Autopilot Tesla: first death

• Autopilot Tesla: first death

Autopilot Tesla: first death

Vehicle Model S-enabled autopilot system was in fatal accidents. This is the first case of death of the driver when the vehicle is moved under the control of a computer system. On the tragic loss of the company Tesla Motors told in a corporate blog.

The company emphasizes that the first person killed in more than 210 million km, which drove cars Tesla Model S on autopilot.

According to US statistics, when you consider all the cars, the fatal accident occurs about every 151 million km. According to world statistics - every 97 million kilometers.

Upon a traffic accident National traffic safety on US highways (NHTSA) has initiated a preliminary investigation. It must determine whether the autopilot system is operating normally.

Once a company Tesla learned about the incident (it took place on May 7 at 15:40 in Williston, Fla., On Highway 27, near the BP filling), then immediately notified the NHTSA.

At the moment, we only know that the car Tesla Model S in 2015 was moving on the highway with the autopilot engaged, when the strip perpendicular to the direction of motion left road tractor with semi-trailer. No autopilot, no driver has not noticed a truck on a light-colored background brightly lit sky, so the braking system is not activated. "The high ground clearance, coupled with the position of the semi-trailer on the road and the extremely rare circumstances led to the fact that the Model S was held under the trailer, and the lower part of the trailer collided with the windshield Model S", so that the upper part of the Model S demolished. Most likely, an accident diagram looked like this:

Autopilot Tesla: first death

There is a version too low positioned LIDAR Model S does not react due to the high ground clearance trucks.

Tesla emphasizes: if the collision occurred in the front or rear of the trailer, even at high speed, then the security system would be likely to prevent serious injury of the driver, as in many similar incidents previously.

At the moment, the autopilot still in testing. He is disabled by default. The driver can activate it on their own responsibility. When driving on autopilot should be ready to intervene. You need to keep your hands on the handlebars, otherwise the system will beep and gradually stop the electric car.

Tesla admits that the autopilot needs more refinement, but now provides a higher driving safety than the average of accident statistics.

The victim was 40-year-old resident of Ohio Joshua Brown was a great activist of electric vehicles and other company Tesla Motors, known in the community, "a man who devoted his life to innovation and advanced technologies, and that with all my heart believed in Tesla's mission. We want to express our deepest condolences to his family and friends, "- said in a communique Tesla Motors. In a bitter irony, Joshua Brown - the same enthusiast who in April published a viral video, an autopilot Tesla saved him from a collision with a truck.

Truck clearly seen on a recording made DVR. His driver wanted to be reconstructed in the extreme right lane, and the owner of the Tesla S attention to the truck did not pay. The consequences of such a collision would be most unfortunate, electric'd just badly damaged.

But the autopilot dodged the collision, and then nothing bad has happened.