Unusual and favors for cats

A few weeks ago resulted in II-nd Annual Convention CatConLA, which was attended by cat lovers from around the world to learn about innovations in the world of fashion, style and care for the cats.

A quick glance through the pages of manufacturers represented at the event, introduced us to these unusual and interesting things.

10. Bow Ties Cat

Unusual and favors for cats

Admit it, your cat began to look too ordinary? Do not worry, you can decorate his wardrobe instantly!

Business Catual specializes in the production of neckties for the most demanding feline. You can even buy a set of bow ties to you and your pet dressed in the same style!

9. Cat hats

Unusual and favors for cats

Any cat in tie deserves a stylish hat. NotsoKittyShop store makes holiday hats, nursing caps and fancy shawl for your fashionable kitty.

Be sure, you will pick up here for your cat or cats, not only zamurrchatelnuyu hat but the bow tie and stylish glasses.

8. Wigs for cats

Unusual and favors for cats

Maybe your cat does not like to wear hats? Maybe she was embarrassed thinning hair?

Then you need the wigs from Leisha Hanley's different colors, shapes and lengths. Owners red seals can enjoy their pets trendy this season wig "a la Trump."

7. Cat work

Unusual and favors for cats

Not literally, of course. Work for your cat is unlikely to be found.

But if your pets bored leisurely lifestyle, the company Amy Beth Geerling Payne will help him present his "working" life with the fantastic works of art, made to order.

6. Cat Clothing

Unusual and favors for cats

No, not all cats need clothes, but the sphinxes, for example, is easy to colds, and also in sweaters look incredibly cute!

Among Sphynx Swag is not only a decent amount of clothes for cats, but also a variety of options of clothing styles, from classical to punk to your pet is able to most accurately express your inner "I".

5. Cat yoga mats

Unusual and favors for cats

Cats - the nature of being quite flexible, so it makes sense to fall in love with yoga. But any beginner yoga mat is needed!

Fortunately, there Feline Yogi with wonderful cat yoga mats in different sizes for those who are ready to reach the top skill.

4. Cat wine

Unusual and favors for cats

If the yoga you along with your cat will want something more sophisticated, then why not consider the possibility of a wine tasting?

Thanks to Apollo Peak, your furry friend can try, "Pino Meow" or "Moscato". This feline wine is soft and made from beets and catnip, so do not worry if your cat alone will devastate the whole bottle!

3. Cat grass

Unusual and favors for cats

Do you have a cat that likes to have fun? Now you do not need to go in search of the right plant! Instead, choose something from Purrvana collection.

There are herbal with catnip and other organic plants that stir even the most lazy cat and cheer even the most gloomy kitten!

2 Armchairs for cats

Unusual and favors for cats

In addition to the eccentric, but the traditional cat towers, the company offers a spectacular Square Paws chair designed exclusively for cats, including the royal throne for a kitten, you will immediately be king in his castle.

1. Cat People

Unusual and favors for cats

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born cats. We humans can only dream about such a miracle, but our fantasies can become a little more real thanks to the art of Heather Pike (Heather Soodak).

Heather - talented artist, having skill transformation of people in cats with a brush and paints. You can order her own portrait, and find out what the cat would come out because of you!