10 sobering facts about the life of a wise spiritual master Mudgee

• 10 sobering facts about the life of a wise spiritual master Mudgee

Jamaican Anthony Paul Moo-Young, millions of people around the world will learn a different name. It is known as Mudgee - master of Advaita Vedanta, a wise spiritual master. Mudgee says quite ordinary things so simple and clear, it seems that these thoughts were born with you.

Here are a few quotes Mudgee, which will force you to think about your life purpose and soul.

10 sobering facts about the life of a wise spiritual master Mudgee

1. Listening to your heart you begin to move in the right direction, without even thinking about it correctly or not.

2. The life you owe nothing. If your attitude is so, then you will be grateful for everything. What you deserve 30 years filled with fresh oxygen in the air? What have you done that you have had a heart beating even when you're sleeping? What have you done to deserve anything at all? And who are you? If you think deeply about it, you will not suffer any longer, and you will start to appreciate life in all its manifestations.

3. Every thought is strong only as strong as the attention you are giving her. Whatever happens - it's just what you have paid attention.

4. Relationships - this is not something that you want to save in that no matter what, you need to enjoy the relationship. Too much effort generate voltage. When you are empty, when you are free from the need to relationships, you do not need approval, you do not even need to be loved. Everyone wants to be near you when you are free from the effort! 5. No one wants you to be free, even those who love you. Because freed you become unpredictable.

6. Great personalities do not exist. Alexander the Great - just a myth. Where is his greatness now? I have not met anyone who would keep the memory of Alexander the Great in his heart. But there was one man who had been riding on a donkey, on which it is impossible to forget the thousands of years later. You have to find out for yourself what is the difference between them.

7. If you are not interested in any thoughts she had no power over you. You do not even need to get rid of it. It simply does not exist.

8. The world is not what you imagine it. However, the world presents itself to you in exactly the way you think it. Such is the power of faith.

9. Find peace, to maintain that it requires no practice, because the peace that came through some practice, destroyed the first stress in your life.

10. Do not worry about yourself. The universe is too cherishes you, so you lost nothing.