The program for the summer of 12 new books for the holidays

Vacation - time to reflect on what the working vanity, not enough time. And a good book in this sense, the best companion. Books can tell you how to change the perception of life beyond the familiar world of the danger fraught with our desires, where to find love, what true beauty is and how best to cultivate his garden. In summer the gallery 12 major new products that will not only relax, but also to find answers to important questions.

The program for the summer of 12 new books for the holidays

"Everything in the Garden"

A joint project of the magazine "Snob" and "Editorial Elena Shubina"

A collection of short prose by various authors - Great for vacations. He takes with him a book, and get the whole library. Even if some story suddenly indifferent, the other will certainly please.

"Everything in the Garden" - essays and stories by contemporary authors of the best gardens or parks. In each of these stories have a garden - as a type of heaven, as the idea of ​​happiness as the portrait of the one who takes care of the garden or writes about him. Innocent Smoktunovsky flower bed with a large and bright sunflowers, which tells the actress Alla Demidova, a huge garden of the estate of the Duchess Deborah Devonshire and Central Park Alexander Genis as "life-giving respite from the geometry of the line lined Manhattan." Hero Andrew Astvatsaturova finds relations in St. James's Park, "neatly spread out like a golf course," Maria Golovanivskaya walks in the "zone of philistine happiness" in Sokolniki Park, remembering its century-long history, Alexander Minkin slowly read aloud "The Cherry Orchard" by trying Chekhov found the answers to their own questions. The garden can be a risk place as the Munich English Garden for heroes Eugene Vodolazkin can become boundary times and worlds garden "Russian Switzerland" for the residents of Kazan and Guzel Jachin, and may be the center of the universe and the place of power, as the grandmother's cottage in childhood.

The program for the summer of 12 new books for the holidays

Abraham Verghese, "Dissection of Stone"

Publisher "Phantom Press"

Those who are in the summer, on the contrary, prefer to immerse your head in the great epic novel that, putting all things, enjoy reading, it is necessary to take a "Dissection of Stone." This is a deep and beautifully written novel that is human life. A novel about the pain and compassion, about the internal struggle, strength of spirit and a genuine vocation, about love, loss and gain, of betrayal, redemption and self-denial. Poignant story about the tragic fate against the backdrop of the difficult, and sometimes terrible historical events of the twentieth century in Ethiopia.

The mission hospital in Addis Ababa are born conjoined necks twins Marion and Shiva. Skillful surgeon can be separated brothers, but to save their mother, his permanent assistant and lover, a doctor can not. Boys grow up in a Catholic mission by medicine and surgery as destiny and vocation. "Dissection of Stone" - the story of their life, which tells Marion, newly returned to Ethiopia after a long search for yourself, "I have to tell this story. The one of which was silent, my mother, Sister Mary Joseph Preyz - history, which avoided the my fearless father, Thomas Stone, and that I will have to restore the pieces. The only way to bridge the gap between my brother and me. I endlessly believe in surgery, but no one person can not cure a bleeding wound that divides the two brothers. Where silk and steel powerless words should help. "

For Stanford professor, one of the most respected doctors USA Abraham Verghese literature and became a surgical scalpel, and healing balm. He grew up in Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia studied medicine and worked in the hospital free from incurable patients. His first book "My Country: The Story of Dr." where Verghese describes a personal experience, the book has become the year according to "Time". In "dissecting Stone" Verghese managed to combine a deep knowledge and understanding of the profession of many problems of Ethiopia with a genuine love for mankind and literary skill. Director of publishing house "Phantom Press" Alla Steinman believes, "" Dissection of Stone "-" an unusually versatile novel. I read it with pleasure and lovers of great family sagas, novels and amateurs "about the doctors," and fans of romantic stories about the tragedies and upheavals of the second half of the 20th century. "

The program for the summer of 12 new books for the holidays

Jean-Christophe Grange, "Lontano"

Publisher "ABC"

Master detective Jean-Christophe Grange also sends the reader to Africa. Sometime in the 1970s in the heart of the Congo ruthless man-nail, full of faith in the magic of yombe, turns its victims into the ritual figure African minkondi. Then the matter revealed Morvan senior commissioner of the French police, who in the Congo is full of its own secrets and interests. 30 years later, his son, Erwan, one of the best investigators of the Criminal Investigation working on the murder of the youthful cadet at a military base, stumbles upon traces of the old business.

