"Place everything!" 10 secrets of well-organized wardrobe

to buy more, use less, save - the manifesto of a consumer society. And this philosophy, one way or another should be most of us. Do not believe me? Look around: sure you have so many clothes that it is time to have a separate room for her. Actually, the lucky ones are not very limited in square meters, and do. Equip a dressing room. Everyone else has to use imagination and skills of the game Tetris, to "shove nevpihuemoe" in the wardrobe. Well, we'll show you a few professional subtleties that will be placed on the shelves of all and even a little more.

Post in the wardrobe up to five times more things than it was designed - it's not so bad. Among rag resources still need to somehow navigate. And in search of the only pure jeans can easily destroy the entire Feng Shui. But there are at least 10 secrets of the competent organization of things and space, which we are happy to share with you.

The Secret 1: rigid zoning

If one of the shelves suddenly vacant place, do not rush to fill it with anything. Remember the first and most important rule of competent wardrobe: all things are to be grouped and divided into zones: a shirt - a shirt, jeans - in jeans, a sweater with a reindeer - to rarely puts on things, etc. When each piece of clothing is clearly in his.. zone, you are spending a fraction of time searching. After all already know where to look.

The Secret 2: "Flexible" shelf

You lived in my bedroom bookcase with large cells? Do not be afraid to fill them to the top. The main thing - to comply with zoning regulations. But an even better option would be the purchase of a system of "flexible" shelving then you'll be able to change their size and width. So you effectively place and high winter boots, and all stack with shirts.

The Secret 3: How often do you use it?

If that's the wonderful blanket of camel hair you pull out of the closet only twice a year, and then, if the relatives are coming, do not store it in the center of the middle shelf. The less you use things, the higher or deeper (on the shelf), they should be placed.

Secret 4: Group

zoning rule applies to hangers. Let summer dresses couple share some "hanger", as warm winter sweater and skirt - other. But not together. And to make it easier to find the right section, buy several sets of clothes hangers in different colors. For example, the yellow for summer things, and blue - for winter. Or one set of dresses, the other - for blouses, etc...

Secret 5: Bed mat

This advice will come in handy more than the brave who do decide to equip even small, in the dressing room. Cute mat not only save your legs the cold floor during dressing, but also make the clothes even more like a separate room. This should encourage you to always maintain it clean and tidy. You do not zahlamlivaete, for example, Your own bedroom?

The Secret 6: in the same style

Try to buy a set of hangers and boxes for storage in the same style, but, for example, different colors. This will facilitate the zoning process and appreciate the harmony of the eye. That, in turn, also contributes to the wish to maintain order.

The Secret 7: Do not be afraid to push the envelope ...

... own cabinet. For example, big and rarely used items can be stored in boxes under the bed, and for accessories equipped with small hooks, hangers directly on the walls. How to decorate the interior at the same time.

The Secret 8: additional space

Who can easily and inexpensively you can buy special organizers for things that significantly increase the capacity of the cabinet. Do not neglect them.

The Secret 9: Eye-level

Avoid things that are most frequently used, placed at eye level or below. And what you use rarely, hide upstairs.

Secret 10: a chair or a ladder

Let beside closet or wardrobe will always be a small stool or stepladder thin. First, it is always possible to put things that interfere with the desired extract of the deepest shelves. Secondly, so you always have access to the highest point of the wardrobe. And thirdly, it is also suitable for stylish clothes storage.