules of life of musician Lenny Kravitz

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Rules of life of musician Lenny Kravitz

So far, I feel in high school, when I write. Age does not bother me, I think I'm getting only younger.

Age - it's just a figure that does not mean anything. I can get tired of twenty years "old." And just as I can find a man on the ninth decade, which will radiate life and health. So it's all about who you are. All the matter in the spirit.

I remember when talking with his grandfather, when the latter has already exceeded ninety. He used to say: "I'm still learning to live, I still have a lot to." He was a wise man, because I knew that you have to learn to live up to his last breath.

Each of us has a gift, and we must use it.

I left home at fifteen to start your journey and make music. Because of this, I became who I am now. If my father was with me mildly, this would not have happened.

I do not think he took seriously was my desire to become a musician. I really do not know what I was supposed to be, in his opinion. When I write new songs, I do not listen to much music, I have to create my own. But there is one album that I listened to every morning while working on the last plate - is A Love Supreme by John Coltrane. He reassured me.

I'm not one of those who were forced to write himself. I know musicians who have a schedule: they are working, say, six hours, then take a break for lunch, work a few hours in the evening for dinner. I have everything else. I'm waiting for the moment when I start to hear the music. It comes from somewhere inside. I'm trying to capture something sincere and pure.

This is a real grace when what you wrote, it is a classic and is woven into the lives of others.

I've never attached importance to race issues. My father was a white and a black mother. Until I went to school, I did not think about it.

I often hear in a dream song. I lie in bed, I'm tired, but I was warm and comfortable, and in this slumber, I hear music. We have to make myself get up and write it down at least to the recorder. Sometimes I think, if the song is so good, I will remember it in the morning, but there is a chance missed. It is no more. Music itself tells me, when the composition is finished.

Do not think that I live as a hermit in the Bahamas. Yes, I spend much time in the studio or in a trailer on the beach. But I often hang out in the village with the locals. They do not care that I'm Lenny Kravitz. For them, I am a local, Bahamian.

Why do I live in a trailer when working on the record? There are cozy and quiet. Place there a little bit, but I would rather feel the boundaries of their space. It is useful to compress itself to the essentials. Couple T-shirts, two pairs of trousers. I do not need keys, money, I do not wear shoes. It's just life, and it is good.

Life is short. I have lost loved ones - mother, father, grandparents. Many of the artists with whom I was friendly, left, and many - young. For me, the biggest shock was the death of Prince. This event is truly awakened me, and I began to work even harder, to strive even higher.

I have a feeling that I was just gaining momentum. I just started the second half of his life.