Grange masterfully spins the story and from the first page takes a crazy high tempo, brilliantly linking together France and Congo, a military base for training pilots of fighter and secret development of secret deposits, market manipulation and closed experimental clinic, the inherent cruelty and fashion for vice. The reader is not the slightest possibility to unravel this case - that seems to yield, is proving to be just a new twist. Besides "Lontano" is not just a detective thriller, but also a psychological novel about the relationship within the family (children from three of the Morvan, and everything is very easy). We can only trust the author and at full speed to fly into the dark maze of sophisticated human mind with admiration and distrust through pages.

However, Grange and in the final managed to answer not all questions - he conceived the "African diptych". So do not rush to unfasten the seat belt: in the next book "Congo Requiem" we are at the same breakneck speed to go for the truth about the family Morvan in the heart of Africa.

The program for the summer of 12 new books for the holidays


Narine Abgaryan, "Zula"

Publisher AST

About his new book Narine Abgaryan said: "The collection turned out funny and bitter (seen in a different way to write, I can not)." In another way, you need not. It is for this amazing ability to combine funny and bitter not just a story or episode, and even in the same sentence, and readers love Narine Abgaryan. Collection of "Zula" - two novels and 10 short stories, sincere laughter, rolling in laughter, and a bunch of handkerchiefs.

One reads, for example, about the donkey Marlezona who saved his master (such stubborn, it is not clear who is the donkey), and no longer make out laughing if unbidden tears or compressive heart tenderness. And when Abgaryan writes about family - a stubborn old man, daughter-strict, sincere children - it seems it's your own close relatives.

In his inimitable style with warmth, tenderness and gentle humor observation Narine tells stories of friendship, revenge, forgiveness, love and kinship. He recalls stories from their own childhood, describing parents and friends as warm as ever in "Manyunya". No matter what wrote Narine Abgaryan, it turns out "the most helpless of all the senses, which can not stand up for themselves" - love. Generous heart, it warms this love of their heroes: a beautiful and desperate father Zula, and not adopted by the villagers proud Nazeli and longing for his wife Maxima IG. This love of people and the ability to notice and describe exactly funny make any sadness lighter.

If you take a book with you on vacation, be prepared to continually answer the question "What are you reading?" And read all those around, whole passages out loud.

The program for the summer of 12 new books for the holidays

Milan Kundera, "The triumph of insignificance"

Publisher "ABC"

"The triumph of insignificance" - a new novel by the French-Czech classics by Milan Kundera, and is the main advantage of small volume (140 pages in large print) poluanekdoticheskoy history. After years of silence, 85-year-old Kundera wrote a hymn to insignificance in the form of sketches from the lives of four friends, lazy sauntering along the Luxembourg Gardens. Exhibition of Chagall, they did not see, because they are too lazy to queue up, broken bottle of expensive Armagnac, eroticism bare female navel and circling in the air weightless feather - of just such minor things Kundera collects his summer mosaic, from time to time by adding findings on -This brilliant.

In "Triumph of the insignificance of" unbearable lightness of being was replaced by his own unbearable absurdity. Anecdote about Stalin and partridges which friends recount to each other, wondering from France of the XXI century, as one of the inner circle did not dare protest leader, became a writer for the beginning of the era, where a sense of humor lost its meaning. Milan Kundera takes care of his heroes, trying to save them, and us at the same time, from too serious, and writes a new, small, "Book of Laughter and Forgetting," allowing the frightening Soviet history and its own past turn into an absurd puppet plays staged carefree young Parisians.

The program for the summer of 12 new books for the holidays

Doris Lessing, "Marta Quest"

Izdatelstvo "Exmo"

This is the second novel by Doris Lessing, written long before she received the Nobel Prize in 2007 for literature as "tells about the experience of women and with skepticism, passion and visionary power of a divided civilization subjected to review." But all that noted the Swedish Academy, has been in "Martha Quest", the first book of the acclaimed series "Children of Violence". Story of a young idealist and a rebel Marty, who as hell sick of monotonous life on the farm in the African wilderness, was translated into all European languages ​​and reprinted many times since 1952.

