Russian special forces fighting knives

• Russian Special Forces Fighting Knives

Despite the incredible development of modern military technologies, edged weapons remains in the armies of all the nations of the world. Particular attention is given to equipping units of special purpose: here everyone has a special knife designed for specific tasks. Russian Special Forces Knives are designed taking into account the vast experience of designers, most of which was directly involved in the fighting. Here, what is now stopping the enemy our soldiers.

Russian special forces fighting knives


In service: Marines, Airborne

By 1986, the famous scout shooting knife (LDCs) has undergone modernization. Saw decreased in the butt, the blade sharpened to kopeobraznoy forms and developed a new noiseless cartridge SP-4. Raising and descent provided by two separate levers, which guarantees protection against accidental discharge.

Russian special forces fighting knives


Armed with: MIA

Own edged weapons and fighters received the MIA of the power unit. Battle dagger "Shaitan" is developed in accordance with the requirements of field workers to clearly understand the final destination of the blade. The narrow blade gets deep wounds, the serrated blade can cope even with mountaineering rope 12-mm thickness. Dagger is very balanced, so you can use it as a throwing weapon.

Russian special forces fighting knives


Armed: SWAT

Special police knife is most suitable for work in narrow spaces. The special design allows the sheath to fix freely "Akela" on ammunition, at any convenient position for a fighter. Rubber non-slip handle provides maximum comfort and grip.

Russian special forces fighting knives


Armed: FSB

The narrow blade sharpened complemented by a semi-serrated blade on the butt. Special metallic backplate designed specifically for application shocking strikes enemy.

Russian special forces fighting knives


Armed: frogmen

There are several variants of knives series "Katran": modification determines whether the knife used as combat, underwater, or as a survival weapon. "Katran-1" is addressed frogmen. Sharpening butt - undulating saw. At the root of the hook is provided for cutting the nets and serreytornaya sharpening.

Russian special forces fighting knives

The Knight NSN

Armed: detachment "Vityaz"

Construction of this knife president personally developed "BCB" Hero ", the Hero of Russia SI Lysyuk. Heavy, massive sword with a narrow blade retains at impact the entire inertia of motion. At the same time, "Knight NSN" has a relatively low weight, which will not burden operative on a special mission.

Russian special forces fighting knives


Armed with: GRU, FSB

Knives of this form has been used in World War II. Currently, there are several variations of this model. "Smersh-5" is different from other bilateral Garda ensures reliability in any successful fellow.