It looked like the first Russian tank "rover"

• It looked like the first Russian tank "rover"

One hundred and one years ago, May 18, 1915, held the test of off-road machines, developed by designer Alexander Porohovschikova. The car, dubbed the "rover", could well become the first Russian tank - as it is often referred to in the literature as Porohovschikova project involved the possibility of booking cars and equip its armed, but it become a tank and it was not possible.

Porokhovshchikov took his project to the General Headquarters of the Russian army in 1914. At the beginning of 1915 a prototype combat tracked vehicle "rover" was built. Tank represented odnogusenichny relative and lightweight aggregate. The armor protection combat vehicle has a multilayer, although the armor thickness is only 8 mm and consisted of cemented facial steel sheet of cushioning pads seagrass and hair and another steel plate.

It looked like the first Russian tank It looked like the first Russian tank

To a steel frame attached four hollow drum: three support and one guide. Such was the support structure of the armored vehicle. By pulling back the guide drum axis, which entered into special slots steel frame, which were fixed with two screws. Tensioning caterpillar regulate the movement of the drum along the slots. The upper part of tracks formed on the additional tensioning drum. Special bulwarks covered undercarriage crawler mechanism. Furthermore, on the sides of the tank front two wheels are arranged, by which the tank can rotate. These wheels are connected with the steering wheel via a linkage and pivoting forks.

It looked like the first Russian tank

Designer Porokhovshchikov driving his invention during a test.

Lack odnogusenichnogo "ATVs" lay in the fragility of the rubber crawler belt mechanism. Although the track was wide and allow the tank to make mobile warfare in combat conditions. Due to this caterpillar armored Porohovschikova not settled on the bottom of the obstacle and overcome it.

The innovation of this combat armored vehicles was to use some of the car inventor mechanisms - special mover, planetary gearbox and steering. Automobile engine 20 liters. from. He served powerplant armored vehicles and was in front of the frame. Through the propeller shaft and a mechanical planetary gearbox to drive drum acted torque.

It looked like the first Russian tank

Porohovschikova tank was equipped with one or two machine guns, which were at the top of a combat vehicle, in its cylindrical tower. Inside the tank, in its middle part, on two adjacent seats were supposed to be two people - the driver and commander-gunner.

It looked like the first Russian tank


In June 1915 passed the tests "ATVs", which emerged as a result of good acceleration and maneuverability of the tank, its high speed, good permeability even in a ditch and deep sand. But, despite the increase in speed performance "all-terrain vehicle", by the end of 1915 the project frozen, cut off funding for further work on the improvement of the armored vehicles.

The circuit design "ATV".

But the Porokhovshchikov the beginning of 1917 has improved its project, giving him the code name "The ATV-2". This tank has contained four machine guns. Some of which were located in the tower of a special design that allows each machine gun independently of each other to make a tip to bombard their goal. But, unfortunately, the car GVTU Committee considered that this machine is perfect enough, so the money for its completion was not given.