What nuts hurt men

• What are the nuts hurt men

What nuts hurt men

The benefits of eating nuts for both women and men can be listed for a long time. Walnuts, cashews, almonds, peanuts, pine, nutmeg, hazelnut, coconut, timber - these and other nut varieties have a large array of properties. For example, peanuts - a storehouse of health for men. According to researches of Russian doctors, this nut has beneficial effects on potency, prevents hair loss, reduces the risk of BPH and diseases of the genitourinary system. Cashew - a natural antioxidant, have a regenerating effect on the hair and nails. Walnuts and hazelnuts have a beneficial effect on the heart and intestines.

But not all so smoothly. In the case of nuts saying "Fight fire with fire" acts contrary. Especially in relation to men. US researchers, nutritionists noted that eating almonds, walnuts in small doses, increases the level of the male hormone in the blood. However, binge eating the same fruit leads to a decrease in androgens.

Many nuts are packed with polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Their overabundance in men leads to a decrease in testosterone levels. Scientists of the American Medical College of Harvard University so explain this fact: in nuts are phytosterols compete with cholesterol. At first glance, this is good. But the fact that, together with cholesterol decreases testosterone levels, which leads to violations of male features. Doctors know that the human body any nut will be harmful if you eat it very much. Beloved almonds, for example, greatly improves the appetite and it also speeds up the heartbeat.

New England Journal of Medicine published a study on the nuts. Calling them useful properties, the magazine writes about the dangers of their overeating. So, cashew - one of the few nuts that contain a lot of saturated fat. Eat it without measure, therefore, greatly increases the level of cholesterol in the body.

Peanuts due to the content in its composition of special substances inhibit the activity of digestive enzymes. This adversely affects the assimilation of food in the intestine.

Both women suffer much more easily than men. For the fairer sex - is primarily a set of excess weight, to which ladies or struggling with diet or accept yourself for what is. For men, it turns into obesity, problems with the digestive tract, and as a consequence - isolation and complaints of potency.

Beloved walnut with unreasonable use can bring to both men and women to a bowel disorder, rash, mouth, head vascular spasms and even improve blood clotting.

Many eaten hazelnuts add to this the effects of the problems with the liver and pancreas. Men are much more developed taste buds than women, so the smell of spices and "stronger sex" picks up faster (in the east it is established empirically). Nutmeg, which is also known as an aromatic spice, men eat more willing, not knowing at the same time, it literally is a threat to life. In medical textbooks are two instances where overeating nutmeg led to death. The reason is, that in itself nutmeg stimulates the appetite and eating it in large quantities leads to intoxication. The composition includes a narcotic substance almond - elimitsin which, entering the human body in large doses, acts as a poison. Scientists warn: no type of nut will not cause harm to the body if you eat a day not more than 100 - 150 grams of this delicacy.