What else we do not know about sex

Relations between the sexes - an inexhaustible subject. You can always learn something new.

What else we do not know about sex

Older people often have sex

You probably think that the old sexual life ends? Statistics say that it is not. Three-quarters of 70-year-old men are still able to conceive. Almost a third of 80-year-old women having sex with their partners. And one-third of men and a quarter of women over the age of 50 engaged in oral sex is not more than 12 months ago. Elderly also not averse to fool around.

The female orgasm pregnancy contributes to

The rhythmic pulsation of the vagina walls at the female orgasm is needed in order to promote sperm deeper into the cervix. And you thought the female orgasm is necessary for fun? As you were wrong!

In the human mouth contains more than 500 types of bacteria

Try not to think about the next time you kiss. The idea of ​​five hundred different types of bacteria, crawling in the mouth, can cool your ardor.

Heterosexual men make up more than half of the transgender porn online viewers

A meta-study porn billion search requests showed that transgender porn is in fourth place in popularity among all types of porn on the planet. And straight men - the main consumers of this spectacle. If you think about it, the attitude of society towards transsexuals may slightly improve.

The Penguins females engaged in prostitution

Scientists have repeatedly observed how pingvinihi provide sexual services to male, not their partners, in exchange for the stones to the socket device.

Two-thirds of men and women at least once imagined another person during sex with your partner

Tonight, when the take love with your partner, think about all of a sudden he is now is someone else. This thought can add spice to your sex life.

During ovulation, women are more prone to change

When the egg requires fertilization, women are becoming more restless. And if you can not make a deal, well, man, you're fired.

Shaved increases the chance to catch the disease, sexually transmitted

Our pubic hair - something like a hockey goalie. Therefore, shaving them, you increase the likelihood of catching an STD. Definitely it is a sign from above, it's time to "get back to nature."

The level of testosterone and sperm quality among modern men is four times lower than one hundred years ago,

Men today are not the same. In fact, they are only a quarter of what was a century ago.

The fruit flies male, have not found a girlfriend, are more prone to alcoholism than those that found a pair of

I have no idea where the fruit flies take alcohol - it would simply slammed the bar - but nevertheless, single male fruit flies more prone to drinking, than their more fortunate rivals.

Sex toys banned in Alabama and Mississippi

Those who are not lucky enough to live in these states, forced to go for sex toys in Georgia and Arkansas. Petrol now roads, you know!

woman excited chimpanzee porn

No matter how strange it sounds, but it's true. The experiment revealed that when viewing records love scenes among chimpanzees women felt sexual excitement.

The four popes died during sex

Of course, this means that 262 more popes did not die during sex, but should not they observe abstinence?

While in bed, adults are more likely to lie

Hard to believe, because you are usually in bed naked and in this state it is difficult to sugarcoat it. But lying in bed, people lie more!

Full men are more sexual stamina than thin

Numerous studies confirm that men should be very complete in three times longer to ejaculate than those fanatical athletes who always ask you to touch them "dice" on his stomach.

Male cyclists risk of becoming impotent

Pressure bicycle seat on the male groin can permanently damage the sexual function avid cyclist. Is it worth it? Drive your car and keep their wealth, guys!

Straight men are looking for on the internet image of the penis is almost as much as the image of the vagina

It is not clear whether they compare themselves with these images on the Internet or just look at them. If the latter, then the question arises as to whether they are heterosexual.

Every tenth European child was conceived in the bed of the IKEA store

Just knowing this fact knocked me out for three days. I hate IKEA.