What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!

"Lyceum", "Kar-men", "White Eagle", "gas sector", "Red mold" and other groups, to shine on stage in 90 years.

What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!

"White Eagle"

In the history of domestic hits, "White Eagle" blended with a crunch French bread in the song "How delightful evening in Russia." Her singing still, like the song "Because you can not" (to be beautiful so). Meanwhile, the founder of the team - a businessman (he was the first performer of hits) Vladimir Zhechkov - admitted: "As I sang, not like anyone, not even my wife. People do a lot because of his complexes. "White Eagle" became my whim. I wanted to sing - sing, I wanted to fall in love - in love, wanted to paint - painted ".

At first, few people realize that the pop artist created a serious businessman who in 1991, together with Sergei Lisowski organized advertising agency "Premier SV", engaged in the development of the media business. A group he and unwound: beautiful videos, loud advertising campaign and yet the intrigue: no one knew the performers in person - they just heard.

In 1999, when the popularity of "White Eagle" off scale, Zhechkov finally appeared on television during the New Year's concert on ORT channel. And soon the band announced a tour of Russian cities. Over the years, the band changed several soloists compositions. the team's popularity over the years began to decline, but the group still exists and sings along with new songs "How delightful evening in Russia."

Zhechkov left singing after a family tragedy in 2002, when she died in a car accident daughter Hope. "My husband always wore a pectoral cross - says his ex-wife Natalya Talasbaeva. - When I got out to the identification, he jerked his neck, as if the chain choked. I tossed in the bushes with the words: "I no longer believe" - ​​and began to cry ... ". With great difficulty, she dissuaded Vladimir suicide. After the death of the daughter of the couple parted, Vladimir, having lost interest in the band, went to live abroad. "I envy Zhechkov, he can say that his life was divided into" before "and" after "the death of Nadia. For me, there is no "after" no longer existed. No, I live on the ruble in a beautiful house ... Living Memories ", - Natalia Talasbaeva admitted in an exclusive interview to" Caravan of stories "

What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!


The main hit of the pop-rock band "Lyceum" - "Autumn" - sounded in 1995. It was written for his adopted daughter Alex Makarevich (former lead singer of the rock band "The Resurrection", a cousin of Andrei Makarevich - Ed.).. Hear from Nasty in the Children's Variety Theater, the musician decided that the girl has every chance to become a professional singer.

In September of that year the trio "Lyceum" in the compositions of the present Makarevich, Lena Perova and Isolde Ishkhanishvili debuted in the television show "Morning Star." The song "One of us" from the repertoire of the group "ABBA" brought young Russian performer known. Producer, stylist, costume designer and the author of many songs, became Alexey Makarevich. It was he who wrote "The Fall", a comparison with a few years could not stand the other songs of the group. It was only in 2002 when the "Lyceum" performed "You become an adult," it became clear that there was a new hit.

History "Lyceum" has dozens of songs, occupying top positions in the rankings of music, no matter how varied the composition of the group. Fired Lena Perov - instead it appeared Anna Pletnev, then Elena Iksanova. Isolde is gone - come Svetlana Belyaeva, then Sonya Teich, Anastasiya Berezovskaya Anna Shchegolev ... Always in the group attended only Nastya Makarevich. She reasoned: "The arrival of the new man has more advantages. Because the second breath opens with new faces. "

Not everyone knows that the hit "Autumn" made "Lyceum" megapopular, spoiled relations Nastya's mother and Alexey Makarevich. "With the song" Fall "and in our relations with Lesha beginning of autumn, which passed in the cold winter - sadly recalled Valery Makarevich in 2010. - Together we went through fire and water, but the test copper tubes did not survive. Alex too seriously reacted to the popularity of which has fallen on the group, and as a producer on it ... Alexei felt that I no longer fit him not look like that, do not say it, not dressed like that .... " Some years the couple lived their lives - in different rooms, virtually stopped talking. And then divorced. Valeria's fate was happy. In 50 years, she met a new love. And Alex in 2014, died of a heart attack.

What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!


The name of the singer Vladimir Maltsev, who in the late 1980s and sang the song an unknown Sergei Ogurtsov "Paris, Paris", today remembered only because on the dancer he was actually the author Sergey Ogurtsov composition, also known as Sergei Lemokh and Oleg Titorenko, he's Bogdan Titomir. Very soon, the boys began to act on their own, creating an exotic-pop duo "Kar-men" - CarMan.

