How to quickly pump up the powerful chest

• How to quickly pump up the powerful chest

Powerful chest, on par with muscular shoulders and back, creates an image of the very classical male figure, which wants to achieve in the gym each. That's only task is not as simple as it seems the vast majority of newcomers, carefully squeeze the excessive weight as a reproach to other exercises. Today we tell about a few rules and even tricks that will help you pump up the powerful chest as quickly as possible.

How to quickly pump up the powerful chest

Muscles do not grow

Very often, beginners can not develop the pectoral muscles, even enhanced training program. This is due to two typical and very common mistakes: too much weight hinders the implementation of technical and exercises are aimed at the same part of the muscle. Solve the problem is quite simple - work basis and make sure that the exercises were changed at least twice per workout.

How to quickly pump up the powerful chest

Rules benching

The breast is a major muscle group. Classic reception with a progressive increase in weight can not provide the full desired load. It is important to take into account the proper technique and perform exercises diversity. Pecs need to load at different angles - the only way to achieve uniform development.

How to quickly pump up the powerful chest

makes the form

Classic bench mainly uses the outer part of the breast. The lower portion needs Dips upper will lag without benching on a bench with a slope of 45 degrees. Remember that breast shape depends on the inclination of the body and the width of the grip during exercise.

How to quickly pump up the powerful chest

is a simple program

Build muscles will have the above-mentioned increase in the balance - the main thing to do it is not jerky, and gradually increase the load with each workout. That is elementary, but the most effective program that will effectively work through all of the pectoral muscles.

Dips: 2Hmaksimalno

Bench press: 4x10

Press of dumbbells on the inclined bench 4 X 10

Breeding hands with dumbbells lying: 4x12

How to quickly pump up the powerful chest

Warm up and cool down

Neglecting the warm-up prior to strength training, you are simply depriving themselves of 40% of the results. Make mahi dumbbell slightly stretch and follow the first approach with a 30% by weight of the working standard. All this helps the muscles to immediately adapt to the hard work, and thus get the most out. The hitch is important not least: the sharp end of training will interfere with subsequent growth of muscles. Wiring on the blocks should be fine - do the two approaches with small weights, but an increased number of repetitions.