Most frightening theory (Part 2)

In this article we will talk about the fear of death, control theory, a Basilisk Roco, about quantum suicide and not only.

Most frightening theory (Part 2)

Basilisk Roko

Basilisk Rocko - this assumption, according to which a certain omnipotent artificial intelligence from the future can retroactively punish anyone who has ever interfered with his appearance or simply assisted him.

This idea is reminiscent of a futuristic version of "Pascal's Wager", the essence of which is that the people should take into account some incomprehensible ideas, or even donate money by weighing the prospect of punishment versus reward.

In addition, according to this hypothesis, the mere knowledge of it already entails the risk of punishment (now you also know about it, or even know who to thank when you begin to torment).

Terror management theory

All that mankind has reached, in addition to basic survival needs, was at all times motivated by the fundamental and insurmountable fear of nothingness. Our self-concept and self-esteem is just a buffer against the fear associated with the understanding that once we cease to exist.

Culture - it's just a common misconception, designed to alleviate our fear of the unknown, and, ultimately, to the death. Thus, we want to put these or other works of art out of time, or to give a special value kinship, or descendants, only in order to project themselves beyond their own death. We feel comfortable in our value systems and structures that are grow, whether the concept of biological kinship, ethnic or political identity, religious belief and so on. D. In particular we are talking about faith in the immutable value of securing the future of humankind through research progress.

Indeed, much of modern western life one way or another devoted to the prevention of death, various euphemisms and phrases on duty in mourning, surrounded by the entire industry, which serves to remove the death of the ordinary course of life, out of the house on the embalming table, or to the crematorium. We create tricks to escape the harsh reality of not seeing her.

In short, all we ever did or will do, motivated by nothing more than as our existential fear in the face of death.

The quantum suicide / Quantum immortality

A man sits in front of the weapon, which is aimed directly at his head. This is no ordinary gun. It is connected to a machine that responds to the rotation quantum particles Each time you press the trigger is measured by the rotation of a quantum particle, or quark. Depending on the measurement result, the gun or shoot or not shoot. If quark rotates counterclockwise, the gun will not fire. a shutter click will be heard. The man nervously inhales air and presses the trigger. Gun clicks. He clicks again. And again - click. The man continues to press the trigger again and again, and the result is the same: the gun will not fire. Although the gun is absolutely OK and charged regardless of how many times a man will pull the trigger, the gun never fired. He can continue this process indefinitely, becoming immortal.

Now back in time to the beginning of the experiment. The man pulls the trigger the first time, and the quark is now rotated clockwise. The gun shoots. The man is dead. But, wait a minute. After all, people have already pulled the trigger the first time, and has an infinite number of times after that, and we already know that the shot was not. How can this man be dead? Man does not know this, but it is both alive and dead.

Every time he pulls the trigger, the universe splits into two parts. It will continue to divide again and again, each time you press the trigger. This thought experiment is called quantum suicide.

The hypothesis of transcendence

This hypothesis suggests that when civilization saturate the local region of space for his intelligence, reach the microscopic technological singularity, they create a black hole and leave our visible, macroscopic world, to continue its exponential growth in the complexity and intelligence. They disappear from the universe, thus explaining the Fermi paradox.

Achievements in the field of astrobiology make this hypothesis is tested. It assumes that the compression of space, time, matter and energy can act as a driving force for accelerating the changes that should result in the cosmic mind to the future beyond the scope of the universe, not for space flight, and the expansion of the existing universe.

The sixth mass extinction of

Currently, we are experiencing what many biologists believe the sixth mass extinction of all time in the world. This is an interesting puzzle game for those beings who come after us. Only in 1800 the total number of the world's population reached one billion people, and it took thousands of years.

Since then, the two hundred-odd years the world population has increased by about 7, 2 billion people. This exponential growth has a very strong and long-lasting negative impact on our planet, and it will be long until we reach its maximum permissible load or do not die out.