Hot rhythms of their songs conquered the audience. January 1, 1990, they signed a three-year contract with one of the best recording studios of the country. Their debut album, "Around the World", which includes "Paris, Paris", "London, Goodbye", "Cio-Cio-San," instantly shattered. The duo collected full stadiums. And at the end of the year CarMan took popular music award in the nomination "the Group" and "Discovery of the Year".

In April 1991, the duo ... disappeared. As it turned out, in the midst of working on a second album Titomir left the band for a solo career. Lemokh one re-recorded all the songs and released the album "pockets", which for many years has become the hallmark of "Kar-Man". Few people dancing at discos, sang "It's San Francisco - a city in the disco" ...

Almost all the songs of this disc ( "Bad Russians", "all is calm in Baghdad," "San Francisco", "Robin Hood", "Carribbean Girl" and others.) Became hits of the time. After the "pockets" were still 13 albums and compilations, many of the songs of which have become very popular. Bogdan Titomir meanwhile promoted in the Russian hip-hop style. Traveled around the world, lived for several years in the United States ... Leonid Parfenov, dedicated a whole program in his documentary project "Portrait in the background." It is in this program Titomir uttered the phrase "People hawala", which with its filing became airborne. And Ilya Oleynikov and Yuri Stoyanov in the "town" composed about Bogdan joke: "We are sad to live without rap, where are you, where are you, Titomir - basins and sponges chief of the commander."

What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!


"Red mold"

Cult of the Russian-Ukrainian punk group "Red mold" appeared in 1989 in the city of Yalta. It was created by musician Paul Yatsyna, who served in the army, trained as a radiomastera, and this knowledge was enough for him that from 1989 to 1993 alone using a synthesizer, electric guitar, microphone, mixer, reverb, and a cassette recorder to record the first four albums, which contained limericks, poems, jokes, satires and jokes that contain profanity.

Since 1994 Yatsyna began to invite musicians to record songs and parodist, then scored permanent staff - eight people: singers, parodist, songwriter, guitarist and artist. And already in full "Red mold" has released seven albums, which brought immense popularity. Since 1997, the team began to record songs on a professional equipment.

During the entire period of creativity, which peaked in the 1990s, a group of over 55 recorded albums. During this time in the "Red mold" had five compositions, the same participant which has always been its founder and vocalist Paul Yatsyna.

What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!


Few people remember that the debut album of Russian group "Ladybird" called "the sixth signal Start," released in 1989 by composer-arranger Vladimir Volenko failed. Seriously worrying setback Volenko, while better known by his stage name "Volesha" and "Uncle", began to speak as part of another group, and the project abandoned until the mid-1990s. In 1994, Vladimir revived the pop-rock group "Ladybird", performing in the program "Star rain" song "Granite stone", and it became an instant hit. In the wake of the success of the composer has released self-titled disc and a video, which appeared in a red jacket in black peas - a la "Ladybug". Second brightest team hit was the song "A ship on the Volga up", released in 1999. In the late 1990s, the video for the team shooting the popular film director Sergei Izotov Oleg Pogodin, Andrew Pastushny.

In 2000, there was a turning point in Volenko career in the group had a young singer from the Irkutsk region Natalia Polishchuk, who took the pseudonym Shokoladkina for performances. She was destined to become the wife of Vladimir Volenko. That she otmolit actor, when with him was a trouble. Volenko long suffered atrial fibrillation, but doctors rarely addressed. But Natasha insisted on the examination and the doctors discovered that the arrhythmia - a consequence. In the heart vessels musician found two dense clot that threatened his life at any moment.

So much for the granite stone chest ... Vladimir hard underwent major surgery to remove blood clots. I was on the verge of life and death. Natalia while otmalivala favorite before the icons. This time Vladimir remembered as a miraculous healing. When he came to his senses and returned to work, it became clear that the old hits will be no more. The couple found a new meaning in life. They were songs "King Jesus", "Jesus was coming." From the old "Ladybug" was gone.

What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!

