Traditional Turkish dishes are worth a try

Until recently, Turkey was one of the most popular holiday destinations, as our countrymen and Europeans. Now the situation has changed somewhat, but the country continues to attract its wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, exciting attractions and great food. What is worth a try, having been in Turkey?

Traditional Turkish dishes are worth a try Traditional Turkish dishes are worth a try

Baklava / Baklawa

Baklava - a sweet dish that is a favorite delicacy of all the adherents of Turkish, Balkan and Armenian cuisine. It consists of several layers of thin dough, to shift the oil. The basic filling various additives act as chopped nuts, pistachio and cinnamon. And on top of it all drenched with honey syrup. Turkish baklava - a mandatory dessert for each candy lover.

Traditional Turkish dishes are worth a try

2. Ichli kofte / Icli Kofte

Ichli kofte (İçli Köfte) - a traditional Turkish dish: small fried cakes with a distinct shape, inside of which is beef, lamb or camel meat - with onions and barley bulgur. This mixture is wrapped in pre-cooked dough, forming a small, round donuts. And then all this is fried in hot oil. The taste is different pastries such tenderness, and not too much fat.

Traditional Turkish dishes are worth a try

3. cacık / Cacik

Cacık (Sasik, cacik) - Turkish cold soup based yoghurt with herbs and cucumbers. It's not even soup, but rather soft. Cacık - the perfect food for hot weather! Cacık similar to our okroshka on kefir. Turkish cacık a slightly different version of the Greek dishes cacık. In Turkey cacık - a soup based on yogurt with the addition of green cucumber, mint and red pepper. This combination results in a gentle and incredibly refreshing dish that goes well with heavy and greasy Turkish cuisine. Unlike Greek analog cacık may be supplied as a separate dish.

Traditional Turkish dishes are worth a try

Kataify / Kadayif

Kataify - perfect Turkish and delicate sweetness melts in your mouth and gives you a sense of real bliss. This is another very sweet dessert Balkans, the basis of which acts sugar and caramel. As well as baklava, it is made of several layers of thin dough, arranged oil and all sorts of delicious toppings. The difference between these dishes is that Kataify combines the sweet flavor syrup and fresh lemon juice acid. That is why this dessert is considered to be easy.

Traditional Turkish dishes are worth a try

lahmacun / Lahmacun

Lahmacun - a traditional dish, which is often referred to as "Turkish pizza." In appearance it may seem that nothing special, but you try it! This is delicious! It is an open, thin cake, stuffed with minced lamb with the addition of tomatoes and other fresh vegetables. Serve it with lemon juice and is considered remarkable eastern alternative to the ubiquitous pizza, both American and Italian. In Turkey it is treated more like a variety of fast food, so here you can meet a lot of young people who eat it in the middle of the street bustle.

Traditional Turkish dishes are worth a try

Manty / Manti

Manta - another dish, typical for traditional Turkish and Balkan, and for the Caucasian cuisine. Turkish manta are miniature products which are filled with lamb, and fed with natural yoghurt and spices such as hot pepper and garlic. Once Tradition dictates make them so small that it was possible at one time to dial in a spoon for about 40 pieces, but now they are made much larger.

Merdzhimek koftesi / Mercimek koftesi

Merdzhimek chorbasy / mercimek corbasi

While in Turkey, and certainly worth a try two dishes based on lentils. Merdzhimek koftesi - a vegetarian dish, but the ideal and as an appetizer before the main part of the meal. Traditionally, its main component performs a special grain bulgur, but it can be successfully replaced and couscous. Adding lentils with fried onions and tomatoes gives the dish quite original flavor, which should definitely be appreciated. Lentil patties Mercimek Koftesi - vegetarian meatballs made from lentils, green onions and tomato paste.

A Merdzhimek chorbasy - red lentil soup, so popular in Turkey that it is eaten at any time of the day - for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack between meals. It is supplied with the addition of carrots, onions and peppers. This dish is seasoned with hot pepper and, of course, the lemon juice. This combination of flavors leads to the fact that, unlike the gentle and refreshing cacık, this dish there is much sharper. Turkish red lentil soup - a thick, nourishing and hearty shredded in a blender puree soup. Ready soup seasoned with spices and lemon juice.