"Marta Quest" - polubiograficheskaya history of women's growing, maturing and becoming. Honest, detailed, artistic answer to the question of how capricious young girl becomes a woman, especially psychologically. Perhaps now Doris Lessing would just write a post on Facebook with the hashtag # YaNeBoyusSkazat sensational. And in the early fifties to the twice-divorced Lessing only way to talk about women's sexuality, exuberant vitality and finding their own place in life he had an affair. Fifteen-year in March, as well as Doris once grew in the South African British colony (now Zimbabwe) and all the forces trying to break into the big city, to read what you want to dance till you drop, to dream the impossible, but just to live. Doris Lessing refers to her character with sympathy and understanding, but it does not prevent her impassively watch as Martha wrong, baked, betraying its own ideals and matures.

The program for the summer of 12 new books for the holidays

Frederick Buckman, "Second Life Uwe"

Publisher "Sinbad"

"Second Life Uwe" - an ideal book for the holiday, which will be read by taking away from each other, all the family members. Very funny and touching story about the old curmudgeon Uwe, a terrible bore and meticulous pedants with a huge heart, which returns faith in people, mutual assistance and friendship.

59-year-old Uwe every morning bypasses the small village in which he lives, making remarks boys-cyclists, neighbors who do not keep in the house stairs and throw garbage in the wrong container. He was worth curses officials abusing motorists scary haggling over two carnations, and then goes to the cemetery at the grave of his wife, for which desperately misses.

"Second Life Uwe" - warm and talented tragicomedy written about the huge heart that people, especially the elderly living alone, often hide behind corrosive, old-fashioned and closed. It's Uwe pick up a stray cat, rushed into the burning house to rescue neighbors asleep and will tinker with a young pregnant neighbor-Iranian woman, who married a sad sack neighbor.

Swedish journalist and blogger Frederick Backman wrote his first novel, four years ago. During this time the "Second Life Uwe" managed to beat the record sales in the Nordic countries, to win the heart of Europe and European readers to get into the top ten best-sellers The New York Times. A film adaptation of Hannes Holm became the undisputed leader of the Swedish rental and opened the Festival of New Swedish Cinema in Moscow. Fredrik Backman: "It's a fun book, one of those that help to pass the time at the bus stop or at the airport. But I hope that he was able to tell it something else - and about Uwe and myself. Something about my dad's generation - and something about my. About the machines on which we drive, about women, who fall in love, about the computers that we vybeshivaet, and about the things that we are afraid. "

The program for the summer of 12 new books for the holidays

David Markish, "Onion Honey"

Izdatelstvo "Exmo"

David Marques, son of the famous poet and antifascist Peretz Markish, long ago emigrated to Israel, but his prose in Russian published quite a lot in the thick literary journals. "Onion Honey" - a collection of stories in which the intertwined subtle lyricism and humor, observation and wisdom. Story Markish "Rivkin landlord", incidentally, would fit perfectly into the collection "Everything in the Garden". A resident of the city Elektrougli Alexander Rivkin, a lifetime dreaming of their own piece of land on the flowers, only to find the old place where you can cultivate your garden - a place in the cemetery. Marques makes a good laugh over the short-term and think about eternity.

Eight stories from the "Onion honey" - fate, fears, dreams and hopes of ordinary people. Such clear, so well-known and very finely described. According to Olga Aminova collection editor, David Markish stories remind favorite works of Isaac Babel and Sergei Dovlatov. And give strong and light feelings as the best films of Woody Allen.

The program for the summer of 12 new books for the holidays

Alex Danchev, "Cezanne. Life "

Publisher "ABC"

Lovers of authentic stories, memoirs and biographies, this summer should pay attention to the life story of the great artist of the twentieth century by Paul Cezanne. Alex Danchev, Professor, University of Nottingham, art, and until recently a member of the Committee of the London gallery on the purchase of works of art Tate wrote a biography of the artist, which he called simply emphasized "Cezanne. A life". And this simplicity is perhaps the key principle of the whole book. Paul Cezanne during his lifetime became a legend after Paris triumph in 1904 his biography beginning to grow into myths, guesses and interpretations. Danchev made an attempt to separate the facts from the gossip, envy of friendship, love from hate. He set out to free the biography and works of Cezanne and the false interpretations "given his word" to the artist himself and the people around him - friends and foes, mentors and followers. And among them are those who understand the value of the painting of Cezanne and the scale of his talent, perhaps better than anyone else: Matisse, Gauguin, Picasso, Rilke, Heidegger and Beckett. The Guardian calls the biography written Danchevym, "an original, exciting and compelling." When you read, you can see how it examines and compares the various facts, including the work of previous biographers Cezanne, and tries to take into account the errors. "Cezanne. Life "- interesting and very detailed, without pathos and far-fetched conclusions biography written by an intelligent, educated, sensitive face, who became a key figure in the art of XX century.