"Balagan Limited"

Ensemble "Che those do you want?", Which is considered to be the first member of "Balagan Limited" was established in May 1996 in Rybinsk. It includes musicians Elena Gromova Olga Gileva Svetlana Macha, Vitaly Gilev and Victor Dmitriev. In December of the same year the team announced himself to the whole country, taking first place in the competition among radio stations of Moscow Russian folk songs from the eponymous song "Che those do you want?". Soon artists have signed a contract with a music studio "Union" and independently recorded three very successful albums. collective success "Balagan Limited", which in addition to pictures on TV and record songs, became a touring band is constantly increasing. By the end of the 1990s, the group reached the peak of popularity, but in 1999 there was a totally unexpected turn.

According to the band members, their producer secretly registered the trade name "Balagan Limited" competition with the new composition of the group, which included Svetlana Smirnova, Elena Selihova, Alain Morugina and Dmitry Filin. The date of birth of the new "Balagan Limited" was June 1, 1999. The old part of the group after a year of unsuccessful attempts to defend the name came to be called by his first hit - "Che those do you want?".

What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!


Finest hour Russian techno-pop "Technology" group struck in 1991 and continued for the next two years. It was at this time the company removed the clip for their song "Push the button" and "country dance", which brought musicians Leonid Velichkovsky, Andrew Kohaevu and Roman Ryabtsev-Union popularity.

"Technology" group was founded by three former members of the musical group "Biokonstruktor" in 1990 in Moscow. Soon Velichkovsky Kohaevu and Ryabtsev joined vocalist Vladimir Nechitailo, and the quartet began recording a demo album, parallel shooting low-budget music videos.

In 1991, the "Technology" released their debut album, "All that you want !!!", which included 10 songs. This album made the band is incredibly popular in the USSR. Soon one of the concerts of the artists approached producer Yuri Ayzenshpis and offered cooperation. After a year of working together the way groups and music producer parted in 1993 at the peak of the popularity of "technology" left the vocalist and guitarist Roman Ryabtsev, as well as drummer and percussionist Andrew Koch. After the departure of the main participants of the band's popularity began to decline. In the 2000s, the band "technology" of different years were reunited briefly, but to survive success and fame could not be repeated. In 2010, members of the band appeared in the film "Rent inexpensive", playing secret agents tracking down killers and terrorists under the cover of the musical group "Technology".

What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!


Pop group "Arrows" was created by the studio "Union" in 1997 and was considered as "our answer" English team "Spice Gilrs". The casting was attended by over four thousand contestants, of which groups producers Igor Seliverstov and Leonid Velichkovsky selected seven.

In the initial composition of the "Shooter" included: Julia "Yu Yu" Dolgasheva, Svetlana "Hera" Bobkin Mary "Margo" Korneev, Catherine "Radio operator Cat" Kravtsov, Mary "Mouse" Solovyov, Anastasia "Stasia" Homeland and Leah Bykov. Initially, producers are going to call a pop group "Seliverstov and seven girls," "Alyonushka", "Snow White" or "nuns." However, in the end, they decided to stay on the name "Arrow", he suggested choreographer Love Solovyov.

In the same year the team started to write songs, but the studio "Union" suddenly stopped funding the project, referring to the wrong style for the company. A new stage in the development of "shooter" came only when the recording of their performances have seen the British producers and colleagues reported on a promising group of "Gala Records" in Russia. Those immediately contacted the producers group and concluded with her three-year contract.

Especially popular "Hands" began in 1999 after the release of the song and video for "You left me," which starred the popular actor Ivars Kalnins. With a clip having trouble: it was banned in connection with the promotion of drugs, weapons and casino. We had to reshoot all more innocent background. However, this did not prevent the "arrow" to win with e of the song in the "100-pood hit" in a musical contest of popular songs in 1999. In the early 2000s due to the frequent change of the composition of the band's popularity began to decline. the band's breakup information varies. One name in 2004, the other - the year 2009, while others claim that the group "Arrows" exists in the original composition and the present time.

What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!


Russian hip-hop trio "Bachelor Party" was established in 1991. Producer Alexei Adamov. The composition of his entered Moscow musicians Andrew "Dolphin" Lysikov, Paul "Mutabor" Andrei Galkin and "Dan" Kotov. The basis of creative artists took North American rap, adding to its many intimate details of life.

The first albums "Stag" "Sex without a break" and "Let's talk about sex", released by the studio "Union" in 1991 and 1992, brought the boy band immense popularity throughout the country. Successful group was invited to speak at the opening of the summer festival of popular music in Tallinn, where there were more than 40 thousand spectators. Candid and rather vulgar lyrics to the listener of the early 1990s were new. About the team started talking - and it very quickly reached the peak of popularity.

