Five mysterious accident on Christmas Eve

We often think that Christmas - a holiday that simply can not happen nothing wrong. Surely the heroes of our selections were also convinced of this. About the most strange and unexplained incidents on Christmas Eve read in our material.

Spontaneous combustion Matilda Rooney

Five mysterious accident on Christmas Eve

A long time ago, in 1885, farmer John Larson celebrate Christmas with his two employees - an elderly couple Patrick and Matilda Rooney. It was in Illinois. As usual with simple hard workers, Larson drank a couple of glasses with their wives and went to sleep. At night, the farmer was awakened by a suffocating cough attack, which prevented him from breathing. But the cough eventually passed, and Larson fell asleep again.

The next morning he found traces of soot in his pillow. Going down to the first floor, he found Patrick dead in horror. Matilda and did the same was not there, but the kitchen was a black hole of unknown origin, and next to it lay a female foot. That's all that remains of the Mathilde Rooney.

Presumably Matilda was the victim of a very rare case of spontaneous combustion, and Patrick suffocated from carbon monoxide. Although the assumption sounds incredible: the problem is that no one thing was not touched by the fire in the house, as if Matilda flared like a match and immediately burned.

Jane Doe in the cemetery

Five mysterious accident on Christmas Eve

The family celebrations performed a great number of suicides - people acutely feel his loneliness. December 18 in the cemetery Plezent Valley Memorial in Virginia, was found dead of an elderly woman. She was about 60, and with him she did not have any documents that would help to establish her identity. As a method of suicide chosen unknown strangulation: she put a plastic bag and suffocated on his head. Next found a note: "She died by his own hand, the autopsy is not required" - and signed "Jane Doe." So called people killed or admitted to hospital unconscious, whose identity can not be established. Jane was very prudent. In the note, she asked to cremate her and even left two notes for $ 50 to cover expenses. His death furnish it rather strange way: install a miniature Christmas tree and decorate it, and with them she had a musical peleer. The headphones play a humorous show "2000-year-old man." But the most interesting was the fact that Jane had committed suicide in the area of ​​the cemetery, where children are buried. Unfortunately, the dead woman because no one recognized, and she took my sad riddle with him.

Vorminsterskaya "Thing"

Five mysterious accident on Christmas Eve

One of the first places in the UK, which was chosen by ufologists, was a small town Vorminster. But there was not observed the mysterious flying objects, and unexplained sounds.

On Christmas morning 1964, many residents Vorminstera heard a strange noise, which they described as "an acoustic attack." It consisted of a rigid drum sounds and vibrations. One citizen was awakened by a sound as if something had fallen on her kyshu, but when she went outside and saw that the sky is clear, and the roof looks completely normal. The same phenomenon opisyvayuti other residents of the city, including 30 soldiers from the base.

Most affected citizen Marjorie Bai, she was going for a morning Christmas service when the sound literally dumped her Snog and pinned to the ground so that she could not move.

After Christmas, people over the matter complained of unexplained sounds, which they called a "thing." In the summer of 1995 and the mysterious flying objects began to appear in the sky.

Death House in Los Feliz

Five mysterious accident on Christmas Eve

In December 1959 Harold Perelson late at night killed his wife Lillian hammer. He just walked up to the sleeping wife, and the murder weapon down on her head. And then he tried to kill the 18-year-old daughter, Judy. While she struggled, frantic with terror awoke younger children: 11-year-old Debbie and 13-year-old Joel. They rushed into the hall and saw the blood of his father in his hand was still clamped hammer. "It's just a nightmare - he told them - Go to sleep." Judy and her younger brother and sister were able to jump out of the house. They randomly banging on the doors of neighbors, until someone called the police. Meanwhile, Dr. Perelson went into the bedroom and lay down on the bed where his wife killed, read a little and drank a potent drug that killed him a painful, agonizing death.

Five mysterious accident on Christmas Eve

Then the house has got a couple of Jullian and Emily Enrikez. But there they had never lived. Even more, they have not changed a single thing in the house, the rest after that terrible night. 60 years have passed, the house renovated and upgraded. Neighbors said: "It's just an old empty house, which was once very beautiful" ...

Arson and murder of

Five mysterious accident on Christmas Eve

Ashley Freeman had a birthday just a few days after Christmas. She celebrated it with his high school girlfriend Loriey Bible, which parents were allowed to stay the night a classmate. During the day they celebrated the pizza, and in the evening went to Ashley.

At about 5:30 am a passer-dialed 911 and reported that the Freeman house on fire. Police later found that it was arson. The house has found the remains of Kathy - Ashley's mother. She was shot in the head. Neither Dan, her father, nor by the Ashley and her friend was not in the house. Investigators have suggested that Dan killed his wife and fled with the two girls.

A few days later the parents Loria went to the crime scene in an attempt to find clues that the police missed. They found not just a hint - they found another body, which belonged to Dan Freeman. He was also shot in the head. In 2010, the court formally recognized Ashley Freeman dead.

Five mysterious accident on Christmas Eve

In April 2018 murder of girls and couples accused Ronnie James Basik, 66 years old, and his accomplices. According to The Washington Post, at least a dozen witnesses claimed to have heard the three men boasted that they raped and killed Ashley and Loriyu. According to rumors, in fact drugs were involved, and the parents were criminals Loria money.

Family Bible refuses to believe that their daughter was dead. They say that as long as it is not with them, nothing is over.