"Queen of the Parisian sensibility" La Goulue: from star cabaret "Moulin Rouge" to a homeless beggar

• "The queen of Parisian sensuality" La Goulue: from star cabaret "Moulin Rouge" to a homeless beggar

The world famous Parisian cabaret "Moulin Rouge" in the late nineteenth century. famous for its rampant "dance of debauchery," as they called the cancan. Regulars places come here to look at the crazy dancing cabaret star: Yvette Guilbert, Jeanne Avril and Louise Weber, known as La Goulue - "insatiable", or "glutton." This was a star dancer №1 cabaret "Moulin Rouge", but her career ended ingloriously - in poverty, drunkenness and oblivion.

On the left - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. La Goulue entering the Moulin Rouge with two women, 1892 Right - La Goulue |

The Star * Moulin Rouge * Louise Weber, known as La Goulue

Louise Weber was born into a poor Jewish family in 1866. Since childhood, she helped her mother to work in the laundry, and the clothes she often tried on customers and imagined myself a dancer. This dream she was able to carry out: in 16 years, Louise haunted tantsholly, where he soon turned their attention to her ability to dance, and defiant behavior. So she began performing in small pubs.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Dancing at the Moulin Rouge * *, 1895

One day she met the painter Auguste Renoir, who invited her to work with the artist's model and introduced the representatives of the bohemian Montmartre. In 1889, co-owner of "Moulin Rouge" by Joseph Oller, invited her to dance at the cabaret. Over 6 years, Louise performed there almost every night. Then she and the nickname La Goulue - "glutton" or "gluttonous" - because she did not hesitate to empty their glasses and dining clients at their expense.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Left - Bill * Moulin Rouge *. La Goulue, 1891 Right - B * Moulin Rouge *. La Goulue and fromage, 1892

La Goulue was rude and vulgar, but its sensitivity and unrestrained dance attracted many fans. Journalists have even dubbed her "the queen of the Parisian sensibility" and "Queen of Montmartre." At La Goulue was a few favorite tricks: for example, it is highly raised leg and socks shot down his hat from the head of the visitor or whirling dance, she averted leg to the side, lifted her up, took a foot, and then with a squeal fell on twine . Frequented the cabaret "Moulin Rouge" was a painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, La Goulue and became his favorite model. He is often depicted in her dance on the posters of cabaret and on his canvases.

La Goulue with dancer Jacques Renodenom or boneless * Valentine *

In 1895, Lou Goulue gone from "Moulin Rouge." It is not known what exactly was the reason for this decision. The dancer was a bad temper, and she did not want to obey the rules lodged. There is a version that is prone to overeating woman so stout that the owner simply asked her to leave.

The Star * Moulin Rouge * Louise Weber, known as La Goulue

Louise tried to make her show with belly dancers in fairground booths, even ordered a Toulouse-Lautrec posters and shill nation itself, but the venture failed. For a time, La Goulue worked tamer in the circus and clown in street performances. She spent all the money earned in the theater, got into debt and was addicted to alcohol. Now she was called Madame Louise, and La Goulue in it, no one recognized.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. B * Moulin Rouge *, 1892

The Star * Moulin Rouge * Louise Weber, known as La Goulue

At the end of his life, Louise was on the street with no money, no job, forgotten by all. Its sheltered junk dealer in his van with a trailer, she was selling peanuts, cigarettes and matches on a street corner next to the "Moulin Rouge", where it is now even at the threshold is not allowed. January 30, 1929, Louise Weber died in a Paris hospital in abject poverty and oblivion. In 1990, her remains were reburied in the cemetery of Montmartre.

The Star * Moulin Rouge * Louise Weber, known as La Goulue

fair shows with La Goulue panels brush Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1895

La Goulue not deserve oblivion least because one of the first to dance the cancan and glorified cabaret Moulin Rouge * *, passed way from the informal to the brothel of the world famous music hall.