The program for the summer of 12 new books for the holidays

Carl Sagan, "blue dot"

Publishing house "Alpina non-fiction"

For anyone interested in space and the future of mankind will be interested to know that this summer in Russian issued a "blue dot" one of the most famous astronomers of the planet, the scientist, dreamer and visionary Carl Sagan. During his lifetime, Sagan was known as the man who played a leading role in the US space program, and as a great popularizer of science and passionate advocate of space. He has contributed in almost every unmanned space mission to explore the solar system and was able to brilliantly express complex ideas in an accessible form. It is no coincidence Carl Sagan's more than 20 honorary degrees for his outstanding contributions to science, literature, education, and many honors and awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for literature.

"Blue Point" - a continuation of the popular science bestseller "Space", which is read and know all the boys dream of the stars. The "blue dot" Carl Sagan tells the fascinating story of the conquest of the universe. He talks about how life began on our planet, as there will be the future of mankind as a species. Sagan dreaming about how people come out of the solar system and travel to distant galaxies. And his dreams are based on scientific research and hypotheses. Carl Sagan convinced, based on the evolution of mankind is our passion for research and travel. And this is the same man who many years ago won a box of candy bars, even before the launch of the first satellite predicted landing a man on the moon.

The program for the summer of 12 new books for the holidays

Anna Matveeva, "Lolotta"

Publisher "Edition Elena Shubina"

A new collection of short stories by Anna Matveeva - a journey, and not just anywhere, but in Paris. The beloved and beautiful city where you can walk along the Seine, draw watercolor flowers in a beautiful park or wander along the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise Cemetery (the main thing is not to ask for directions from an elderly lady who lives in Paris from October to April and has already got used to feel it only for its ). But do not be surprised if the main attraction of Paris suddenly will not Eiffel Tower, near the Seine, and the Russian bum on the embankment of the Canal Saint-Martin, which you can pour out his heart and talk about the past: a management position in a large factory, the late wife's favorite daughter and the shiftless zyatyah. Yes, and Paris, by the way, is not necessarily in France - Paris and is called a small village in the Chelyabinsk region, and a cafe in Yekaterinburg, and luxury residential complex, where one of the characters lives.

Anna Matveeva knows: "If you want to enjoy Paris - learn to release it from hearsay, remove layer after layer of adherent epithets tear off compliments, plugging ears, not to hear the phrases with expired shelf life." Not hiding his love for the city, it is the reader's fancy routes, encountering along the way a variety of characters, even Modigliani and his Lolottu so similar in appearance whether Alija from the title story, or at the very Anna Matveeva. Indeed, nine new stories Anna Matveeva is again on his native Yekaterinburg and ordinary people in my life who have a place of love, hope, happiness and quiet dream of Paris, where the same without him.

The program for the summer of 12 new books for the holidays

David Duchovny, "Bryk F * cking Dent"

Publisher "Phantom Press"

In fact, all you need to know about this book, especially for Forbes formulated in a few sentences her publisher Alla Steinman. "David Duchovny, star of" The X-Files, "wrote a second novel. "Bryk Dent" - a book about fathers and sons, about the rapid and painful recovery completely destroyed the relationship between 32-year-old son and 60-year-old father. Rapid - because his father left to live for a month, maximum two. Many do not believe that the famous actor could write a delightfully funny, sad, ernicheski and intelligent novel - I do not believe at first, until you read it. This is not just a book written by an actor, it's really a great novel! " Ted Sploshelyubov, nicknamed Mr. Peanut, learns that his father is dying of lung cancer, and moved to his parents' home. Deteriorating condition of his father, one has only to blow his favorite baseball team Voston Red Sox. The team plays for many years, and in the fight for every extra day next to his father, Ted decided to stage a baseball flourishing in a single team. Baseball Duchovny component spins around the famous match, the team Boston and New York club Yankees, the hero of which was the same Russell Earl "Bryk" Dent from the title of the novel.

The style and language of "kicking Dent" recalls a favorite child Duchovny - series "Californication," and this should be prepared (but novel carefully packed in a film with a warning 18+). But he translated the Book of talented Shashi Martynova, so that all the language in the text Bryk perform exactly the role that gave them the author: make even sharper feel that the only real and important than it makes sense to cherish.