Five unexpectedly cheerful facts about NASA

• Five unexpectedly cheerful facts about NASA's

Until today, we were confident that NASA - a serious thing. Yes, so it is, in general, and there ... except for those most amusing episodes.

Welcome to the unusual side of NASA, there is a place where an amazing story!

1. Three Yemeni sued NASA, saying that Mars - the property of their ancestors

All of you have read correctly. Nineties really were dashing. When NASA launched the space shuttle "Pathfinder" and rover "Sojourner" for the exploration of Mars, a few guys in Yemen said that the Red Planet - their property, which they got by inheritance of more than three thousand years ago.

Five unexpectedly cheerful facts about NASA

"Heirs" were very disappointed that the space agency dared to land on a planet without their knowledge. For this reason they have submitted to NASA in the court and to produce documents "prove" ownership.

In response, NASA explained correctly Yemenis that Mars and the solar system belong to all mankind.

2. NASA lost video landing "Apollo 11" on the Moon

Understanding that the tapes are lost, came to specialists of the agency in 2006. Fruitless search ended in 2009, and NASA admitted that the legendary recording ... erased. The legendary "moon walk" was ruthlessly destroyed along with the other 200 thousand records.

Five unexpectedly cheerful facts about NASA

The historical video recovered from TV broadcasts, but the script has been irretrievably lost. Perhaps someday he will emerge at some autsione and go under the hammer at a cost of millions of dollars, commentators suggest the Internet.

3. NASA Vehicle Assembly Building is so huge that it has its own weather forecast

NASA's Vehicle Assembly building is quite large. It is so big that there is sometimes rain. Rain. From these clouds. Clouds inside the building. The design, which was built in 1966, has air conditioning, but the wettest days of the ceiling still forming clouds and rain drips. Interestingly, in the 160-meter building is the only floor. This is the fourth in terms of structure in the world, its height doors - 139 meters.

Five unexpectedly cheerful facts about NASA

4. The astronauts bathe in a large basin of

To prepare the astronauts for life on the ISS, NASA built a copy of it on Earth - a giant swimming pool. During training, the astronauts spend six to eight hours under water for every hour of activities outside of the ISS (ie, spacewalks). Giant pool contains 23 4 million liters of water. The idea of ​​using immersion in water to simulate being in zero gravity was proposed in 60s of the last century.

Five unexpectedly cheerful facts about NASA

5. NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson - the creator of a water pistol

Johnson joined NASA as a senior systems engineer for the Jupiter mission "Galileo". In 1982, Johnson was trying to create a heat pump in the bathroom and decided to attach a homemade nozzle and hose to the sink. Thus was born the water gun! Engineer amassed a fortune in commission received from those who wanted to sell the pistols.

Five unexpectedly cheerful facts about NASA