Strange and unusual sights in Latvia

Most people may not know what to expect during a visit to Latvia. This country may seem medieval and very wooded, but there are also quite unusual places that are worth visiting.

Today you will learn about the ten most strange and unusual sights of Latvia!

10. Skrunda-1 (Skrunda-1), Skrunda

Strange and unusual sights in Latvia

This abandoned, once a secret city attracts attention and arouses interest among tourists. In Soviet times, this was a military facility Independent Radar Node warning system missile attack.

9. Garden Dolls Sabile (Doll Garden of Sabile), Sabile

Strange and unusual sights in Latvia

In the city of Sabile mostly come tourists wishing to visit the Wine mountain, but in this small town with a population of little more than a thousand people have eerie dolls garden, which is also worth a visit.

All these dolls are quite similar to each other, and every year in the garden there is about 200 dolls anymore. Most of these shows everyday situations, such as cooking meat, cutting down trees, and even the bride's aisle to the altar. However, all faces have almost the same face, that may seem a little disturbing.

Visitors can freely move between the daily puppet installations and even be photographed with them. Someone Garden puppet conjures up thoughts of ghosts, someone finds it funny, but it does not leave indifferent anybody.

And yet, if during your walks in the garden of one of its inhabitants shevelnotsya is likely to raise the alarm!

8. A stone with a cross in Abavmuiza (Abavmuiza Cross Stone), Zlekskaya parish (Zlēku Pagasts)

Strange and unusual sights in Latvia

In the dense forest near the road leading to the north-east of Abavmuizy is an abandoned cemetery. The place itself is not, but if you walk through the dense foliage, then you run into something strange: scary looking stone carved with crosses on it and lying next to pieces of metal cross.

The nearby village is almost empty, so quiet in the woods becomes oppressively unbearable, if you know the history of this stone.

According to one legend, once upon a time in the village is dead child that was buried in the village cemetery. Whether he died a violent death, or due to natural causes, remained unknown. Shortly after the funeral, the villagers began to wake up at night from the terrible incessant cries coming from the cemetery.

The priest, who was asked to put an end to this horror, ordered to cut a cross on a stone and set on the child's grave. However, the screams continued. It took them a set in stone 13 deep crosses, before the nightmares stopped.

7. Turaida Castle (Turaidas pils), Sigulda (Sigulda)

Strange and unusual sights in Latvia

Turaida Castle is worth seeing with my own eyes, but it is amazing the statue in the park of folk songs by sculptor Indulis Ranka, are the main subject of interest for many tourists coming to Segunda. In total there are 26, you can see the unusual sculptures.

6. The oldest oak, Riga

Strange and unusual sights in Latvia

What do you think, how old may be the oldest oak tree? In Riga, preserved oak aged 3500 years.

Below the city hall (destroyed during the Second World War and restored in 2003) is a narrow street paved with cobblestones on which you can find a small souvenir and flower shops, as well as lying on the ground the old oak tree. It poluokamenevshee old tree was found during the excavation. Next to it is a small plaque on which is written: "The trunk of the oak: discovered during excavation work at the construction site of the new city hall in Riga tree grew on the banks of the Daugava River 3,500 years ago, around the time when the Pharaoh Tutankhamun was the ruler of Egypt.".

5. Hospitalis Restaurant, Riga

Strange and unusual sights in Latvia

For more strange than the hospital food, there can only be a theme restaurant called "Hospital".

Where else can you see bartenders in white coats, and waitresses in a frank form of nursing? On the visitors put straitjackets and fed from a spoon, if they are pre-ordering a certain item and sign a binding agreement.

Dishes served in a stainless steel pot, you need to have surgical instruments and drinks bring in medical beakers and test tubes.

4. Āraiši the Lake Castle (Araisi Lake Fortress), Drabeši parish (Drabeši Parish)

Strange and unusual sights in Latvia

Located on an island in the lake Åraißi, Āraiši the Lake Castle - it has a high degree of reliability of the reconstruction of settlements, which existed at the turn of the IX-X century.

The settlement is part of the Archaeological Museum, which also includes the reconstructed Stone Age and Bronze Age house.

Araisi is one of the most popular historical attractions in Latvia.

3. Center of creative services, Rezekne (Rēzekne)

Strange and unusual sights in Latvia

Characterized by incredible architecture you have ever seen, in the center looks even more surprising, recalling a rather gigantic art installation.

2. National Library of Latvia (Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēka), Riga

Strange and unusual sights in Latvia

Visiting Latvia, worth a visit, even a library! Especially since it offers guided tours that introduce visitors to the building itself and the work of the library. And the building of the National Library, the largest in Latvia, called the "Castle of Light".

1. Art in the open air museum Pedvale (Pedvale Open Air Art Museum), Abavskaya parish (Abava parish)

Strange and unusual sights in Latvia

An attempt to convey a sense of the whole art of the local culture - not a simple effort, but the Latvian Art Park managed to realize the culture of the Abava river valley has more than 100 works of surrealist art, recognized by UNESCO.

Opened in 1991, Pedvale museum is its permanent collection of over 150 sculptures created by local artists.

The main emphasis is on the art exhibition that includes sculptures and fit perfectly into the natural environment. Consisting of surrealist art, a garden is a place where everyone is a fan of the country will feel at ease!