How can you attract good luck

Looking at the people you admire for one reason or another, you should feel that their success - is to some extent pure luck.

How can you attract good luck

Yes, probably so. But much more they had to work thoroughly to achieve this success. Because, says Tina Seelig, a professor at Stanford University and author of 17 books, luck just does not fall out. To do this a lot and work hard and learn from their mistakes.

According to Seelig, and you may get lucky if will make a few changes in your life. Here is what it offers.

Rethink luck

Many of us believe that success can not be controlled, there is a chance that luck. But according to Seelig, luck can be controlled: "You yourself administer your luck in advance by defining and developing their capabilities."

Rethink what you think "lucky" you may have and will succeed.

Learn to be grateful, do not be afraid to take risks and greet crazy ideas

Most people do not appreciate what they do for them other people, they consider it a matter of course. But if you learn to be grateful, new possibilities open to you.

You will never accomplish nothing if you do not even try to do anything. You should not be afraid to try something new. Seelig offers: "On the morning walk to greet strangers. Engage in some kind of sport. Visit the places that you've never been before. All this opens the door to new opportunities. " Be willing to experiment and try the seemingly impossible. Do not be afraid to realize their wildest ideas. Do not rush to say "no", you should always say "yes"! Do not look for reasons not to do something. Try to do it. You tell yourself that you can, you could do it.

It is necessary to work hard and be persistent

Much can be achieved through hard work. You need to acquire the skills necessary for the realization of your dreams. But luck is a major component of perseverance, the ability to overcome difficulties. Often, that is not glued at first, and many hands go down, they throw the begun business and never try to take him back? "If you can learn from mistakes and failures, you will move forward much faster," - said Seelig. I get lucky.

In terms of professional activity, it also means being honest with yourself and imagine what could bring the desired results, and what is not. Instead of the banal "do what you love", consider where your passion for your favorite business and your skills can find practical application, and to be in demand.

To think about the consequences of

Every action has consequences, no matter how insignificant they sometimes seem. The consequences can affect both your work and skills, and to those with whom you spend your time and where you live.

If you just live on autopilot, dealing with the same people who do not inspire, busy work that does not promise you any prospects, and hope that someday you will become happy, then this, of course, will not happen.

You have to "tune" your life according to your taste. You have to think about the consequences, imagine what you will come if you live the way you live. As Seelig says:

"So many people limit themselves to create partitions around him, making the space much smaller than necessary. Then they read fascinating stories about people who have succeeded and are living in interesting places, and they wonder: "But how they managed it," Successful people can answer them as follows: "I just did it."

So that you do. Luck will smile to you.