Actual tips for saving before the holidays

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

Useful tips on how not to ruin holidays.

As the holidays approach in stores real rush begins. trolleys customers take out food and other commodities, and owners of most of these outlets only rub their hands, counting the profits. To after the holidays do not bite your elbows, counting expenses, costs a bit to settle down and calculate any benefit, so as not to become a victim of the Christmas rush.

List 1.

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

a shopping list.

Do you want to save, and not to buy too much at the store, write a list. Start working on it in advance, it will allow more time to adjust it, amend or exclude certain items. In this list, you can add not only products, but also gifts. Having come into the store, follow the list. Be prepared that you will be on the shelves now and then come across the best deals and promotions, but you will not take the product, which is not on your list. After shopping, record the amount you leave the store. Gradually, all the buying for the holiday, the amount will vary, but you can calculate how much you spent and cut spending if necessary.

2. Discount cards

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

An audit of discounts and discount cards.

Almost every store now has a coupon or savings card. Before you go shopping, spend an audit of your existing discounts. Do not forget to look in the old bags, and seasonal clothing. Sometimes we get a card with a good discount and forget about it. During major holidays, when will a lot of expenses, discounts, points and bonus money will be very helpful.

3. Christmas toys and souvenirs

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

The choice of Christmas decorations and gifts.

In high season, the choice of Christmas toys, decorations and gifts is so wide, that the eyes diverge, and you just want to pull all that glitters. we know how difficult it is to resist the temptation not to buy too much. But we need to be prudent. Before going to the store for decorations for the house, move the box with the old. Get rid of all the broken and damaged toys, look, what colors predominate in your collection, consider what is missing.

In the store, try to stick to the plan. It is best to choose a simple and high-quality toys. These ornaments will be perfectly combined with others, and never go out of fashion. Excellent choice will be the scenery of natural materials such as wood, pine cones, twigs, and other coffee beans.

4. shopping time

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

The optimal time for shopping.

Guru economy never lay a festive shopping in the last week of December. They know that at the time of maximum vytryasut sellers buyers. said that the best time for shopping will be the middle of the month, December 11-18. It will be good at this time to buy alcoholic beverages, convenience foods, canned foods and other foods that will not spoil. Roughly from December 19-20 will start Pre-fever, and prices in stores will grow by about 20 percent.

5. The lower shelf

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

Pay attention to the lower shelves.

Supermarkets wonder hire professionals for display of goods. They are well aware of the psychology of buyers and successfully use their knowledge. One of the popular methods of merchandising - placing the most expensive goods in the center of a number of eye-level. Hastening the buyer be sure to grab the goods from there. Knowledgeable, is forearmed. Going to the supermarket, take a close look at the products, on the upper and lower shelves. There may be more available equivalents of those that are on the middle shelf, promotional items, as well as the latest products.

6. Cheaper by the Dozen

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

Wholesale Shopping.

Do not ignore the wholesale markets and hypermarkets. Wholesale customers always get good discounts. Therefore, even if you do not have a lot, it makes sense to team up with friends and relatives, and to buy drinks, canned food, candy and other food boxes.

7. Applications

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

Mobile application store.

Now almost all the major stores have applications or pages on social networks. There, they inform customers about current promotions, discounts and hot offers. It is very convenient, because you can pre-acquainted with the list of products and prices, and therefore roughly estimate how much you spend. From time to time look into the application and do not rush to buy everything at once. Maybe next week will be the correct position "item of the day" or will be presented at a discount.

8. Gift wrapping

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

Gift wrapping his hands.

The Western tradition of packaging gifts have firmly taken root in our latitudes. However, if you calculate how much money we spend each year on the package of gifts to colleagues, friends, children and relatives, to collect the amounts which will last a good gift to herself.

In previous articles on available with detailed instructions on the packaging of gifts. In addition, there are a lot of YouTube videos, which explain in detail and demonstrate the various packaging options. Your efforts and creativity will do the job and you can make your box more beautiful ones that pass through the hands of professionals.

9. The festive fuss

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

Avoid the holiday rush.

In late December, all shops are transformed into fabulous palaces with shiny decorations, there are vendors on the streets, are organized fairs, attending crowds. The festive atmosphere, the lights, loud music - all this creates a mood, when you want to spend and buy. But do not give in the holiday hype, if you plan to save. In the last week of December is better to refrain from trips to shopping malls or go to the list and a fixed amount.

10. Surfing the small shops

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

less likely to visit the small shops.

Going into austerity mode, you need to cut visiting stores. Daily hikes, even in small convenience stores can be great to hit the pocket. It is better to buy products for the future and on the list so as not to be tempted to buy something unnecessary.

11. Check Checks

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

Carefully check the amount of checks.

Of course, we all want to believe the best in people, but it is still better to be on the alert. Now we are talking about the deception in the supermarket buyers. It often happens that the goods are in fact worth more than is written on the price list in the sales area, an extra charge for packaging or packaging weight does not correspond to reality. Festive fuss and long queues at the box office make it easy to deceive buyers. So if you do not want to stay in the cold, be careful, and after that, how to calculate, take a moment to carefully read the position of the check.

12. Products of own production

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

Pay attention to the products of own production.

Almost all supermarket chains are products of own production. Most often, they are much cheaper than similar products of other firms. You should not be squeamish in this segment. Contrary to the belief, many of the goods produced are quite decent quality.

13. Christmas tree

Actual tips for saving before the holidays

Choosing a Christmas tree.

What kind of New Year without a Christmas tree? And that is another article of holiday spending. Then the buyer is faced with a choice: artificial or real. If you really want to save, choose artificial. Unlike a live Christmas tree, it does not have to just throw in 10-20 days. But good, albeit a small tree will serve you for many years. By the way, buy a tree, too, is better in advance. Two weeks before the holiday, this product greatly increase the relevance, and the price will rise.

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