10 most famous unfinished buildings

August 9, the Day of the builder, and remember what building the builders did not finish it, but it did not prevent them to become world-famous attractions. You might be surprised to learn about what the buildings in question.

Sometimes construction projects take a long time. Naturally, it is a huge, complex buildings, construction of which requires a lot of work, invested energy and resources. Running them often delayed, as does the construction of a process that can take more than one century. In this list you will find ten of world famous buildings, the construction of which was started a long time ago, but is still in effect for any reason has not been completed.

10 most famous unfinished buildings 10 most famous unfinished buildings

Westminster Cathedral

You've probably heard about the Westminster Abbey. This is one of the most famous and beautiful churches in the world that is recognized as an architectural masterpiece. Surprisingly, however, it is not considered the main Catholic church of England, that honor belongs to Westminster Cathedral, which is located down the street from the abbey. Westminster Cathedral, officially recognized headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church in Britain and the main Catholic church of England and Wales, was built from 1895 to 1903, but never actually had not been completed. In particular, it is not finished interior.

10 most famous unfinished buildings

"German Stadium"

"German Stadium" was founded in September 1937 in Nuremberg. This expensive project was the brainchild of Adolf Hitler, who wanted to create a giant arena in the Roman style for all kinds of purposes, including Nazi rallies and widely promoted "National Socialist fighting game" (a sort of mixture of athletics and military-applied sports). However, the Second World War stopped construction before the Nazis were able to deploy any serious work. Construction "stalled" at an early stage (there was only dug a horseshoe pit), during the war, the work had not been maintained, and after the war had been brought to the construction site debris of structures and debris, resulting in the analysis of the bombing destroyed the center of Nuremberg buildings, to cast a mound Silberbuck. Today, in place of the failed grandiose "German Stadium" are half-destroyed pillars and walls of the test site, and the largest lake in Nuremberg, which was formed in place of the pit dug under the stadium.

10 most famous unfinished buildings

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City is one of the largest Christian churches in the world. It is located in Manhattan, in the heart of the city. This building is definitely worth a landmark in New York, but the officials in charge of the official list of attractions of the Big Apple, are waiting until the building is completed.

We began construction of the cathedral back in 1892. From the outset, the construction was fraught with many problems - from a lack of finance and technical issues to the fire, not to mention the fact that the developers have repeatedly changed the overall architectural style. Church officials are still trying to decide how to finish the cathedral, and in the meantime he was given the nickname "St. John the Unfinished."

10 most famous unfinished buildings

Building superpower in Florida

This facility is definitely worthy to enter the top ten colossal failures and unfinished. The building is a superpower for the Church of Scientology in the same than the Vatican to Catholicism, as the leader of the Church of Scientology David Miscavige. Work on the construction of the building began in 1999 in Clearwater, Florida. According to preliminary estimates, the construction was to take two years with a total budget of $ 40 million. In 2003, the building was abandoned for six years as Church leaders decided to reschedule the entire interior of the building and collect more donations. All this was done, even though the daily fine of $ 250, which is imposed for simple. Work began again in 2009, but the building was never put into operation. Many of Scientology followers left the church, frustrated aimless spending donated to the project million, and in January 2013 Luis and Rocio Garcia filed a lawsuit against the Church for embezzlement of their money.

10 most famous unfinished buildings

The International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) - the building is not quite as it "modular structure", but it is included in this list because it is in a constant state of construction. Unlike most buildings in the list, exists in the movement of the ISS, and believes that it is operated and maintained by all countries of the world, therefore, surprising that the design has not yet collapsed. The first "component" of the ISS, called "Dawn" was launched into orbit in 1998, and the last was added in 2011. Now, in fairness it is worth mentioning that the ISS is technically supposed to be "completed" by 2005, but due to changes in technology and science, this date never had a chance. Thus, there are several new features that are planning to join in the next few years, and the construction is considered "almost half" completed.

10 most famous unfinished buildings

The National Palace of Ajuda

Ajuda National Palace in Lisbon is not only a famous tourist attraction, but also the official residence of the Portuguese royal family. For all these points, it would seem, it is worth putting on the list of priorities of the Portuguese builders and developers. Nevertheless, the design, the construction of which began in 1796, it has never been completed. Lack of finance and a series of wars led to the fact that the project was repeatedly adjusted and changed. But construction continued despite these setbacks, until the Portuguese revolution in 1910 that overthrew the monarchy. Currently unfinished palace functions as a museum.

10 most famous unfinished buildings

Vudchestersky mansion

If you have heard of and Vudchesterskom mansion, then most likely, the information gleaned from television programs about ghosts, where it was told that the house is cursed. In fairness - psychiatric hospital wanted to move into the house, and during the Second World War soldiers located nearby, but given that no one lived in the building, the rumors of ghosts be taken skeptically. In fact Woodchester Mansion is known for the fact that this is only the appearance of the house - from the outside the building looks like a house, but interior decoration is poor (just missing). William Lee, ordered the mansion was a perfectionist. And poor perfectionist, which, when it was possible to get a little money, he worked on his project and always personally supervised the construction and / or change plans. Well, at least that has been constructed, built on the fame. Vudchestersky mansion open to the public, if you want to see the interior of the house, which looks decent from the outside only.

10 most famous unfinished buildings

The building of the New Zealand Parliament

The New Zealand Parliament is working in an unfinished building for a century. The project for the new Parliament was approved in 1911 and included the construction of two stages: one for critical space, and the other for the less important, such as the library and the Office of Criminal Law. The construction was to take two years, but only started in 1914, and the first stage was completed in 1922 (to be fair, at this time there was a war). In any case, the second stage of the construction of the official parliamentary buildings has not begun - so the "official opening" took place only in 1995. The building is not actually completed, and to this day, but another building for a library and offices under the name "Bee Hive" (Beehive) was built on the unused space. So that New Zealanders were able to somehow get out.

10 most famous unfinished buildings

Nuclear Power Plant Marble Hill

The construction of this nuclear power plant in Indiana began in 1977, and about 7 years it was thought that it would become a full-fledged functioning of nuclear energy element. Then, in 1984, after finishing in the reactor to half-readiness status has been spent 2, 5 billion dollars, the company abandoned the project - they just do not have the money to complete it. The company sold a piece of equipment to recover several million. The station is not completed so far, and the company to which it belongs, is now in the process of demolition.

10 most famous unfinished buildings

Sagrada Familia

In contrast to the Basilica of St. John, the church Sagrada Familia in Barcelona has received international recognition - even though that is still under construction since 1882. Moreover, it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, he was visited by the Pope and proclaimed the basilica. Sagrada Familia - the brainchild of the famous architect Antonio Gaudi, who has spent most of his life, transforming the Cathedral in a grotesque, nature-inspired artwork. Unfortunately, Gaudi died tragically in 1926, fell under a tram. His masterpiece at that time was completed in less than a quarter.

But the building is still being improved, Gaudí-inspired vision, and is funded almost exclusively by the millions of tourists who annually flock to see him. Today, the Sagrada Familia is completed by more than half, and, according to optimistic estimates, the construction completed by 2026 - the centenary of Gaudi's death. However, the chief architect gives a cautious forecast that the temple is completed in less than 100 years. So while we all have to admire the unfinished building.