However, due to the abundance of sexual connotation in the songs of the group started having problems with censorship on television, radio and in the press. Some of the songs re-recorded the guys in a softer style - for example, the song "Dancing." In the wake of the success of "Bachelor" has released the third album "Miss large breasts," from which the song also became hits.

With the success of having worked together until 1996, the band closed the project "Bachelor Party". Dolphin started a solo career, while Dan and Mutobor formed the band "Barbitura", which direction is the electronic music. In 2000, Pavel Galkin and Andrei Kotov tried to resurrect the group recorded several albums, but the time "Stag" has already passed. In 2006, the band ceased to exist.

What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!

"Shao? Bao! "

Ukrainian group "Shao? ! Bao "in 1997, sang" Mama Kupyla Konyk "(and Konyk without legs), shown in one of the Russian music channels - and the song became the hallmark of a trio of young musicians from Dnepropetrovsk.

The debut video for the song "Mama Kupyla Konyk" was in heavy rotation on Russian channel accidentally. The video was shot on the cheap black-and-white film Semen Gorov and sent to Moscow for the Russian MTV, along with a bucket of strawberries. But after the first display video liked by the audience and brought the Dnepropetrovsk group "Shao? Bao! "All-Russia glory.

In 1998, in the wake of the success of its humorous song "Shao? Bao! "Released a self-titled album on the Ukrainian language and moved to Moscow, where he started to work on a new project. Two years later they released a Russian-language disc "Made for export", but the success of the previous disc did not work again.

The team began to experiment with line-up changes. But alas. "Kupyla Konyk Mama" and was the only hit of the group in the second half of the 90s.

What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!

"The combination of"

In the spring of 1991 she was found dead in a Moscow courtyard - a copy of one of the singers of the popular "combination" of the group. As it turned out a consequence, suffered at the hands of an unknown assassin girl, using the fact that is similar to the popular singer, gained friends, create a false "combination" and start making money under the wrong track. Successfully begun scam stopped real fan group.

Saratov group based producer and director Alexander Shishininym and composer Vitaly Okorokov, conquered the country in 1989 with the first song - "Russian girls". It became first soloist schoolgirl Tania Ivanova and conservatory student Alena Apina (Liovochkin). Besides these, the first group was composed of Svetlana Kostyk Olya Akhunova Marina Balakina, Tanya and Julie Dolganova Kozyulkova. The first concert of "combinations" was a resounding success. The girls began to release CDs, starred with Dmitry Kharatyan in the movie 1990 "Attractive face" - the glory followed at their heels. The group moved to Moscow, gave 60 concerts a month! Toured not only in his own country: traveled to Germany, in the United States ... The third album "Combinations" under the name "Moscow residence", released in 1991, is considered the most successful. Songs "Xenia", "American boy" and "accountant" topped the charts of most Russian radio stations.

On this wave of success in 1991, he left the group Alena Apina. She met her future husband, producer Alexander Iratovym and began a solo career is very bright. Fans mourn long. The band recorded a new hit - "Two slice of sausage" - and it was clear that everything remains the same.

Two years later, in 1993, in the stairwell of his home was killed by producer and songwriter "Combinations" Alexander Shishinin. The masterminds and perpetrators have not been found. After his death, the pop group, which currently continues his musical activities, headed by producer Alexander Tolmatsky.

What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!


Few know that the name "Nancy" group was chosen by its founder, a musician from the Donetsk region, Anatoly Bondarenko using psychic - and in honor of his school of love. The history of the mystical: back in 1983 the student Toll Bondarenko, who wrote the music and lyrics, created a group of "hobby". Together with fellow musicians recorded their first album "Crystal Love". They sang for eight years, and in 1991 Bondarenko decided to conquer Moscow. I scored a new team.

Musicians found quickly. But with the long name could not decide. Artist bypassed all known at the time of record store, selected several foreign names and went for advice to the familiar psychic. She held a ritual, and chose the name of Nancy. Anatoly was shocked: so called the girl with whom he was in love with summer camp. In 1993, the band recorded a new studio "Union" album "Smoke menthol cigarettes." The song that gave title to the disc, the group immediately made known. A hit is registered in the air of the most popular Russian radio stations, as well as "I love you painted" and dozens of others - in 20 albums and compilations.

What was the fate of pop groups of the 1990s!