Rules of life of Jennifer Lawrence

• The rules of life of Jennifer Lawrence

Rules of life of Jennifer Lawrence

to be a sex symbol - it's weird. But it is not so bad.

I only girl born in my family for 50 years. Lawrence can do only boys. I'm a fucking miracle.

I'm not from Hollywood, I'm from Kentucky, and Kentucky - this is not a place where the parents tell their children: "You must become famous." So when in the 14 years I have said that I was going to New York to become an actress, my parents told me, "Oh, no." But I had the money I earned a nurse, and I said: "But I'm still going."

AT FIRST mother she wanted me to have received nothing. She reasoned: nothing will come - will return home. And it is understandable: in 14 years, her daughter left home.

About life on the streets I do not know any more than apricot poodle.

ACTRESS IS TO ESTABLISH YOURSELF, have actresses who allow others to create yourself. I want to believe that he had made herself.

I became an actress? In junior high I was a pathological liar - as if all the time wanted someone to beat. If I hear someone complain: "Oh, how my feet hurt" - I immediately said: "Feet? I have to amputate both next week. " One day my mother came to school and said to her: "We are so condole Jennifer about the legs." Mother took me aside, and I laid it all his lies: "And I say that our father floats on a barge that we were once a millionaire, you're pregnant again, I amputated legs that week and that, weekends I sterilize cats and dogs. " But now, when I became an actress, I can no longer lie. Success does not mean that you can work less and treat people like shit.

Red carpet - it's damn scary. You feel fear, trembling, anxiety, nervousness, and so behave like crazy chihuahua.

I'm no style icon. I am a person to whom the red carpet prepare real professionals, saying "we dance, monkey, must dance."

WHERE MY "OSCAR"? At first I wanted to put it at home, but then he saw his mother, and, like, "He's mine now!" It seems that he was standing on her piano.

IMMEDIATELY AFTER the Oscar ceremony I went to a party for Harvey Weinstein (the famous American producer -. Esquire). I stood there a little glass of wine, look how my parents get drunk, and then gently ran home.

I'm a homebody. Always looking for a reason to stay home.

Known - when you suddenly realize that you can not go to the store for bananas. And not because you too lazy to tear the ass, but because yesterday you already went there and you ran some sort of crazy, begging to be photographed with him.

Ignore the IDIOTS - not a bad way to live life. Especially considering that life is full of them.

I WOULD always wanted to know at what point I take pictures of the paparazzi. Then I would be able to avoid headlines like "Jennifer Lawrence for three consecutive days wearing the same jeans."

SAY, I dress like shlyuhovataya lesbian.

Now that I earn a lot, I became even more hate high prices. When I go to some Los Angeles store and see a T-shirt for $ 150, in me waking up a little evil kentukkiyka. Kentucky ALL shit on designer clothes.

I'm from a family of Republicans but do not share all the republican values. My attitude to the upcoming election is very simple: if Donald Trump will be the president of the United States, it will be a world catastrophe. But it seems that it only increases the chances of Democrats to win.

Is there anyone among my peers, new Robert Redford and Newman Flooring - that is the question. Hmmm ... I think not.

I might have to try himself as a filmmaker. Who knows? After all, ten years ago I had no idea what was happening to me right now. Maybe in ten years I'll be a champion rodeo.

In five years, I would like to be a doctor, so that blood and guts does not bother me.

AS A CHILD I kill crickets because they jumped on my room and drove me crazy. I thought about how to tear off the head of one of them and leave the threshold as a warning to others. But the crickets did not understand these signs. Here rat understand. Rats - clever bastards.

JUNGLE - NOT THE BEST PLACE FOR THOSE WHO fears most. When we were shooting "The Hunger Games", everyone told me that in the jungle do not have spiders. But then I saw of three and began to roar. So I have a real alcoholic. Hell no! I wanted to say - paukofob.

I'M AN ACTRESS. I do not want to be remembered for one role.

WHEN YOU communicate with people, the last thing you want to have you remembered as "the girl with big tits."

MAYBE someday I'll be done for a bitch, although they are so around too much. HOLLYWOOD ALL calls me glutton. I am considered thick because zhru like a caveman. It seems I'm the only actress who escaped the rumors about anorexia.

I HATE diet. If someone tells me when the word "diet", I just want to say: "Go Fuck Yourself".

MY TATTOO - H2O - just reminds me of what we need to drink more water. The world for me there is no more important character or phrase. It is necessary to drink more. Throughout life. Always. This is a very practical tattoo.

I LIVE simple life. At the end of the working day for me there is nothing better than food from the wall dives and a good portion of the reality show.

ALL that I need from a relationship - it is someone with whom you can watch TV.

With every new film I do is easier to be myself.

My biggest fear - to sing in front of people. And I dance badly - much like Mickey Mouse in the electric chair.

There is a wise phrase that can not be said not to slip into vulgarity. For example: the future is in your hands.

I CAN VERY QUICKLY piss. That's my talent. This I was able to always.